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  1. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

  2. trigun

    ME! and my stuff

    Things... just things...
  3. well, maybee i can make a better one, or a cheaper one,($200 Dollars for one of theese???)
  4. i dunno, but if this is team savage, i overthrow power from the possibly unactive leader. i am the head of team savage now. EDIT: is there allready a Topic called Team Savage?
  5. well, is this what everyone is talking about? is this team savage?
  6. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

    what? im not in Team Savage, whatever that is, but, uhh... id be interested to create a comeback for Team-savage.......for a price.....>
  7. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

    BAM! hard work will begin! atleast by july 20th, when the system SHOULD be released. hey, if this works, Guitarmas, can you send me another cart port so i can turn another Flashback2.0 into a portable? EDIT: thats our History at work, boys/girls.
  8. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

    hmm.... AtariDude........ i like it, but just in case i ever buy/take/use/anything from you by mail, Just Write Down on it: Adrian Trevino. ohh, by when might i recieve the package?
  9. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

    okay, well thanks.
  10. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

    BTW, did you include the plastic cover to it that opens the closed cartridges? if not, i would like it if you send that to, but if you cant or wont, i can try and model something to open the carts.
  11. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

    GIMME YOUR BEST SHOT< POSTERS! INSULT ME!!!!! i mean... offend me. do it. do it. do it. do it.
  12. i saw that D&D game on ebay once,
  13. im in, when does this stuff come out for non paraplegic people, or your average everyday joe?
  14. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

    wait.... what? im getting confused about this dairy queen Stuff, explaine it to me.
  15. trigun

    Atari Cart-Port

    ehh, ive just gotten so used to my sister screaming at me, hitting me, hurting me, all my life. so i guess at a point when i havent herd from her for a while, i start to hear her voice yelling "Adrian". but hey, now im livin out of a suit-case like room. just me, this comp, my atari, and whatever tools i can carry on my back. and then theres home, where the part will go. im getting off track here. EDIT: and hey, to all you people just reading this, why not actually post something??
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