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  1. Every now and then I start one of my ataris.. And always have the same problem. I can't remember anything I use the Ultimate Cart and an Atari 800. But I can't start the xex Files. Cart Files works fine. Was there a key combination to start those xex files? Thanks for your help
  2. Hello community, May I ask you a question? I have such a white thing, I don't even know the name, where I put a tf card in and the Atari loads from one of the four emulated drives. Now I've bought two 1050 drives with lots of empty discs on eBay. My question, is there any way that I can copy programs from the white thing to the empty disks via my Atari so that I can play old style from the disks?
  3. would love to buy one - any offers out there?
  4. Thank you for your advices - I will immediately write a PM to MilliV
  5. Hello Coleco-Gurus! I would love to buy a Coleco-Adam-Computer, but I only know ebay as a source, to find one of those holy grails. Is there a good vintage-retro-computer-shop that would be recommendable...or is there a a collector here in this community, who would sell one of his second-adam? greetings from austria Helmut
  6. So an hour ago my (almost) new Aquarius Computer & Game System arrived from the USA here in austria. For the powerplug, I'll need a voltage converters, thats clear, but what do I need to get this TV-Antenna-Thing into a PAL coaxial antenna plug on the tv.... and, is a converter (if existing) enough, or do I i need something more to get the ntsc signal in a european tv? thanks for your help
  7. Sorry, that i put my question in this thread... I have a noob-question. (I have my Ti-99/4a since 2 Weeks) .. I saw on vetrexrolis youtubechannel the possibility of flashdrives and as more as I search the more I get confussed Which drive is recomendable for a beginner (I want to use diskfile, the possibility to save basic-programms, and of course homebrews) RS-232 NanoPEB, CompactFlash Drive/PIO Port CF7+, Flashrom99 or Finalgrom99 ? As far as I could find out, the first two are inclusive the 32kb extension - so are there any other devices or cable necessary Thanks for your advice
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