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  1. Sad news Indeed. Discovered and learned alot through his posts and comments here. Rest easy.
  2. Thanks for updating. Glad he's okay and recovering.
  3. I think Brent is either just really busy building games, or has some personal things going on. I sent a message last Saturday trying to order a copy and I haven't heard back yet. It's not just you man.
  4. Actually, put me down for a Moxie if any are available still, so both Moxie and Yankee. That Twofer price is too good.
  5. Was anyone else bidding on the combat two and coke wins resqsoft listings from the same seller? Holy crap, someone swooped in earlier today and put up a crazy high max bid on both. I slowly started adding bids to the combat two cart and after 80 something bucks, my brain started functioning again, someone either definitely wants this more than I do, thinks it's something else, or they are fake bids. Too much for me lol. Still listed if anyone wants to check them out.

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    2. jwelsh


      Yeah man, I just like getting my hands on old stuff like this for some reason. I thought he only sold just the cart though, and Marc sold the numbered boxed ones. I could be wrong though, info from back then is hard to find.

    3. jwelsh


      Accurate info*

    4. CPUWIZ


      Possible, we can ask Marc.

  6. Re organizing my loose cart homebrews and hacks and figured I'd take some pics. 








    1. CPUWIZ


      Impressive. 👍

    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Very nice! Thanks for sharing! 

    3. cvga


      Nice. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Just realized my profile still says "New Member", but I've had this account for two years. Is this and the ranking based on content, comments and likes? I'm an IT professional but I've never been a member of a forum before, just a casual browser. Pretty crazy. On a semi related note, I've never seen Back to the Future.  I remember as an 18 year old or so, someone asked me if I ever saw it, and they freaked out when I said no. I purposely haven't watched it since that point so I can get that reaction every time someone asks haha. Hope everyone has a good night.

    1. CPUWIZ


      * POOF *

    2. jwelsh


      Haha, like magic. Thanks man.

  8. My first purchase in here was Atarimania by @Red 5. Everything was great. Probably spent over a grand in the Atariage store at this point too.
  9. I got VIP number 96. The timestamp on the transaction was 5:18 PM, but that was only because i had a hard time figuring out how to get Paypal to open. Safe to say they sold out of the VIP bundle within 20 minutes, and have sold hundreds of games so far. Really excited to give this a try and to see what else they have in store.
  10. Have some genesis games I'm looking to sell. All are repros except for Golden Axe. MKII unlimited is in an original MKII cart and uses its original pcb. Truxton uses a sega cart and pcb as a donor as well. The labels for those are glossy and professionally printed. Golden Axe is original in original box and artwork. no manual Zero wing is a repro the whole way. It uses the now infamous European translation. The PCB is a high quality Muramasa with a rom chip, not a flash chip. The cart is clear and painted glossy silver on the inside for a gun metal type effect. Professional quality box art and label too All games are NTSC, Shipped in a box USPS first class, US only please. If you buy all of them at once or a few I'll ship priority mail. Payment through Paypal, I will provide tracking. Golden Axe 25 shipped MKII unlimited 25 shipped Truxton 20 shipped Zero Wing 45 Shipped
  11. Ordered a Pluscart earlier today, and a few homebrews I've been wanting for a while. Really excited to check out the Pluscart, a real nifty little gadget. 


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    2. Machine


      No, I am an idiot.  :)


    3. Gemintronic


      Ordered one myself.  Be real interesting if I could set up my own "cloud" to talk to the PlusCart and make a game that grabs it's world data from the server.

    4. jwelsh


      @Gemintronic That sounds like a cool idea. I'm no programmer,  and don't know the limitations. But if you could somehow program the game to grab  level and map files from the Plusstore/cloud and only load constantly used assets like character sprites and hud from the start, couldn't one make a massive game beyond the size of cartridge format? Really cool stuff to think about here

  12. Agreed @groundtrooper, not cool to share private game files. I remember when I placed my preorder, @Red 5 mentioned that he would publicly release the Rom a few weeks after all the cart owners got theirs in the mail in our messages, mine arrived in November i think. I actually revisited this thread looking for an update on that and just noticed other comments asking about roms lol.
  13. jwelsh

    Found (Closed)

    Found Thanks
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