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  1. Here's my three entries. Sorry for the pictures showing sideways
  2. I would check and see if any of the pins where the controllers go are crossed on each other. That could cause a control issue
  3. Just got my 3rd one in the mail. its serial number 33439H with no opening for a channel selector. Pretty mint for the age
  4. He's selling a bunch of atari systems that he got from estate sales for outrageous amounts of money. But it upsets me when he's selling something that seems a bit fishy with the new looking Japanese stickers and the questionable serial number that has strange number stamping
  5. Just that the stickers that are in Japanese look "too clean and new". All my years of collecting, I never seen or heared of a 6 switcher imported in Japan at such an early date
  6. Just that the stickers that are in Japanese look "too clean and new". All my years of collecting, I never seen or heared of a 6 switcher imported in Japan at such an early date
  7. Funny, last night I came across some guy from japan on ebay that's selling an ultra rare 1977 Atari VCS heavy sixer that was for the japan market. Yes its a real heavy six, looks in pretty good shape, box looks "ok" for the age.... oh wait! The box is in English with americans playing the games. Theres nothing on it that says its specifically made in japan or the Japanese market. Oh wait again..... they didn't see anything from Atari for home use until later in 1983, and it was known as the Atari 2800. It was sleek in design. Hes trying to pass his off as authentic and asking for almost $900. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rarest-ATARI-2600-EVER-Japanese-HEAVY-6er-SIXER-26166-by-EPOCH-B4-2800-/182438629156?hash=item2a7a308f24:g:1ZcAAOSw44BYjs3Y He cant prove to me that's its authentic other than saying he bought it from someone in japan that was the original owner. The S/N doesn't match on the box to the system, and the controllers are just 2 CX-40 controls, not the original CX-10 ones. Check it out before ebay takes him off for putting a false ad on ebay. Lastly, he says none of the Atari 2800 boxes came with Japanese people nor Japanese writing on them. LMAO sad
  8. Funny how its all in English on the box, and everyone on the box looks American to me. He said all atari boxes there have no Japanese people or writing on them. Yet I found plenty that do lol.
  9. He claims the joysticks are original to that system, which are not. He won't tell me what the s/not is on the packaging because he claims sometime can "copy" it and have it on their system. What the f*ck is he talking about!?
  10. I'm going back and forth with him on ebay telling him it's just a standard American heavy sixer, and he gets defensive saying its real, along with the controllers and such and I don't know what I'm talking about. Kind of funny and sad at the same time
  11. He said that there's alot of pictures of the heavy sixers that made in Japan on the net, but I looked for a long while and found none except 2 of his pictures that's on ebay. Claims that many atari collectors know about this particular unit but I and a few other collectors never saw or heard of this early version. Pisses me when someone is trying to claim something that's the real deal when in fact its a fake and can't even prove its real.
  12. Tonight I was checking on ebay looking for a spare switch for my heavy sixer when I found someone selling a extremely rare 1977 japanese heavy six atari. However knowing that they never made them for Japan and eventually made a sleek version for them in late 1983 I had to ask him how he knows it's the real deal since the price he's looking for is almost a thousand bucks. He just claims that they sold only a few of them back in 1977 for Japan even tho it's the exact box that I have. Even his joysticks for that system are not even original to that sixer.... mine has the name atari on the top of my joysticks. He kept telling me I don't know what I'm taking about and to do my research. I've been collecting since 1987 and have done many of years of my own research. He's a fraud. Don't buy from him. As of now he's still on ebay trying to sell it
  13. That's as arcade perfect as it gets. Is it possible to make it a 64k game?
  14. You just wait. The guys that bought a few of the Donkey Kong games each will have them on Ebay for thousands of dollars just like Mario Bros was. I know theres nothing that can be done about that but I would've taken the preorders first then have the cartridges made so everyone can get one in August. I literally got the email stating they were ready for preorder Friday and couldn't even get my hands on both Gradius and Donkey Kong except Penguin Adventure. Just not right that once again its going to be probably a year before we see another Donkey Kong run happen.... just like the SGM.
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