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  1. had an error problem using an old polaroid 1G card, doing a full over write fixed it.
  2. Have 2 versions of the device ,one from lotharek, the other from a UK vendor, both have cfg s2s v35. File selector works only on 800XL, not on 400 48K or 800.Is this normal? Aso have pproblem with SIO CFG Error when using Polaroid SD card. San disk PNY and Adata all work fine.
  3. Thanks again for reply. I was referring to actual floppys , I have many disks aquired back in the 80"s, some versions of certain games that I have not seen in the compilations so far.
  4. Thanks much for the links,are there any instructions on advanced SIO2SD functions such as how to transfer existing floppy files to SD?
  5. Keep in mind here is a noob in this field. how are ATX and APE files used?
  6. Recently got a SIO2SD to supplement the other "antique" Atari gear I resurrected. My question is since this device needs XEX file type, many compilations only have ATX and APE file types.Is there a way to convert these to a file type that theSIO2SD can read. My "old" gear consist of 400 48K, 800 48K, 800XL stock 2 Happy 810 one Rana drive
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