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  1. Figured it out..... The SD cards I was trying were "Transcend" brand. None of them worked. On a whim i tried with a "Kingston" brand 2gb card, worked! Prob solved. The Machine just seems to be very brand picky.
  2. Tried it, same same. Only works if i insert the card while the system is on......
  3. No yes yes ive been downloading individual roms. Does that not work? i really didnt want to have to scroll through 600 for the 50 i want
  4. OK well, i got my flashback about a week ago not only because I loved most of the pre bundled games that came with it, but the idea of being able to add roms sold me! Now onto the problem..... First let me say, YES ive read every FAQ, help, and such thread on this issue. My flashback will NOT read my SD card UNLESS....I put the card in while the system is already powered on. Ive tried 3 diff cards; 8GB SDHC, 4GB SDHC, 2GB SD. Ive used the recommended formatter software, the games are in the correct extension (first letter uppercase, rest lowercase). Ive created the "game" folder. I know the roms work because like i said the system reads the card IF i put it in while the system is already on. Help on this please?
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