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  1. Almost any copier will use enhancements (fast loaders/savers) or direct track reading/writing. Unfortunately, the 1541-III does not support any type of such software: "Because the circuit is based on a PIC microcontroller and not a fancy FPGA or 65xx processor it will never act 100% the same as a 1541. This is the main reason why fastloaders will not work as on a real 1541." Let's face it, the 1541-III is quite old and obsolete, there's better things around, like SD2IEC, which is very affordable, more compatible and brings a bunch of software with it.
  2. I've just recieved one from Mnemo two weeks ago and I've put it into my FZ-10. It was quite a challenge to not completely break the freaking thing, removing two big SMD-chips without the proper tools took a huge toll on the board. But it works.
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