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  1. This looks great, has there been any confirmation of a Neo Geo version. I'd be onboard for a copy. Great review too.
  2. Very nice collection/setup. Escapism at its best.
  3. I managed to run a test last night, hooked everything up, including a mock up of my controls (empty shoe box optional 😁). Had a bit of a fright at first as it seemed my picture wouldn't sync with any of my screens. Turned out to be a cable issue. Then I encountered a graphical glitch (vertical lines through sprites) I pulled out all connections and used a pencil eraser to clean contacts. Worked a treat. Lastly one of my CRTs is suffering occasional wobble with its image, luckily the second screen appears ok, but requires a little geometry work to be perfect. Some pictures attached,. Excuse the mess.
  4. Hopefully something I post may be of interest/helpful if you start your build. From my experience I've found the web very hit and miss with respect information on these cabinets.
  5. This came last week also, and have been itching to test it, but had to wait for the Shogun and also solder some connections for my controls. Hopefully also on test later today.
  6. As a small update. I've booked off some annual leave from work, first week of November, which is when I plan to get the bulk of the cabinet done. Yesterday I had a small delivery too. I pre ordered this back in August. A fairly fundamental piece of the Jigsaw puzzle. Yossi of BeharBros has been great at communicating, highly recommended this far. I plan to test wire everything later today hopefully and make sure all is working. The Supergun is cheating (a little) for my cab, but still gets the job done.
  7. Only overall dimensions. There was really very little information on the web. I've managed to draw the plan you see from trial and error, people's measures from real units, but only overall height/width/depth. I've then overlayed my plans with real cabinets to get as close as I can. This will be as close as I can to a full scale cab. Thanks for the contact for artwork. I've already gone with Olly of Arcade Artshop, he's UK based and has a true repro of MVS control panel overlay, plus the one slot marquee and miniarquees. I've gone for the full side wraps, red with white logos and front with player arrows. Trying to be as close to authentic as I am able to achieve with my own skills 😉
  8. Many thanks. I'll do my best to keep posting as and when things progress. I'll have a think about the YouTube thing. I certainly could see merit in this as it would of helped me a lot if this was a little more available. If I could do anything it'll have to follow the completion really, so long as I grab some video along the way.
  9. Thank you for the kind words. Means a lot, I've already spent many hours just to get to this point, whether researching, planning, drawing, cutting wood etc..,. So that helps inspire me on. Your certainly right about a lack of plans on the web. I to tried to find some plans for the build and came up with nothing. So I gathered as many dimensions as I could from around the web and came up with the plan I drew, I didn't have CAD available so it was drawn by hand. I don't have any great experience in anything like this either, just a strong desire to build it, and I like problem solving, though that may quickly change 😁
  10. Hi all, been following the thread for a while, and a big fan of Neo Geo for a long time. AES was completely unobtainable for me as a child, so Sega Mega Drive it was. I would look at the adverts in my gaming magazines, only to be reminded of the massive costs. I only ever really got to see Neo Geo via TV shows such as GamesMaster in the UK. Fast forward, I've finally picked up an MVS board, and plenty of other supplies as I've decided - at this point questionably - to build myself a US style MVS red cabinet - MVS one slot, with CRT and all. It's a new project for me, something I've not really done before. Anyway here are some pics, not much as yet, but hopefully will take shape over the next few weeks.
  11. I did receive that email. It immediately followed last Mondays announcement about preorders opening.
  12. $34.99 to the UK. I genuinely thought there was an issue for everything to be sold out. Seems odd, who bought all the midi/analog cables? Perhaps a marketing strategy of sorts. Keep interest shigh until next year when they can deliver these.
  13. I didn't receive the shipping notice. I sent an email to chase it up. I received the shipping notice about 2hrs after it was delivered (yesterday). All was well in the end.
  14. Further to the pass through issue with x2 6 button controllers, has this been reported, should I raise this with analogue
  15. Excellent, worked a treat, two happy children hitting he'll our of each other in Street Fighter now. Was getting worried about some sort of fault for a minute.
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