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  1. Yeah... Hans sent me that about an hour ago. Just my own personal thoughts here... I understand and respect the sentiment, but I would have thought bringing good and positive news during a time of such unrest and negativity in the world would be a nice change and something that would be welcomed. I was looking forward to their announcements and now the cancellation just added to the pile of other negative stuff I'm disappointed about in the world right now. 😢
  2. Not with Geoff Keighley. He's not part of Gamescom. He's his own thing.
  3. Yeah... that's the great thing that I keep bringing up to folks as well. The fact that we're interesting enough to make a video about speaks volumes. If we were insignificant and boring... no one would care. But the reality is we get peoples attention. And when 99% of it is positive (tens of thousands of real comments on our videos and only a handful of negative fake account ones) then you know you've created something worth talking about.
  4. Not sure. We don't have any at that price tag yet. Just wanted to leave it open in case it ever came up. So far that's not the case. I believe our least expensive game is $5.99 at this point... but could change, so don't quote me on it (and please don't ask which one).
  5. If we were doing something special with Gamescom we wouldn't be able to tell you just yet because they would want to add it to their own press release. (see what I did there)
  6. Yeah. I stopped weeks ago and it drives them even more crazy, which is always fun to watch happen. "TOMMY IS GOING TO SHOW UP!!" And then I never do. It's funny watching them scramble and then start conversations with each other with their fake accounts. The latest is to pretend like they've already pre-ordered it. Yet whenever asked, they've never been able to provide simple proof. The best way to handle these types of videos moving forward is to just reach out privately to the person who made the video directly. Give them a different and respectful point of view and/or facts and information that they may have gotten incorrect. Much more powerful and the negative trolls can't even see it or counter with pathetic made up lies, hate and disinformation. I would like to have spoken to that Lukas kid... maybe even do an interview with him to answer all his questions and address his concerns. Didn't see a way to reach out so I didn't. Let the 4 or 5 fake accounts ramble on and on with themselves. It's only really a few different banned AA people anyway. It's hilarious that they don't even realize that the same 2 or 3 accounts always spell the same words incorrectly... or misuse punctuation the same exact way, etc. I'd LOVE for folks to give me YouTube channel links and/or Twitter/Facebook pages of people who you think would LOVE the system. Not hate it. Mom groups, kid groups, family groups, Christian groups, etc. So many GREAT and positive channels out there. Send me THOSE links instead so I can have our folks reach out! Thanks!
  7. Correct. Not many... but a couple. It's actually a big hint if read into properly.
  8. This is a very strange comment to me that makes zero sense. Would love you to expand further. If you aren't interested in supporting a video game system because people who also like it say some things that are distasteful to you... how the heck have you ever supported any video game system? This isn't something that is new. The fact that there are passionate folks on both sides (lucky for us 98% in the positive and we haven't even started marketing to our audience) just shows how important and exciting and talked about it's going to be. I just thought it to be a very strange comment that you wouldn't support a video game system because of what other people say or don't say about it. Wouldn't you support a system because of how YOU feel? Or if you like or dislike it? Interested to hear more about your thoughts on this.
  9. Interesting read. Without playing the game (I've ordered it and just waiting for the release and package to show up this week) if the reviewer had fun with the games, I don't the issue with the $40 price tag (his only real complaint). But again... can't really comment until I actually have a chance to play it myself. I was just thinking that if he had fun with 51 mini games, that a $40 price tag doesn't seem like too much. Less than $1 per experience. This is why it's important for us to have so much more in our "simple to play" games. Value is a huge factor.
  10. That commercial reminded me of something... but I just can't quite put my finger on it. 🤠🐍👹💣🛩️👳‍♀️💃🕸️🦂🕷️🐒🏺🥇🕳️👳‍♂️⚔️🕵️‍♂️🧨🏆🛕📖⛏️🗿
  11. He was referring to the video which was talking about the original Intellivision. The video said that Amico was made by Mattel and that the original machine was not a 16-bit processor. He was pointing out that in both those instances the video had made an error.
  12. Speaking of feeling sorry for folks. Funny that one of the fake double accounts immediately posted my message here about that video within minutes of me writing it. Showcases the obsession (and some may say "sanity or maturity level") of these folks. Interesting that they are not only promoting this thread to others, but they are helping me to spread the word about how I feel. Also kinda cool and interesting that this particular video has 10x - 20x the amount of views than any other video he's done. Again.. what does that signify? It signifies that we clearly have peoples attention and are on to something big. A tidal wave of awesome is on its way!
  13. He's not new. He popped up shortly after a certain someone was banned from here. It's one of that persons confirmed fake accounts. It's fun to watch them have conversations with themselves. Strange folks. All upset over a video game system they've never played. They can't stop paying attention to us and every day they not only think about us... but take massive amounts of time writing about us and some go farther and even make videos. Gotta love it on one hand, but feel sorry for them on another.
  14. Yeah... this week is a BAD week for a gaming press release! But... this next press release isn't really targeted to gaming sites.
  15. No, we haven't tried that. 16 directions would be a nightmare. 8 directions (the diagonals in the original game) were a bit of a nightmare that no one liked. 16 would make it even worse. I think the best part of the game is the simplicity of it. Just like Pac-Man & Frogger... UP, DOWN, LEFT & RIGHT is all it needs.
  16. Having opinion based on misinformation does in fact make it less valid. And it goes both ways. If someone loved Amico because they thought it had 128GB of internal memory, came with 4 controllers and cost $149... then their "opinion" that it is AMAZING was based on misinformation and therefore less valid than someone who knew the facts.
  17. We don't expect the majority of folks in his age group to be asking for or buying Amico. So it's not surprising that he makes fun of it the entire time. We speak to a lot of kids his age and it's not really our initial target market. So I understand where his opinion is coming from. And it's fine. He didn't get a lot of the details correct, but again... he's just a kid making a video so it would be hard to complain or hold him to any kind of journalistic standard. Although saying I'm lying about having one of the former presidents of Nintendo was probably going a little too far... but it's fine. He doesn't know what he doesn't know. It's okay. More acceptable for a teenager to do it. Not so much for people who purport to be "experts" and try to make a living off it in their 40's. It's interesting to to see the same handful of hate-filled fake account banned dingbats swarming around the poor kid in hopes to egg him on. LUKAS!! STAY AWAY FROM THE WINDOWLESS WHITE VAN! THEY DON'T REALLY HAVE CANDY AND FORTNITE!! Those folks continue to read every post in here and scour the internet every day to leave disparaging remarks. People that clearly have nothing better to do with their lives. Sad if you really think about it. Starting to actually feel sorry for these folks at this point.
  18. Hopefully over the next few days. The bigger the company is... the longer it takes for approvals.
  19. I'm not sure I understand the question. There are only 4 ways to move so putting it on the touch screen wouldn't give you more movement... it would act just like the disc (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT). Do you mean putting the 4 ways on the touchscreen as well as the disc?
  20. 4 is good enough. We even got rid of the diagonals. I hated those in the original.
  21. The hardcore gamers will be getting Amico as their 2nd or 3rd system. I just can't say that publicly because none of them would believe me and it would just cause more unjust criticism.
  22. That was a great one. I was in the room when that happened! It was Steve Race. He comes up to the mic and says.... "$299!" And then goes back to his seat.
  23. The issue we've been seeing though is that even IF there are options to go deeper (no matter where you put them) it makes the average person feel a little uncomfortable. They feel that maybe the product isn't for them and that they aren't getting the most out of the system because there's all these things you could do... but they don't want to. It makes them feel disconnected to the experience in a small way. That's been some initial feedback... but we're still figuring out the best way to handle.
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