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  1. Thanks everyone. I will look into the AtariMax SIO. Once I get it going I can download the "real smurf" demo to test or upload a copy of mine. Thanks Again!
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions and replies! The smurf demo seems to be the only thing out of wack with the color. Is it true that there was a RED version? I am surprised because I only remember it being Blue. May be I had both copies at one time. How can I check voltage output on my power supply? How do I verify if my current xe is pal or ntsc? My original xe and software was all ntsc. Is there a test cartridge I can use to verify all colors? What method do you recommend for transferring 5.25 floppy data to a pc emulator? Thanks!
  3. I recently picked up a 130xe and 1050. I had these when I was a kid back in the 80's. I have many floppy disks from that time and most of them still work. Some may not work due to the fact my original 1050 had a Happy mod. Anyways, one in particular contained the "Smurf Demo". Many of you may remember this animation of a 2 smurfs, one being smurfette. I won't go into any more detail except for color. The demo still runs , but instead of several shades of Blue on the screen making up the characters and backgrounds, There are shades of reds the darkest almost a brownish and they seem a bit pixelated. Can't remember if original was pixelated. This seems to be the only color issue I have found so far on this computer. Other games seem to have proper color. Could this be an issue with the graphics chip only affecting a certain mode this demo uses? Could is be a corrupt file on the old disk? I have tried RF and Composite to an older Panasonic TV with the same result as well as composite to VGA conversion on a older Sony monitor and the demo is absent of any Blue. Are there any tests I can perform to rule out Atari hardware? I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you Mark
  4. Thanks for the info Save2600 and Cpuwiz. I knew I couldn't be that lucky!
  5. I received a lot of sealed games from an auction today. Included in the lot was one odd loose cartridge. I knew the loose cartridge was included but figured it was someone's attempt to be funny. The cartridge label seemed like someone may have printed it considering it was "Atlantis II" and the quality didn't seem up to par. Then I plugged it in. The score font seems that of Atlantis II and the score increments by 1 per destroyed ship. Please see my attached pictures. One is a pic of the cartridge and one is a screen shot of game play. Is this the real thing? Maybe someone created a custom label? What does everyone think? Thanks Mark
  6. Thank you Rom. I am not seeing my combination of labels anywhere which is leading me to believe it is a fake.
  7. I am not sure if I have one of the variants or if someone scanned the label trying to pull a fast one. It is the misspelling with a different front picture label. Does any one have scans of the second variation? Mine is different then the scan in the rarity section on this site. I have attached pics. Thanks
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