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  1. Thanks for sharing your memories Blaine. Funny how these nostalgic old systems were part of our familys bonding. I have similar memories of my father who is also passed. Good times that will always last!
  2. Thanks CrazyBoss for pointing out my blunder! I agree, Cmarts chopbusting is classic! Thanks guys for another great episode.
  3. Woohoo! Been waiting on this! Got a 5 hour drive ahead of me tomorrow that improved. Thanks Nurmix, Rick, and BurgerTime!
  4. The Venezuelan mylars work perfect if you were wondering. Just refreshed my Sears SVA a couple weeks ago. Delivery took a couple weeks.
  5. Reporting out.... One intellivision, One intellivision II, One Sears SVA, One grey ECS, One grey System Changer, One grey Synthesizer Keyboard, One intellivoice
  6. Looking for a very nice working unit. Prefer complete with box but will consider one without. Thanks!
  7. I see one on eBay in a package with the console, Voice module and some loose carts. Price is currently $61. Ive already got one but thought Id pass this find along. I think I paid $40 alone for my multicart back in the day.
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