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  1. Ok, so I have got Retroarch installed on a USB drive for the Playstation Classic...but you also need to install the Stella Core.....does anybody have a link for the actual Core file???.. I could only find a .hmod file and it did nothing when I tried to install it
  2. I tried playing Nukey's Pacman 8K on my Flashback 9 via SD Card and it refuses to work (I get a black screen with some random graphics at the top of the screen and a buzzing noise) - I have read where people have been playing it on FB9...My FB9 is an Australian model. Is there a differenece between the Australian and USA models? Also having trouble with some homebrews (HALO 2600 for example)
  3. I recently recieved a Flashback 9 and went about putting some roms on an SD Card....only problem being that the FB9 seems to play PAL Pacman using the NTSC palette by default. So I decided to fix this...... Here is the PAL versionof Pacman with NTSC colors for the background an maze. Pacman_PAL_FB.bin
  4. I was wondering if anybody knows where the color table is stored on the PAL version of Pacman??? - I need to alter them due to my Flashback 9, displaying the colors all wrong, as I believe it is using the NTSC palette. Any help would be appreciated. Edit:- After some dectective work comparing the NTSC and PAL palettes I found the locations for the background and foreground(playfield):- Background:- 0F35 Foreground:- 0F36 Using Hack-o-matic, I changed those values to $00 and $86 respectively to have a blue maze on black background. Now I can play PAL Pacman on the Flashback 9 with nice colors.
  5. I have just recently returned to BASIC programming using the AdamEm emulator. I was wondering if it is possible to peek/poke characters directly to the text screen and can the GET A$ statement be used in the same way as the inkey$ statement on the Apple II with a keyboard peek to stop the computer pausing and waiting for the user to pres a key... eg:- for action games???
  6.     or k=(peek(754)+1)*(peek(753)=3) just adds 1 so L is now 1 but null is still 0 (all other keypresses are also +1)
  7. 'Quick and Dirty' solution that I like to use:- k=peek(754)*(peek(753)=3) the only drawback is that the 'L' key also returns a zero value - but this can be worked around if you don't mind adding some extra code - or just don't use the 'L' key
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