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  1. would love to buy one - any offers out there?
  2. Thank you for your advices - I will immediately write a PM to MilliV
  3. Hello Coleco-Gurus! I would love to buy a Coleco-Adam-Computer, but I only know ebay as a source, to find one of those holy grails. Is there a good vintage-retro-computer-shop that would be recommendable...or is there a a collector here in this community, who would sell one of his second-adam? greetings from austria Helmut
  4. So an hour ago my (almost) new Aquarius Computer & Game System arrived from the USA here in austria. For the powerplug, I'll need a voltage converters, thats clear, but what do I need to get this TV-Antenna-Thing into a PAL coaxial antenna plug on the tv.... and, is a converter (if existing) enough, or do I i need something more to get the ntsc signal in a european tv? thanks for your help
  5. Sorry, that i put my question in this thread... I have a noob-question. (I have my Ti-99/4a since 2 Weeks) .. I saw on vetrexrolis youtubechannel the possibility of flashdrives and as more as I search the more I get confussed Which drive is recomendable for a beginner (I want to use diskfile, the possibility to save basic-programms, and of course homebrews) RS-232 NanoPEB, CompactFlash Drive/PIO Port CF7+, Flashrom99 or Finalgrom99 ? As far as I could find out, the first two are inclusive the 32kb extension - so are there any other devices or cable necessary Thanks for your advice
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