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  1. Hello, Where Can I order current Fujinet? I want to start developing network software
  2. If you think about cartridge roms, no plans so far. Technically it is possible to have it done on special cartridge (writable) but I do not have technical knowledge to make it.
  3. I still have few copies left. If anyone is interested please make an order now. There will be no new copies made.
  4. Thanks Gunstar. Yes usb contains Altira binary and batch file to execute the game in the emulation
  5. Redefine Character set make an icon from a letter. Anyway the way it works now makes is much worse option comparing with sio2sd when it comes to browsing large archives of games with long name especially when the directory have multiple file versions.
  6. What about redesign of buttons layout? put them on the bottom? and make more space horizontally so longer filenames are present? Use icons instead of words, reduce number of buttons? I would say Last and Top are not required.
  7. I know it kind of do on atr. but I am used to the screen in the sdrive-max. I am talking about whole list with long name. This doesn't look like it:
  8. Global Express package is delivered within 7 days from Poland to Canada. All international orders till Feb 7th will be delivered as global express in regular price. This is to celebrate Star Vagrant making in TOP10 of Kaz Kompo 2019.
  9. Is there any one who is actively working on the firmware development? I would suggest redesigning the interface so it could present long filenames on the file list. Without it usability is very poor. I know that this device is not very fast but is there a possibility to implement screen scrolling when previewing list of itmes? Especially when you do have a sd card with all the games or demos that was made
  10. Fantastic. It means first copies which were sent Jan 4th arrived after 3 weeks + 1 day.
  11. I am trying to contact with Barry Reeves from Tacoma,WA He made an order but there is no response on my emails. Does anyone know him?
  12. That's fantastic. I hope this will satisfy Candle and give him a start. If any changes were made they should not be huge.
  13. If anyone from Canada or USA receives their package, can you please let me know? I would like to know how long does it take to receive it.
  14. I am sorry but I do not understand why you are trying to make sikor's shells useless. I understand dimensions for the shell are known. There will be a template that can be used to take measures. Why people instead of cooperate and make good quality products are trying to show that other side does not know how to do things and the effort should be discarded.
  15. Reminder, that game is now available to order. You can receive your own limited edition copy. There will be no future packages available. Package contents: http://madsoft.us/en/content Order can be submitted here: http://madsoft.us/en/order
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