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  1. Having similar issues as 256 colours netusbee detects the usb drive but it doesnt detect any partitions and kinda stuck as dont know what else to try . Do i need any files on the USB drive at all?
  2. I'm not a soldering wiz but I own a soldering iron or two, what is your suggestion?
  3. Going into a crt tv. I've tried the jag on my other crt tvs and get the same results. My other consoles work fine via rgb on these tvs. No upscalers .
  4. Already cleaned the edge connector and I can assure you it's not an issue with the rgb scart lead not being inserted correctly. But thanks for the reply. Any more help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi just wondered if anyone could help.. Recently upgraded to rgb cables to my Jag on RF the colours are spot on but wanted better sound and video so got a set of RGB cables from retrogamingcables and when I boot it what should be White is Yellow and there's a muddy yellowing over screen in the games too. I've also tried an rgb cable from retro computer shack and I'm having the same issue.
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