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  1. No. Nothing yet. Keep hoping the whole damn thing will be over so kept putting it off. As a side note to everyone... it's the t-shirt/hat, apparel stuff that our sales & legal team are dealing with. Stuff like Homebrews, original add-on's, etc, are totally fine. Just don't want folks to worry. It's because we're working on a big apparel deal right now.
  2. I think we could probably sell those on our website and just pass all the profits through to the Expo. Win win for everyone! I wouldn't want any money to do it... pass it all on.
  3. Thank you for understanding. Can you explain a little bit more about "being shut down". Do you mean as an original fan who can no longer purchase? If so, we can easily recreate certain styles and make them available via our website. Or do you mean creating and making profits (even if it is for a non-profit cause). I'd like to understand the disappointment factor a bit more. Appreciate the conversation and thoughts!
  4. No cat out of the bag. We're still working on it. I've mentioned a bunch of times that we would be remaking Tron Deadly Discs. So I can see where someone could assume we're definitely getting it. And I hope they would be right!! 8 lights around the disc. 12 total in each controller. The other 4 are for the 4 buttons.
  5. I appreciate the coverage. I understand how it could be confusing to folks because of the $299 for Galaxy Purple at GameStop (which includes a $25 Amico Game Shop card, when included, actually drops the price below our MSRP of $279 to $274!). The one thing I was bummed they got wrong was this line... "the Amico was slated for a 10/10/2020 release; a date that sadly came and went recently without so much as playable prototypes available" That's not at all accurate. We had playable prototypes since summer of 2019. Almost a year and a half ago! Played by multiple people in the press. We've also been showing working prototypes in multiple videos since early this year. But again... I'm appreciative of the article and coverage so no complaints here.
  6. To be clear and fair, no one was singled out. Our lawyers and sales people don't know who anyone in the community is... and unfortunately... it wouldn't matter anyway. In order to protect copyright and trademarks it must be enforced. I personally didn't even know it was happening, but it was explained to me why it needs to happen. In order to do bigger deals with bigger manufacturers and retailers (so that many more people can enjoy original Intellivision things), it's a necessary evil. It's not about the money being made off these products (which I'm sure is only in the hundreds of dollars) it's the protection of the trademarks and the insistence from big distributors and retailers to ensure exclusive branding.
  7. None of those are correct for launch. (sorry!) There will be multiple Sesame Street packs for launch... and yes... a few of them are "surprises" that I don't want to say just yet.
  8. I'm with you 100%!!! Gotta do that one right. Don't want to change much though! The ability to have 4 players/islands though would be absolutely EPIC!!!!!!!!!
  9. That might be tough to do logistically as we don't make them in our offices and never really see them before they get to the shops or mailed out.
  10. We are definitely thinking about both of your ideas internally! I think they are both GREAT. Nothing we can do for launch... but DEFINITELY something I would LOVE to see in the future!!!
  11. Yeah! That was super fun! Here's the link for the folks who missed it. Great chat room as well! Thank you to all who participated!!
  12. Yet the haters try to use it against me. Unsuccessfully I might add as they all scream into their empty echo chamber of negativity and narcissism.
  13. For anyone interested... Join me & my TV show partner in crime, old friend and good buddy Victor Lucas as we reunite LIVE today at noon pacific to talk Intellivision AND to review a new video game together! Been over a decade since we've been on television reviewing a game with each other! http://www.youtube.com/epntv
  14. Nah.... And didn't you know... they're not even partners and it's not even a big deal. They just sell their licenses to anyone. And y'know... the Nintendo Switch is the ONLY family system... so I'm sure they have Sesame Street games already. Right? Lets see what shows up when we do a search for Nintendo Switch & Sesame Street on... hmm... let's say Target. https://www.target.com/c/nintendo-switch-video-games/sesame-street/-/N-4hny0Z5xz6l?Nao=0 Well that's strange. I wonder what folks on Reddit are saying?? 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Why thank you. Yes... big achievement right? Although that new mini is super cool as well. Anyone see a price yet?? I think they were going to have a live stream or something? Speaking of live streams... still working on my live stream set-up in hopes of showing off the UI live. Probably beginning of next week.
  16. Cool. Looks kinda slow. Demon Attack is definitely the next Imagic game we'll be doing after Microsurgeon.
  17. BINGO!! The latest report from 2019 says there were approximately 2 million video games that came out last year across iOS & Android. That's 40,000 new video games a WEEK!! Yikes!!!!!!!!
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