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  1. The only one of that type of game I had fun playing was Wave Race for N64. Even it's sequel on the Gamecube lacked in the fun factor.
  2. Been a couple of days since I read this, so happy belated BD Tommy. Get better! Anyhow... FINALLY!!!! Someone with REAL taste in games appeared in this thread!😆 Seriously though, glad to see another R-Type fan in our midst! 🤗
  3. Taco Time is a fast food chain in the Northwest. I bet a license would be needed to call the game that.
  4. I did once. Nintendo Gamecube on day one. But there were 5 people at Target's door at 8am that day they opened, so I didn't have to camp out for it.
  5. What worries and fears? That it would spread a dysenterious virus around the world that would kill half of the population? It's an entertainment device, for crying out loud!😷
  6. Actually I meant the multiple copies and "editions" of the same game. I don't need the "Super Atomic Nuclear Meltdown Premium Lick Your Ass Edition" for only $20 more. That should've all been included with the first edition.
  7. Tommy... Something annoying. Can your online catalog store please avoid obnoxious trends like this? CTR isn't even the worst offender!
  8. Being a nice gay guy, I want to say "What's wrong with being gay?" Being also a hot headed Irishman, I want to pound everyone of them into the ground for that.😡 "That's so gaaaaaayyyy!" has been around since I was a kid and I hate it! HATE IT! They all need to be slapped in the face with a red ring of death white Xbox 360 (so it can hide the flying teeth) until it falls apart! Okay. I'm calm now. Hugs? 🤗
  9. AG Bell: Watson! Get over here! This is not why I hired you!
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