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  1. I suspect that maybe the secondary FPGA is in play for AnalogueOS, and that might be the reason it’s not planned for older products. That’s just my guess though.
  2. You are missing my point. I understand Analogue’s intent is to continue to produce the products, but if they aren’t just readily available then they are by definition limited. I’m not talking about Analogue’s definition of a limited edition product. There were long expanses of time that you could not buy the Super Nt and Mega Sg. My concern is that given that the target audience is small, the company is small, there are major supply chain issues, there are rising costs on pretty much everything in the industry, scalpers, etc. There is a lot working against them on this. This is a real problem many companies are facing right across many different industries where they are having to make difficult choices about what products are realistic to continue to produce. In the industry (IT) I work in I know we’ve faced a tremendous about of difficulties where stock of normal things we sell to customers daily sell out in minutes, back orders can last for months, vendors have hiked prices by substantial amounts for a variety products, and we are seeing extremely sudden decisions to discontinue products that should have had years left on their lifecycles. Maybe I’m being cynical, maybe I’m just sour because I wasn’t able to preorder, I can accept that. I am, however, still concerned about the longevity of their ability to provide any of their products long term. In answer to the other comment about not remembering how the Super Nt and Mega Sg went that someone else mentioned. The initial preorders for the Super Nt and Mega Sg provided ample time to preorder, and was very easy. They didn’t have restrictions on the preorders either because the scalping issue wasn’t as prominent yet. The real issues started after the Mega Sg launch with the cart adapters which was a mess and then the Pocket where they did impose a limit of 2. Anyway this particular discussion has carried on too long so can move on to other topics. It wasn’t my intention to start any argument or debate.
  3. Oh sure, I understand their intent is to continue to produce the product, but Analogue is a small company making products for a very niche group of people. With that in mind the nature of their business revolves around limited product lifecycles (not talking about limited editions). When the Super Nt last sold out prior to the batch that became available when the Nt Mini Noir had its final batch it had been quite a long time with no stock or indication of when a restock would occur. I’m not saying any of this to speak poorly of Analogue because I greatly appreciate what they do. With products like this it is difficult to create an economy of scale. If the demand isn’t strong enough then the product can be too costly to produce. This is especially true with the current world situation where the entire supply chain has been disrupted and subject to a lot of cost inflations. I certainly hope there are more runs, and I also hope these more quantity of those runs because something that sells out in less than a day can be difficult for someone to be able to get if you’re not in the right place at the right time.
  4. When they announced the Pocket it was stated they would be limited due to the custom spec screen they are using.
  5. It might not have been difficult if you were around when the preorders went live, but I missed that due to work engagements. Later in the day it was gone. You could preorder the Super Nt and Mega Sg for weeks/months before it was closed. I get that from the onset they said the Pocket was limited, but it felt a lot like a modern day special edition Nintendo preorder. I do hope there’s more because I really do like Analogue’s systems.
  6. I just noticed it today prior to the announcement when I was mentally debating if it was going to be Pocket or Duo related. When I saw May 2021 crossed out and October 2021 I was like “oh, it’s definitely going to be Pocket related.”
  7. This AnalogueOS sounds neat, but how many people actually were able to order the Pocket previously? I know I missed out on it, and it seems like orders were swarmed by scalpers. I hope there's more available at launch or after launch.
  8. Two more probable cases are availability of the Retrotink 5X and information out in the wild being another. It's still still new and when people are searching for info they are likely to find more about the Framemeister.
  9. I am also surprised that people are actually receiving them. I cancelled mine sometime back. They lost all good faith for me with the poor communication and nonstop delays. I get that a new product from a new company is a hard thing to do, but they seemed to be in way over their heads when it comes to business management. For anyone that received their I hope you do enjoy it. For all the grief some give it for just being an emulation box I do think it's got an extremely clean and nice front end. I wanted one for the pure simplicity and nice UI because I don't the time or patience to deal with some emulators that have become much more complex these days, but I think the ship has sailed for me.
  10. I don’t even use my OSSC because it doesn’t play nice with my display to be honest. It hasn’t been plugged in for like a year and a half. I’d rather get it in the hands of someone that can make better use of it and offset my eventual cost of a RetroTINK or one of the other scalers on the horizon, like the Pixel Morph FX, that should fit my particular needs better. The lag isn’t an issue for me. Thankfully I’m not overly sensitive unless it’s unusually high. 1-2 frames I don’t even notice really. I can crop straight from my display if it comes down to it. I would be surprised if it’s not added as a feature though. I would think that shouldn’t be a difficult thing to add, but I could be making a bad assumption. I just want something easy at this point. The more plug and play the better. I do not have the time or patience to fiddle with settings these days like I would when I was younger. I appreciate the feedback you and others have given.
  11. Thanks for the link, just what I was looking for. Now I need to sell my OSSC and DVDO VP50.
  12. Do you mind taking some pictures of the scanline options so I can see an example? My setup is pretty particular so my OSSC hasn't been very useful. I've been thinking about getting the 5X and selling my OSSC and DVDO VP50. I'm all for simplifying my chain and getting rid of some of the gadgets now.
  13. I got the SF30 2.4Ghz controllers to replace the awful SF30 bluetooth controllers I got with my Super Nt. They have been extremely good so far. I haven't had quite the same experience as newtmonkey with mine. I got mine when they came out, but that's not to say there isn't variance from run to run or if they have multiple suppliers. They are not quite as good as original SNES/SFC dpads, but they are close enough for me to be happy. Some of the stiffness will go away with a bit of break-in, but I never found the stiffness to be of any hinderance personally. Sometimes it's easy to forget how used our old SNES/SFC controllers are. It's amazing how many controllers have trash dpads these days especially when it comes to Nintendo. Obviously the Switch Pro dpad is as bad as the older 8bitdo dpads, but my SNES Classic dpad was also nothing to write home about. MS has never understood the dpad apparently. I've always liked Playstation dpads for the most part.
  14. I agree that the M30 is one heck of a controller. I'm actually glad they deviated from the Genesis and Saturn to provide something between. Very comfortable controller. I have the new arcade stick that can do Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz, wired is pretty good. I replaced my N30 Arcade stick with it, and it's been solid. It's closer in size/weight to my corded arcade sticks and also has slightly better ability to be modified than the older N30 Arcade Stick. Everyone likes the parts they like so being able to put in what you want is a big plus (my Seimitsu stick took some extra modification though...). I also have the Pro 2 that I got a couple months back, but haven't used until this past weekend. I like it. The d-pad was not as good as the newer SF/SN30 2.4Ghz SNES controllers I got for my Super Nt to replace the annoying bluetooth SF30s I had, but it's largely fine for most games. It's a little more sensitive to diagonals when hitting up/down while left/right don't really get false inputs. It's still a lot better than the Switch Pro and older 8bitdo dpads. New SF30 2.4Ghz are almost as good as original SNES controllers. The customization app is pretty neat too for the Pro 2.
  15. I see, having bought numerous systems from Analogue they always deliver, albeit with stuid shipping prices even for US customers. I think you have little worry about in terms of getting yours outside maybe a slightly longer wait.
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