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  1. Wow, would love them both. How much for shipping?
  2. I'd say you could get for it at least 140 USD
  3. ..and the Lord has spoketh' Yeah, the limitations are there, but it would be great addition to a slower paced games for example a moving colorful background or static background. There are a lot of static games like chess, which could use backgrounds, maybe even changeable one's by the press of an option button. Some cool photos of girls and stuff in background should liven up the game play and make the game more interesting and popular. For example, some QIX clone like game could sure use some "more interesting" pictures for people to uncover during the game If you know what I mean.. Sometimes it takes something subtle to make all the difference in a game.. Just a thought for homebrew developers/artists
  4. David, you're right, that game sure did have nice backgrounds! Game would not be the same without them
  5. That would be right in the ballpark for Lynx, if some one could do it.. 8-bit system, executable from Lynx GD would be a dream..
  6. Man, you're a genius! That would be groundbreaking! and I bet Lynx would run it like a piece of cake Now we got to find someone who's up for realizing this idea
  7. PFG 9000, I found it here, on AA. Legendary member/programmer "enthusi" made this stuff.
  8. Daaaaamn.. buoyyy.. this looks pretty amazing!! if Lynx would have a wallpaper - this would be IT" Well.. let the hunt begin!!!! (found it!!)
  9. Well.. we all are waiting on that Megan Fox demo file now.. 😎
  10. Hey man, check your PM's
  11. MTR

    Loose carts storage

    Niiiiice.. we'll let's hope this case has working locks.. because it's a case worth a million 😍😍😍
  12. It's 2020 and we still want some Flurry McFlaps!!! Pronto!! 🤪
  13. Hey, Add me to the list also. Cart with case. w00t w00t.
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