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  1. Another Brain Duel factory error variant! That now makes 3 that I know of. Someone just left a comment on my unboxing video saying he got one as well.
  2. Yes! Absolutely. No. Those are only for the digital Amico Game Shop.
  3. Thanks you for the kind words, support and encouragement. ❤️
  4. Yo! I decided to get in on all the "unboxing" fun myself and put out my own unboxing video which includes some exclusive stuff that I think a lot of you may be interested in hearing. Thanks for watching! ❤️
  5. Yep! Definitely something we have on the "drawing board" for a release at some point. Need to have a lot more boxed editions come out though so that we can really customize the collector booklet. So not something that we would be doing next year. Maybe the year after.
  6. Not really a question I feel comfortable answering knowing that whatever I say it would be used against me. ❤️ I will say this. I personally like the Amico Missile Command better than the Recharged version. Aside from the graphic style (which I concede is a personal preference for each individual) the Amico Missile Command is a much more in depth game with the ability to play up to 4 player co-op and versus modes. Also, the ability to pick difficulties, have shields, smart bombs, tons of pick-ups and many more options and settings we are looking forward to sharing soon. Of course being a huge fan of the Vectrex... I can totally understand why many folks would love the pseudo vector graphic look. I think it's cool. The Amico controller is more suited for Missile Command. The touch screen is really amazing as a replacement for the trackball. Trying to play Missile Command with an analog stick or joystick is a total nightmare. I tried it on the Switch and the PS4 and disliked the controls on both. And even on the mobile version... the fact that your fingers are blocking the playfield at all times gets a little cumbersome. The developers of the Recharged games are clearly super talented, so not taking anything away from them at all. Would love them to do some games for us at some point as well. Again, just my personal thoughts (as I've played both for many many hours) and of course... I'm biased. 😇
  7. All of them are manufactured there. Even the North American ones.
  8. Hahaha! Really? I guess they're really stretching at this point in hopes of trying to find negatives? That's okay. Sounds like we're interesting enough for folks to keep following so I'm sure they'll be the first in line to pick one up when it arrives. ❤️ A few people have told me that some of the "haters" have been bragging that they purchased the boxed editions so they can make fun of them. Darn it!! I wish they wouldn't have done that!! 😉😋😁😇
  9. Love those guys! It was fun as always. Revealed a few things.
  10. I really loved Legacy. The original holds a special place in my heart... so I probably couldn't say that I like Legacy more. But that part at the end when Flynn is saying goodbye to Sam... gets me EVERY TIME!! I have yet to watch that scene without tearing up and getting emotional. And I've probably seen it about 20 times at this point.
  11. Absolutely! This is why we have been able to raise so much money over the past year and a half as well. Anyone can check out the 700+ comments from investors by clicking the REVIEWS section of our previous SEC regulated investment opportunity: https://republic.co/intellivision-amico You'll see a LOT of people have the same sentiment in regards to Amico being a breath of fresh air in regards to the type of content we're creating and our curated eco-system. ❤️
  12. Yeah... this is probably the biggest thing that people who don't understand Amico miss. We have done both in-person and online focus testing with literally thousands of moms and parents who know nothing about the original Intellivision or Amico, etc. And the "Family Friendly" games is ALWAYS at the very top of the list for the best thing they like about Amico. Followed closely by no online gaming and no in-app purchasing, etc. 3 things that only Amico offers. ❤️
  13. Yeah! The video has been a huge hit so far. Glad everyone here enjoyed it. Will be starting to show some of our in depth gameplay videos soon!
  14. Another big HOME RUN for Intellivision Amico! This one is from our recent showing at the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point in Utah. It's so great to see so many families instantly loving Amico. Some feel that this is the best video reaction yet! What do you think? ❤️
  15. Here's a FUN prediction for everyone. There will be a new video out today on our YouTube channel from the Utah trip and I personally think it's one of the best ones yet! Wouldn't That Be Something?™ You'll especially enjoy all of the paid actors, shills, cult members, script-reading and phoniness.
  16. That is quite the epic memory to have!! I remember how enamored I was with that part in Star Strike as well!! Yes! Your homework this weekend is to watch the original Tron and then let us know what you think. Curious to see if you feel it holds up 40 years later. Have you seen Tron Legacy? If not... watch that AFTER the original.
  17. Yeah!! There are other "REAL" threads for that!!! 🤣🥰😇
  18. I saw a post from someone who received them in Germany.. but nothing from the UK yet. I believe in Europe/UK they are being shipped from Poland if I'm not mistaken (don't quote me on that).
  19. Thank you for stating this! I've been saying this same thing over and over for years now and there are folks out there that aren't able to grasp it or want to understand. There are reasons why we picked the 6 pack-in games. There are reasons why the first 8 boxed editions are what they are. Our initial line-up is made for a reason and is catered to the audience we've talked about from the beginning. Variety for everyone in the household is key to our success. Yet you'll still hear some people scream and complain that our pack-in games aren't right, we should have more classic Intellivision games, we don't know what we're doing and no kids are going to want to play it, etc., etc., etc... All noise and speculation from folks who haven't done the type of research, focus groups or have the understanding of who are target audience is and who greatly enjoys what we're doing (and why). I understand that folks sometimes get trapped in their own bubbles ("But my kids don't think games are hard! But my kids won't want to play these games! But my wife is a gamer and hates mobile!) and on and on. And those cases may be true. But just because your family situation may be different than others... doesn't mean you are the majority or are necessarily the reason Amico was created in the first place. And if you say the words... "Then maybe Amico just isn't for you"... they'll get even more upset. As stated hundreds of times, I don't have an issue with people not liking our line-up, not liking our games, not liking our approach to gameplay or graphics or controls, etc. No worries! It's when those people want to try and shout down or harass others and tell them they are WRONG for liking it or that we're going to FAIL because we don't know what we're doing... is where it goes from an opinion... to being a troll. And just so I'm 100% clear... I'm NOT saying that people who dislike Amico are trolls. I'm simply saying that those who tell other people they shouldn't like what we're doing or harass people who do (because they themselves don't like it) are trolls. Hope that's clear.
  20. -2 points for not knowing that was Tron. -1 point for anyone not knowing it was from Tron Legacy. 😋 🥏
  21. HOLY CRAP!!! That was HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Never saw that before and what a GREAT ad!! Thanks for sharing.
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