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  1. It would be really great to have some of the "automatic" extra memory features of XB-II (same as A-Basic? - do not know myself) incorporated into RXB. I would coordinate an honorarium for this effort... Thanks. MikeV.
  2. This is really great work! Look forward to seeing further collaborative efforts for the TI. Thanks.
  3. I have had some free time to study RXB2020 in more detail. To assist in this I made the RXBDOC2020 clickable for easier navigation. I ran this by Rich and got the ok to post here as others might find this useful. You can return to the TOC by either right click - select previous screen or go to the end of an entry and click TOC. RXBDOC2020.pdf
  4. MikeV

    TOD Guide

    Thank you and again for the booklet review. (I am always shaky on tech terms.)
  5. This is a great game, one of the few TI Basic games to earn that designation and it is here somewhere on these pages. I unfortunately neglected to bookmark it myself (so no quick solution). But, the search will be worth it.
  6. Hi Fritz. The more standard features that become available, in an editor such as yours, the less one will have to "sector edit" to personalize their game database. This should simplify matters and possibly "make life easier". However, this is 100% dependent on your time and inclination (we know you have the talent!:)
  7. Yes, most any savable parameter in a saved game can be edited to help produce a different result or outcome when you next load the game and press "continue current game". You can also bring a Player back from the dead (zero out wounds, increasing HP, or supply a spell that does the same). However in real time only items that affect stats, bonuses or protection will make the game "easier". By this I mean an individual Party member will have a better chance of surviving via increased combat skill or other specific stats. Increasing Luck can significantly increase you combat prowess. Real time changing the game play difficulty (Easiest, Medium, Hardest) is not possible to my knowledge. It can be done in a saved game, but this will not affect most parameters as they are established at game creation (as the dungeon is being constructed). Finding Quest items, unfortunately, has no apparent benefits other than "objective achieved". This is a short sight likely due to memory constraints. On the other hand you can create an off-play scoring system, e.g. in Halls or Sub12 that includes points for finding Quest items.
  8. I'm hoping Fritz will do an update to his Editor (would make life easier for everyone!)
  9. Hi everyone. I recently completed an intro TOD Guide and placed it on the Development page. You can find it here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/291687-lets-have-an-adventure/?do=findComment&comment=4808151 Thank you.
  10. The TOD Guide should be attached below. Thanks. TOD Guide.pdf
  11. Thank you for these, great job. This one in particular clarifies the rationale behind the method used by TI in TOD for graphics.
  12. Thank you for the list.
  13. Good video. That CALL IO has been a bit of a puzzle to me; the example (chimes) helped. Hope to see some more in the future.
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