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  1. Thank you for putting cats into Liars Dice! Awesome! Got a tiger and a lion! I didn't even beg that much!
  2. Hi Everybody. "Where in the world is Blarniego?" So I had a nasty bout with a bacterial infection that antibiotics swept away & now I'm just waiting for the swelling went down, but I want to give a warning to all you kids out there on safety tips for avoiding bacteria. Don't lick doorknobs!
  3. I guess I'll chime in with my unnecessary take on the event. Yeah, the delay sucks. I get it though. 2020 is a write off for humanity. I like the look of most of the games so far, and the ones we've seen before are improving greatly. I like 'em all, except this one... Can I choose to be a cat in this? I could not EVER, EVER, EVER lower myself to be a *are you kidding me?* Dog!
  4. "Huawei Huawei! Eat some Kung Pao rice pie!" Haven't thought of more lyrics yet. 😪 It's a work in progress, so quiet!! 😡
  5. Yeah, I know. HE's assured me it'll be fantastic when they get to it, but they haven't started it yet. I've been harping on this game for 2 years... and also secretly disappointed they chose the much less fun and almost boring Moon Patrol as a launch title instead. Yeah! That's right @OEB_Pete, I said it! 😜 R-Type Final 2 (awful name) will also be on Xbox One, which will be the version I'll buy. I think Intellivision will make their own custom R-Type so that's good to look forward to also. Sega now owns Technosoft, so a new Thunder Force would be up to them.
  6. Really? It doesn't have to be humorous, just clever and unique. If Mattel made a clone of Atari's 'Dodge 'Em', they would call it "Alleyway of cars scooping up raised pavement markers while avoiding oncoming traffic". Well I'm going to fire up my Service Games creation of the world's creation first book of the Holy Bible; miniaturized edition, to play unrecognizable in nature Japanese blue character with spikes on his head and wears sneakers.
  7. The bearded lady? The 3 armed man? Full body tattoo guy? World's fattest woman? I'm not sure you can get away with m**get tossing.
  8. I love it! "Shooting rabbits with an elephant gun!" It looks like the tank is about to blow itself... ... That was my inside voice, right?😇
  9. See what we could do with a Theme Park sim game and a touch screen/disc controller? Cue my begging... or I'll play a banjo! 😈
  10. This doesn't let you off the hook for designing an actual R-Type game. 😙
  11. Okay, maybe I'll let everybody in on one secret, since the banjo stereotype is an outdated reference to a 50 year old movie (before Jon Voight had that convertible & sold it to George Costanza, and before Ronny Cox lost his eyeballs in Total Recall)... We usually listen to dance music nowadays. 😅
  12. Exactly! And Emerson named their Arcadia 2001 game Tanks-A-Lot instead. Even Shark! Shark!'s copycat PC game 20 years later "Feeding Frenzy" was a better name.
  13. Must... not... make gay bear joke with straight people around...
  14. They're Taking over! Coronavirus bans humans, Teddy bears yell "It's ours now!"
  15. Listen to you! Turning autograph talk into a locker room brag. 😜
  16. There is only one state where infections have gone down. New Hampshire.
  17. I lost count during the last few months. I miss my roller coaster rides! Dang Virus!!! 🥵 So I've been watching virtual rider videos on YouTube so I can pretend I'm riding them on my TV. Not the same I know. But this one is sooooooooo cuuuute! I am just covered with whatever Aunt Jemima's new syrup name is gonna be from it.
  18. I'm not a fan of the classic Mattel "this is what this game is about in the most generic and boring description possible" naming of games as some on here are. I'm more for a clever dad joke as a name. It's okay! You can "Tank Me Later".
  19. Blarneo's Math Fun Blarneo's Word Fun Where in the World is Blarneo-ego? Night Stalker Safe Cracker Blar Planes Blarnto Racing 😈
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