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  2. About a year from now they will be selling off the remaining assets to highest bidder. Maybe two, it can't get any better.
  3. I almost asked to join but I think I will get banished very quickly.
  4. I've been sort of wondering how big a stock holder he is. Perhaps Freddie won't be in charge much longer... Atari-Dubs
  5. I never understood how stocks worked until the P-Dubs system taught me everything I know now - Another satisfied customer testimonial from someone using the POWER-DUBS Insta-Wealth program.
  6. I assumed it was a clip from the new movie after they said they would redesign Sonic.
  7. I am so glad I got kicked off their Facebook page.
  8. At least we get good stock tips around here.
  9. Considering what others are posting, I can't believe I got banned so fast. I think demanding a refund and being a pest on the IGG page was taken into account. Plus we know they follow this forum so I'm sure the intern could connect the dots.
  10. Probably for the best I got banned from the Facebook page.
  11. Ya know you are right about one thing Dubs. Atari isn't going anywhere. No telling how long this circus will go for.
  12. That is really interesting how 3D renders don't play video games or have programming or well anything...
  13. P-Dubs is trying to teach us how the stock market works over on the News for the Taco Guys thread if anyone is interested.
  14. But if the stock never goes above a penny you don't make anything. It actually has to increase in value.
  15. Comparing the two is not fair. One is here and the other is 3d renders.
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