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  1. Loved seeing this again! Thanks for sharing. The nostalgia just washed over me as I recalled seeing this at the University Square Mall Sears. What a time to be a kid!
  2. I attended high school in the 80’s. The school system had just started using computers to generate our report cards using state of the art thermal printers. All the grades have now faded away. So I just use the opportunity to remember things as I see fit - straight A’s. You never know, maybe they were using an Aquarius!?!
  3. Since this is all being done over Zoom, which has a recording feature, will this be done and the link sent out later thus allowing those who may miss some or all of the expo to enjoy the content when their schedule allows?
  4. Did any of the KC’s work out of the box when new? I’ve heard they were extremely glitchy thus the recall but did any work that made it into the hands of consumers?
  5. The Intellivisionaires podcast did a great job on this topic.
  6. I would like one too. Kindly add me to the list. And take care of yourself! Unlike the games we love, we only get one life in this one.
  7. Loved the football game. Used to pretend I was Payton Manning with my laser rocket arm! #waltermitty daydreamer
  8. Voice would have added an new dimension to the game.
  9. Sometimes it brings a true sense of calmness to know when you are out of your league.
  10. Since Coleco games don’t use the EXEC, I’d bet it had something to do with it.
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