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  1. Yes. Exactly that one. It was not advertised as the one which requires capacitors removal to operate. http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=10818&p=2
  2. I am glad to inform you that Star Vagrant is again available for purchase. Orders can be made on my page http://madsoft.us There is a limited amount of copies available. I am not planning to do more in this shape. Only orders which were paid will be honored.
  3. I know this. The problem these upgrades requiring to modify original board (cut capacitors out). I do not want to do that.
  4. Mikey, I have that turbo installed. Tested it and it turned out the firmware need some work. I love that this turbo does not need any modification of your 1050. You can install or remove it just in few minutes without cutting anything. The problems I have: - turbo mode does not start automatically when I power up computer with qmeg 4.04 - the drive can lock itself with some timeout loop for some reason resulting in sio error on atari - do not know why but for 10 brand new floppie I tried to format at least 5 or 6 reported format error (in qmeg during coping) same floppies went completely fine in the drive without 1050e. I would really appreciate if you could fix these flows in the firmware.
  5. Yes, demo is being updated everytime. I know it shows SV 2019 edition but since December it has changed from version 1.1 to 1.6 Demo is just a ATR. Digital copy contains the same physical copy have but in digitized form. With your bought copy you can do whatever you wish. Just a reminder. Demo has only 3 ships available and 12 locations. It has much lower winning conditions and as some locations are missing you may not experience pirates at all
  6. 1. Pirates can steal all your cargo. Then cannot steal money. 2. Thieves can steal your money, they do not touch cargo. These 2 can happen only on selected locations.
  7. No, Easter Egg is more fun stuff. As for the issue you have reported. I do no know why it would be even possible. Code where Bandits robe you does not touch cargo at all. This tells me you thought you sold your cargo but it was still there (there is no way of checking this now). Trade console operates on temporary balance and cargo., you can cancel all operations. When you press BACK it saves the state. I do not see where that change would happen.
  8. 1 more thing. This game since the beginning has a Easter egg to discover
  9. Ok, I have big news. I have updated game to version 1.6. It is no longer using DD floppies. Notable changes: 1. Game has now ending, you can finish it 2. There is a max UEC implemented and all issues with money should be fixed 3. There were price changes for ships 4. Incorrect path between 2 locations removed 5. Increased chance to change ship price 6. Cargo sell price fix
  10. If anyone likes Star Vagrant please visit atarionline.pl and post your vote there in KAZ Compo. http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?subaction=showfull&id=1578860180&archive=&start_from=0&ucat=1&ct=nowinki
  11. I have been testing and this is identified as an known issue. SDRIVE-MAX currently have an issue with xbios and DD disks (256b sectors). Enhanced disk is confirmed to be working fine on SDRIVE-MAX.
  12. Well it does. It just missing intro
  13. Please download it again and make sure you use new downloaded atr. I have just downloaded the update and it works fine. It's version 1.5. There is only 1 update file available on the webpage.
  14. Copied save will work. However there is no Game Over or The END caption anywere in the game So cheating will just ruine a game for you.
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