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  1. If it loaded from disk, had very smooth 80 column scrolling (vs tabbing to the sides like TI Writer), then it could have been Writer Ease by Galen Read. It was a CorComp product and well written for the time. However, I seem to recall it would sometimes hang-up on with the spell check option.
  2. Are all F18a developments and notices posted here? Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the link!
  4. Well, sort of. Its more along the lines of, "While I'm doing this you need to be doing that..." A variation of an "IF ... THEN..."
  5. I downloaded and ran the Markus game - It's a hoot! (Yes, and one does tend to: "Die in this Tower.") It was a pleasure to recall how some of the more cleverly conceived TI Basic games had merit and considerable entertainment value. M of M certainly belongs on that list. Unfortunately, additions there are scarce. The only actual annoyance I had with the game is when the wife got to level 7 on her first attempt... what's with that?
  6. I am looking forward to the new version. In the meantime I found your xbramdisk video (and about 94 others!) on youtube and will go through the demos and examples. Thanks!
  7. For using RXB to write a program for AMS ramdisk support is that the new 2020 version or the existing 2015? If the latter, I will try and figure it out! Thank you.
  8. Seem to have lost a reply. But this is exactly what I was looking to do. I remember doing this years ago (on the TI) but forgot the specifics. The quotes are essential! Thank you.
  9. Hi everyone, Please find monster distribution attached. Elsewhere someone asked about not using all the Monster slots. The easiest way to do this is to limit the number of floors to correspond with the monsters in the chart. Monster entries above the last playable floor are ignored. Thanks. MikeV. TOD Monster Distribution.pdf
  10. Yes, it is really a significant improvement. I do not think this could ever have been done on the original TI due to memory limitations. If I understand you correctly there are no options for altering the FG/ BG colors of items in general? Is this due to the complexity of the undertaking? You appear to be working backwards from an items Char Codes to rewrite the same memory locations, hence always the same colors. Very ingenious actually, but this limits a designer's options. If you are looking to add more capability (next update of program) let me know. Thank you. MikeV.
  11. Hi Fritz, really like the Editor. Much, much better than the old Asgard one, and a significant time saver over a sector editor. Spent a good part of yesterday experimenting with it. How are the color codes of items modified with it? Thanks, MikeV.
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