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  1. Yes, I received an order confirmation email.
  2. I just tested the new firmware, and I can say without a doubt scanlines in 1080p are much better than they were. The scanlines are no longer extremely thin. There is now settings for scanline depth and width as well as scanline sub-brightness. Default is depth 0, width 8, sub-brightness 255. With these settings it appears to be exactly one line on and one line off. It appears to be fairly customizable. I'll let the scanline experts figure out what's what. I'm having a hard time figuring out what the exact difference is between depth and width. At max both of these settings cause the skinning scanlines. It's not amazing from what I've tried so far like what you can achieve with filters in some emulators, but it's absolutely an improvement and usable now. I'm playing with the brightness because one on and one off is just too much loss in brightness. I'm trying out depth 0, width 8, and brightness 75 currently. I hope this is coming over to the Super Nt soon.
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