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  1. If you're going to copy a modern controller, at least copy from the best. Xbox controllers... they're why I don't buy Playstation anything. What good are the games if the controller sucks?
  2. Yeah. Like the actual crime rate going down by half. And the cable news reporting of violent crime went up in the same period.
  3. I was thinking it resembles a 2D Rocket League myself.
  4. For me I think... Night Stalker Finn Fox Moon Patrol Nitro Derby ... but I don't know if Missile Command will be at launch. ... Maybe Rigid Force Redux, even though the current game on other platforms looks a little bland and uncolorful. Still glad the more stylish R-Type will be coming later.
  5. They had Megaman 11 out in 2019. It looked nice in HD too. Anybody remember that?
  6. Mods, please remove the t-shirt picture. I wasn't intending to offend.
  7. Fair enough. I was actually looking for an 80s style muscle T that had a rising sun and Japanese hieroglyphics on them, like what was popular when MTV just got started. Could only find that one.
  8. I'm not a fan of the interlaced scan lines.
  9. I don't think this is about trading cards. Strictly gift cards sold at retail outlets next to Starbucks and Chili's cards.
  10. No I didn't... and since you didn't explain, I still don't. But I can edit it off if it pleases you. Not meaning to offend.
  11. I can answer that now. Absolutely Fu**ing NOT! Not every GenXer was swallowed by this GPK cult! Just stop with the "All us 80s kids liked..." stuff!😜
  12. Agreed. As for me, I got this bad boy to ride this summer!
  13. Also something new. Finn Fox was great, but AstroBreak were things we've already seen a lot of before.
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