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  1. They should offer a Netflix edition. They said they could offer so many different front panel stickers! Why not a big red one with a light up Netflix logo! Game, stream, connect like never before!
  2. I demand a refund now. How can I possibly game, stream and connect without Netflix?!?!
  3. I'm just concerned about one thing still? Will it play Netflix for my mom? She really needs Netflix in her life.
  4. Maybe they are using Metric time and Metric calendars in France. Hence why the timeline never matches up.
  5. I started my posts with bonjour. I was hoping that would keep them guessing.
  6. I had changed my name to Fred Chesnais on IGG and was having fun posting in the comments. But then recieved a nice email from Atari to knock it off or get banned. Funny how they never respond to my emails but you change your name to Fred and within a day they can magically find time to contact you. Also this wouldn't be the 1st time they announced something on Reddit and no place else. Nor the 1st time they did that and the IGG interns didn't know about it. Clearly different people or teams run the different socials for them and they clearly don't get the same memos.
  7. You can't remove features from vaporware... allegedly
  8. Check out atarivcs.com/support Manuals are online.
  9. At least something got produced?
  10. Fat Elvis also haunted this thread for some time...
  11. The die hards are probably orders seconds or thirds to help out. Cause you need a bomb diggity console in multiple rooms.
  12. Or they somehow make a negative number of units. It shouldn't be possible but no bungle is beyond Atari at this point.
  13. I'm not sure where I fall. Either they are incompetent or this was fraud from the start. I lean more towards fraud but there does seem like a few people got involved in this and really did have good intentions. We really won't know until all the NDA stuff expires.
  14. I do enjoy the upvote downvote feature that IGG introduced though. It show me that many people are tired of the nonsense and are downvoting the shills but aren't commenting. Or at least Atari isn't manipulating those yet.
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