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  1. I am certain we are going to like the results! Thanks for updating.
  2. This is a very useful thread, thank you. Really excellent material to date. A spreadsheet with some type of score card (at different option levels) would also be nice once some data is collected. E.g. with plain composite monitor connection, via video enhancing intermediary devices, and up to the F18A chip.
  3. TI Basic is a short list: Star Ship Pegasus (not-Poly), TI-Trek (if you can live without the speech file) and certainly - and most recently - Markus of Marinus (here somewhere) I admit to never getting past level 14 with the latter, but it's still a blast from the past. To this list I would add the Scott Adams games (or the like). When I first got my TI the wife and I spent a full year solving some of them using a cassette recorder and old TV. (Yeah, she's better at them than I). This would now be easier with a portable side port device, but would still work with cassette. For non-gaming I did get some use with Household Budget Manager... (good discipline).
  4. Here are some of the more interesting/ useful reviews of the AMS software collected from Micropendium. The ones by Bob Carmany & Bruce Harrison are of particular interest as they illustrate that the AEMS software was not quite as straight forward/ complete as it could have been. This was probably the result of Asgard abandoning the project in its infancy. If you are familiar - please ignore. Micropendium 1994_7.pdf Micropendium 1995_7.pdf Micropendium 1995_9.pdf Micropendium 1996_9&10.pdf Micropendium 1998_9&10.pdf
  5. Here are some more AEMS/ AMS/ SAMS related docs. While the programs themselves are readily available, I would recommend logging on to the Hidden Reef BBS (718-448-9402) to easily locate them in one place (a nice surprise!) In addition the sysop seems to have taken care to have the latest versions of the software available. A good example of this is TERM80, which had several corrections (versions). The latest - the one I used to use was v3.14, but there was considerable talk of an upcoming v4.0. Based on these listings v3.14 appears to have been the last. Lots of good terminal software is available as well. There is also a very interesting paper by Bruce Harrison, AMS and You, which I had never seen. It is included with the Historical docs under Misc., but is courtesy of the Hidden Reef (Richard). One previous file - Macro Assembler Language Reference was re-edited as it was brought to my attention that it had a formatting glitch. If you find typos please let me know. It would be nice to see more SAMS software made available/ authored. Thanks. Term80 v3_14.zip Harrison AMS.zip SAMS_MISC.zip Macro Assembler - Assembler Language Referrance.pdf
  6. Congrats. Back to Omega man. Just keep in mind that in the original (though second of that sequence) Omega man (Charlton Heston) was (he thought) the last one standing. You could do worse... ! (Saw the name used in Tripletech.)
  7. 1) I always wondered what came after Omega - apparently invisibility. It was nice to discover the same. 2) If more individuals, especially pol-------s, understood that transparency actually lends to invisibility - then they would embraces the same. 3) What Beery said, yep, much the same. 4) It is really up to you, if your objectives were met, preference, etc. Either way I had no idea one could do the same (change ID's)!
  8. Makes sense, thanks. CorComp never did deliver on the software (as advertised) to use the extra memory.
  9. CorComp offer holds (when you time permits). I can send it via ArcadeShopper as I have a console for repair and some other items as well. Forgot to mention the CorComp has an internal test option. Do not know if this would be of use?
  10. It's a nifty program. Nice to have it all work from the FinalGrom. I somehow managed to download an earlier version last week (it's a talent) with the Foundation result. If at some point you would like to borrow a CorComp to test with, let me know. But there may not be enough memory left in the 8K space. Thank you for letting us know about the program.
  11. MikeV

    HRD 4000B

    I would like one if they are not already all spoken for, otherwise will have to wait! Thanks.
  12. MikeV

    HRD 4000B

    Thank you. I had been looking for this.
  13. Hey guys: I was unaware that no SAMS card larger than 1MB had ever been built. For some reason I thought there were (at least) prototypes. Nice to know that it is theoretically possible to test them. Thanks.
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