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  1. I also have this exact same problem as you do one one of my 5200 systems. The other one works fine with the sd cart so I know it's something to do with that particular system.
  2. Thanks guys for the comments so far they are actually pretty helpful lol...and yes I was trying to say masterplay interface lololol...also, I meant to say that my controllers were messed up, not my systems. Anyways I did manage to secure a total of 4 wico controllers with 2 y cables and an keypad for overall an fairly decent price, 2 atari jaguar controllers that are converted to play on the 5200's is on the way, and finally the really cool gentleman by the name of Bohoki replied back to me and sold me an adapter also...oh yeah and I found 2 trackball controllers that work for 50 dollars... I think I'm set lol. I've been playing a few days straight now and i must say that this system has an "red head step child" appeal to me... I love it but it makes me angry sometimes..those controllers and short wires ugh!!!....lol I kid ...I really do think this system and the way the games look and how they are played with an decent controller is totally underrated and should be given more credit.... Grelims, defender, and missle command ftw!!!!
  3. Yeah the mayfair interface is an super old adapter that let you connect any db9 cable controller and an 5200 controller together so you could use both... I found another jaguar controller adapter for the 5200 for like 80 dollars..when I get them I'll let you guys know what they are like...
  4. Ok this is an system I have always wanted to play so no matter what I'm happy with what I got lol. But I am curious what everybody thinks and would really appreciate any kind of input on what to do from here to get the most out this badass system. Here on my total cost, (shipping and tax) and equipment so far...I'm not done yet as I would love to find some controller adapters, trackball, etc... 1. 2 5200 2 port systems with broke controllers : $65 2. Atarimax wafer drive : $136 3. 2 wico controllers with y cable and 1 keypad : $225 4. A broken mayflash interface was $125 but I had to return it unfortunately So I guess the total cost is 426 dolllars. So where to go from here would be an good starting point I guess. Thanks in advance and sorry if I sound new cause I am. First time actually playing this system is tonight. Pictures will follow lol.
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