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  1. Sndh.atari.org the st chip music archive.
  2. Cheers. No problem. Actually shadow registers are pretty straight forward compared to other issues.
  3. Over the years many people have asked me how to hack Atari ST music.... well I finally caved in...... Music Ripping Tutorial #1 Grazey
  4. ahh you beat me to it! or http://d-bug.me/shw/SNDH2SNG.PRG grazey
  5. The patched image will work on STe but not Mega-STe. I'm sure you need 4 extra nops per scanline on the MSTe to make the overscan stable. Grz
  6. Happy 2019. 21st century. Gerry Anderson would be chuckling in his grave. People. Soooo loving it. Keep going.
  7. Can you explain what this means in a coherent reply please? Confused
  8. Whoah... a new D-Bug patch, the first by Shw in 4 years.... and a rather nice rare Furax ditty in the intro. d-bug.mooo.com
  9. Think you mean Deviant Designers. They were also Australian and carried on after Sewer stopped. I think early menus were written in STOS. Interestingly they code a text packer which when combined with Ice packed more efficiently. http://www.thegamearchives.net/?val=0_2_1_0_0_9_76490_0_0_0_0
  10. What the fuck is your obsession with us ? (D-Bug) ? what have we got to do with this shite? just get on with doing what you do. I have moved to the calm waters of SNDH - tranquil and relaxing. Have a good day Showaddywaddy/D-Bug
  11. As a Windows user - Steem v3.2 debug is all I normally use. Mainly because it's so powerful and the user-friendly GUI. I do use Hatari when creating and testing new SNDH files as Hatari's sound emulation is far superior - I also use Hatari when games/demos fail on Steem. So.... Steem v3.2 Debug - 85% Hatari - 10% Steem SSE - 5% Grz
  12. V4.5 (August 1, 2015) - Yorkshire day! 355 new/updated SNDH files (1731 subtunes). Finally, after over a year we update the SNDH archive to v4.5. Quick highlights :- + Sierra games included - Leisure Suit Larry etc + Barry Leitch driver updated - Superior sound quality + Unreleased ancient Mad Max track + Dave Lowe digi musics - Carrier Command, Afterburner etc + gwEm's Kraftwerk music - two versions + Many song lengths added by bober, thanks! more info at my blog http://dbug.kicks-ass.net/sndh/ and http://www.dhs.nu/
  13. Thanks for these Have you tried my trans d-bug express program for imaging. This has a much better success rate than msa or fcopy. Grz
  14. Ta for those disks. I'll see if any are missing from the sndh archive. Though I better hurry as a release is imminent!
  15. Nope I just ripped the replayer out of a game which included Music Studio files, forget which one! Though I do remember if you get Nervana scenario disk by Atari Legend there's a file called playsub.prg in the Auto folder, this is a player for MS files with the labels left in Grz
  16. Many many Music Studios tunes are now in SNDH format, however I wrote a tool to convert them back to native MS format, see http://atariage.com/forums/topic/222320-music-studio-songs/ As for MS files, the SNDH converted ones can be found here :- http://sndh.atari.org/sndh/browser/index.php?dir=sndh_lf%2FUnknown_Composer%2FMusic_Studio%2F Cheers Grz
  17. I've updated Trans D-Bug Express to version 1.03 full details at http://dbug.kicks-ass.net For those who don't know, TDE is an MSA imager but it has a far better success rate than MSA or Fcopy. Plus it has uber cool gfx and music. Cheers Grazey
  18. Monst, megaform, k-ram, neochrome, devpac 2.25, font2bin, easyrider v4, automation packer 2.3r , tempus, acopy 1.2p & dust. Grz
  19. Yeah true, Lancashire is so wetter and dingy than the sunny side of the pennines
  20. Easiest way is to run said program in the debug build of Steem. Just set up a write break point on the YM ($ffff8800.w and $ffff8802.w) you can then see what values are poked to the chip for the sound. Grz
  21. Ok download this little program http://DBUG.kicks-ass.net/shw/SNDH2SNG.PRG and point it to a Music Studio SNDH file,it will then automatically save the SNG file Grz
  22. Hi. Writing an SNDH to sng program will be easy. I'll do it at the weekend. GRZ
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