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  1. They need to just change the name to RCT Inc. And sell off the rest to someone who cares about Atari.
  2. Tommy, How about a trade in program for those of us who wasted money on the VCS? That is if it ever releases... I would like to say though that I really appreciate your approach with the Amico. Very much night and day with the circus that is the VCS.
  3. @MrBeefy As long as they keep it hidden in a Converse shoe box we will never know.
  4. I do like the fact that Tommy is here and is willing to discuss his project with people. Regardless to how relevant it is to this thread it again though underscores how different his approach is with his company and their product. Instead of hiding behind vague blog posts and underpaid interns, he is here and willing to talk to folks. Regardless of how you feel about the Amico, I think we can all agree that Atari and Fred Cheese-head need to learn some lessons from him and his company.
  5. I think we can all agree that everything they reveal is always a knee-jerk response to outside sources.
  6. They seemed to be indicating from that last post they would be not posting anything for awhile. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. I mean this door stop will still be useless but at least it seems more likely that those of us dumb enough to give them money will at least get something. Regardless of how useless it is.
  7. I will admit shock we got another update so fast.
  8. @Lodmot I just read through the IGG comments and those folks are delusional clowns. I don't get why you keep trying to talk sense into them. They are hateful and ignorant of all the facts except what Faux-Tari tells them. I am shocked more of the clowns from the Facebook page don't hang put there.
  9. I don't mid this thread getting Amico hijacked from time to time because it really drives home the different approaches these two companies have. It also really drives home the lack of real news or information on the TACO-BOX.
  10. New Year's Eve late with the hope that everyone is too drunk to really read the announcement that they have canceled the project and they thank everyone for the donations.
  11. I'm guessing they will at least have an end of year update. Not that it will tell you anything but I'm certain they will shove something out the door to shut people up.
  12. The VCS brings up many strong emotions for sure.
  13. Max is a very confusing individual.
  14. I'm looking forward to those videos in some sick and twisted way. Just to see how terrible they are. Hopefully John P gets one up fast with a special guest appearance from the Werner Bros. Hopefully he wins a few Biffys for his trouble.
  15. I find it interesting that we get people over in the taco thread that complain there isn't a place to discuss the VCS without tacos. This thread is here and the only posters here are those of us from the taco thread. Where are all these fans and supporters at? Many of us are willing to play nice as long everyone else does. So do we have a vocal minority or a silent majority?
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