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  1. i won the championship in ring king when i was 4. but the first platformer i really beat was chip and dale rescue rangers when i was eight. it was very satisfying.
  2. a little bit. i used to play metal gear solid 1 & 2 just about everyday from 2001 to mid 2003. i allmost had all the dogtags and was half-way through the plant in extreme mode in MGS2 when my memory card reformatted itself. i don't play games much after a tramatic loss of my saves, same thing happend to guitar hero and NBA Street vol.2. and i guess i was into mario when super mario bros. 3 came out, but i don't think that ever really reached obsession.
  3. my room mate bought this game like a month ago and she got bored with it after about an hour. but she sold it to an 11 year old and the kid really likes it. i played it for about 1/2 hour and it was.. okay. the game is like nintendogs without the talking and with minigames. if you like these games then go for it.
  4. it's easy up to a point. you can push the opponent into the corner and light kick them to death, but eventually that's what the computer does to you. it takes the game like 3 seconds to realize you're blocking and only 1 second to light kick, so yeah, it gets a little impossible.
  5. Brutal: Paws of Fury sucks ass. I have it for Sega CD and I can honestly say that I will never play that piece of shit again. Completely unplayable. The only reason I bought it was because it just looks ridiculous.
  6. i've only played the game once and i got stuck in the F***ING LIBRARY!
  7. i have a ps2 and i got a dc a few months ago but i haven't really played it much.
  8. Spot: The Video Game is shit. it's Reversi with 7up spots. it tricked me as a kid, i thought it was goint to be like the cool spot game for genesis.
  9. hmm.. seems to be gradually going up in price, and there is no visor.. and damned if i hate no buy it nows haha. thanks for the link though , ill keep track of this. and no meds for me, i know just how bad this is for my eyes and back.. had one before ahaha yeah, i didn't notice the lack of a visor.. but you can get good deals on that site, it gets less traffic than ebay.
  10. I'm writing a research paper on pretty much predicting the winner of the next gen consoles. so, if the next-next gen (ps4, nitnendo Wiisphere,xbox 540, etc.) came out tomorrow, who would you declare the winner of the next gen?
  11. AWESOME!! I'm so getting that, now I just have to mod one of my Xboxes I've seen a few compilation DVD images where there were a bunch of Sega CD games placed on a single DVD with a nice boot menu. At least I can use this emulator to play Sewer Shark and original Night Trap (the Congress banned edition) since my Sega CD unit has an unfixable CD drive. I saw the compilations some time back one of the Xbox binary newsgroups. damn. maybe i need to get an xbox....
  12. Those are just updated versions of previous games (Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3 & Lost Levels), not truly new titles. Again, I've only got so many choices. I've got to cut it off somewhere. If I counted 'All-Stars' as a separate title, where do I draw the line? Is Super Mario Bros. DX separate? What about Super Mario 64 DS? isn't mario kart ds the same as mario kart 64 except with online mulitplayer? allstars is the same as mario 1,2,3,lostlevels (and sometimes super mario world!) except with the ability to save. but i understand why it's not included.
  13. no super mario allstars? i voted mario 3 for platformers, but i've always preferred allstars because of the save feature.
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