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  1. Hi, Regarding the SNG files. Are they ones you've composed or ones that come with the MS package? I'm admin of the SNDH archive and have written a SNG to SNDH converter. Therefore if they are 'rare' please send them to me so I can included them in the next SNDH update. Grazey
  2. Hi I sent evil dhs the source code to ice packer ages ago. Do a google search on : dhs ice packer GRZ
  3. Hi. There are lots and lots if music studio song in SNDH format at http://sndh.atari.org/sndh/browser/index.php?dir=sndh_lf/Unknown_Composer/ See the music studio folder. In fact I wrote an SNG to SNDH converter which automated the process. Grazey
  4. 303 new/updated SNDH files (607 subtunes). Here are some YM delights to brighten up the dark January nights. Slightly different from the norm, yes we still have some tasty new tunes including exclusives, however we also have a massive amount of fixes, many of which are by Ben of The Overlanders. A more detailed account of this work can be found at the SNDH Blog. Highlights > + All the tunes from Sillyventure 2013 including 505's ginormous Relix demo! + Some uber rare un-released tunes by Jess of OVR + An extended version of Furax's EQX Virtual Escape theme + The two Big Alec digi drum tunes from Punish Your Machine finally SNDH'D More at www.dhs.nu
  5. Cheers for the comments...Automation/D-Bug's ethos has always been to do it for fun.. that continues to this day. I've been spending most of my free time doing SNDH work, however I must grasp and channel my sudden patching motivation until it slips back into hibernation! Grazey
  6. A new patch is born.... 6 months in labour I was .. so slightly premature. dbug.atari.org Grz
  7. x 2 for me depending on price Grz
  8. All, I've updated the SNDH format to 2.1 and also released 240 new Quartet tunes as SNDH. These have built-in Falcon and ST replayers! see http://sndh.atari.org http://www,dhs,nu Grz
  9. Hi saulot that link doesn't work for me GRZ
  10. It usually goes down at least 3 times a year... I'm not BT and it's down too.. That's what happens when people do it on the cheap I suppose. Grazey / PHF
  11. But this is inside the mouse.... I have a PEST on my MSTE and it's damn ugly!! Much prefer a slinky unraped mouse. Grz
  12. Yeah me too.. See you in Eindhoven (or close to it ! 21-24 of May Me too, see ya there! Grazey aka Showaddywaddy
  13. The Falcon-patched version of Legends of Valour from The Lemmings (if memory serves) has no sound either. Quite ironic, if you consider the superior hardware the Falcon had at the time when it came to sound. weird!! as that's only Ben Daglish chip music and i don't even think it uses Shadow Regs! Grz
  14. "Mr Grz you have no clue what your talking about" Ok, let's make this abundantly clear and simple for you Ppera.... as your lack of knowledge of 68000 machine obviously transcend into pig ignorance of the Atari Scene. "Was not Was was not in D-Bug, btw. " oh wasn't he? where do you get these facts from? please enlighten me. "Mr. Grz, you have no clue what talking about. How many adaptations you did? How you know anything about all it?" what has this to do with anything, can't I give a qualified point of view on this situation... and I may have done the odd 'adaptation' here and there. Grazey
  15. So you used Was(Not Was)'s crack ? If so, it's nice to see you rely on D-Bug members cracks so much, so you can keep your trundle of releases going. Glad D-Bug could be of service Grz
  16. thank you, your praise and constructive comments are most welcome. Have a nice day
  17. One minute you're asking people to send money to D-Bug (Automation/D-Bug have never received one penny for any of their cracks , unlike other major ST cracking groups - ICS/Replicants) You then stoop to an all time low......it's the height of insensivity to quote the tragic victims of World War 2 together with a dodgy piece of software, in my opinion. Enough, Grazey
  18. Inflammatory within the first sentence, "who has little brain" please don't criticise your friends. Well I see you try and turn your hand at 'Falconising' games as well, so, please tell me, what is the benefit? I see you've 'fixed' mighty state-of-the-art titles like Blockout and Minigolf.... surely the main point is that people are still doing innovative things on the Atari ..... so what is the point of this post..... You miss the point here completely. Most fixes are for true Atari enthusiasts who still use Atari's! Frequent DHS.nu or #atariscne and you will see the people who use these fixes. Well it may take amateurs 'months' or tenths-hunderts of hours (so is that 1/100th of hours?? if so that's not much) But why are you saying it's a waste of time ? your comments are so negative... please do! GRZ
  19. Hiya, try holding down either ALT or CTRL on boot up, this usually bypasses auto programs. Phil
  20. Hi, I finally hooked up my NetusBee to my router. But I haven't got a clue what to do next. I'm trying to connect my PC (Win XP) with my MegaSTE. I've managed to ping my ST from the PC so the connection is working. But now I'm stuck. My ST has got normal TOS so how do I transfer files over to my PC (and vice versa) , someone mentioned I need to use a FTP client but that doesn't seem to work. My ST is on my router. I tried to connect to this in CuteFTP it it doesn't work. Any ideas? Cheers GRZ
  21. D-Bug HD stuff not working is probably due to excessive buffers which HDDriver uses. Try setting HDDrive to use minimum buffers (put 999 in data and caches in the HDDriver setup program). Let me know how you get on. Grz
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