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  1. I noticed on my 800XL that the 2 tips that extend out from either end of the plastic header of the cartridge port have been broken off and therefore i cant use any cartridges that have the sealed ends on them...only the open face ones. Any idea where I might pick up a new plastic header? Hopefully someone knows what I am talking since I didnt explain it too technically. I did avoid calling the tips thingamabobs, though.
  2. Thanks for the info...I did look at the strip and it looked ok with my untrained eye...someone else I know suggested it may be the 4051 chips need replacing or POKEY chip...
  3. Picked up an 800XL on Ebay....keyboard seems totally dead. Everything else works fine...games..no problem....even function keys on right work. Any suggestions as to what the problem is.
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