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  1. Slip of the tongue when it comes to written vs released. The million dollar question is does that mean that all the games below by Telegames that were for the Dina 2 in 1 were released in 1986. (yes, some games were built in, but I want to keep this tidy) Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress Amazing Bumpman Boulder Dash Cosmic Crisis Meteoric Shower Motocross Racer Rock 'n' Bolt Skiing Strike It Tank Wars
  2. Question, I know on the title screen that they say the game came out in 1985, but since the game was released by Telegames wouldn't a 1986 date been more likely? I say this because there isn't really anything concrete or any source that I know of that states 1985 is correct.
  3. This has been bugging me for a while. I was searching for years for when games for the 1292 were released (not vc-4000 games or any of the offshoots) and ended up finding instructions for Capture #24 which has a copyright of 1980. Does anyone have any of the other games for the 1292 with the instructions so we can see the copyright years for it? Audiosonic PP-1292 Capture 1980.bmp
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