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  1. They must be waiting for Halloween to send them out. When is the best time for a zombie company to send out something that will be dead on arrival?
  2. But does your phone have synchronized light shows to go along with those games?
  3. At least those look Iike pictures of a real item and not cool renders with light up Fuji logos.
  4. Atari knows how to make some sexy renders!
  5. When the only thing you have is a boot up screen. You want to really show that off!
  6. Someone posted this on YouTube claiming to be something. I think this was the same channel with the shoebox maybe?
  7. I'm sure Atari has hired pirates to raid the ship and steal all the VCS backer units. Of course they won't pay the pirates and then they will have to sue them for nonpayment. Should be interesting to see how that all pans out.
  8. Where else can you get such an iconic over priced under powered door stop? The VCS really is the best value in gaming ever. They may as well stop making gaming, streaming unconsoles after this. We have clearly hit the apex of human development with the VCS...
  9. Ok. I decided to do my own independent testing of the door stopping capabilities of the New VCS. Clearly Ninten-Don't what Atari can do! Movie 3.mp4
  10. When I see a video from an independent party that isn't involved with Atari at all stopping a door with the VCS, I will be happy. No 3D rendered doors. An actual heavy wooden door. Then we will know it is real.
  11. I guess I started something with calling it a doorstop.
  12. https://medium.com/@atarivcs/atari-vcs-backer-units-are-on-the-way-fe87b5cede93
  13. Does a doorstop really need a chip though? Asking for my friends on the IGG comment section.
  14. I'm sure any delay now will be either blamed on a certain public health crisis or to optimize the VCS again. I'm more towards them deciding to "upgrade" the VCS. Now that Microsoft and Sony have revealed what they got going on. This Bomb-diggity Unconsole door stop needs to beat out the Hyper Scan!
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