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  1. My original TI had a HRD, but not my new one. If TIPI is out due to sector access issue, what about HFE images saved on a Lotharek FD emulator? I bought one of those, but have yet to install it. That's on my list when time allows. Lotharek can act like a DSK1, but not sure whether HFE format it uses will look meet sector access p-code requirement or not.
  2. This stuff fascinates me...it would've been so cool to see where the TI-99 lineage would've evolved. I used my original system from 6th grade through my undergrad and a little beyond. I eventually gave it up when my daughter was born and my TI playground became her nursery and had to give it all away. I've been rebuilding my setup, but feel like there's so much to learn...both things I used to know and forgot after years away, and things that are new such as TIPI. But in computer terms, the TI-99/4A has always been my first love. Coming back to my first love, I have also had to figure out what to buy to bring back the system the way I had my original souped up to (HRD, PGram+, etc) vs things that don't make sense now. Things like FinalGrom and TIPI make some of that stuff irrelevant. I did manage to get my hands on a Triple Tech Card, which I wouldn't use for print buffer any longer, but the clock and speech board connector are awesome on. I also snagged one of the speech card alternatives out of Germany. I bought a TIPI, but have yet to get time to set it all up. I've moved homes, so will be carving out a TI zone in my new home office as time allows. I have a couple of different PEBs, which will be for backup and/or allowing some alternate setups. Can't wait for F18A MK2 as I once you take a TI to 80 col, it's hard going back. (My original had OPA's 9958 based setup in it.) Can't tell you how many times I've asked, why did I ever give that system up! (A baby also made me give up my first motorcycle, a mistake I'll never make again...love my ride.)
  3. Thank you! Where can I get the content for the disks that came w/ the p-code card? The zip file appeared to be PDF manuals only (super useful...just need the disks since my eBay purchase wasn't the full set, and I'll eventually put this on FD emulator anyhow).
  4. specs on 99/5 that I could find looked strangely similar to 99/8....what's the story on the 5 vs the 8 as the successor to the 4A?
  5. A lifetime ago, when I still had my original TI-99/4a, I had gotten my hands on a P-Code card, and if I recall, including all disks and manuals. Sadly, I let that go when my daughter was born and I was making room. Two questions: 1) I've been rebuilding my TI-99/4a setup over the last year, and just snagged a p-code card on eBay, as well as the manuals for Editor, Filer, and Utilities. Those should arrive soon. However, I do not have the disks as this was card only, nor the manuals for assembler/linker, which I was told were originally sold separately from the p-code system...? (since we're talking p-code for running in the p-system, not machine code, I'm assuming we're not talking about some reuse of the assembler/linker from Editor/Assembler, are we? guessing this was something dedicated to the p-system) 2) Based on CRU/DSR for the P-Code card, any particular slots it should go into? I know some cards could go anywhere and some were particular about where and what order.
  6. Mike Maksimik..."Froggy" out of CTIUG? He did some amazing stuff for the TI over the years. Is he still involved in the community?
  7. I actually have an older 23" Apple Cinema Display taking DVI...I might just be hanging onto the perfect monitor for the F18A MK2!
  8. love it! sign me up for one! Will this automatically take over responsibilities for sound from the in-console Yamaha sound chip, or is it only engaged for custom sw with explicit call load linkage to SID Master 99?
  9. I'm definitely counting on an 80 column text mode for s/w I used to run on my OPA 9958 upgrade (Funnelweb version of TI Writer, etc). The HDMI output option is super valuable to me also, though in scanning the thread it looks like that has switched to DVI? As far as graphics modes for games, etc, the F18A (original) opened up great doors, hence things like Super Mario port. I assume this new board would open those doors also.
  10. Yie Ar Kung-fu - LOVED that game during my youth - only ever played it in the arcade. Would be awesome to have a TI-99/4a port.
  11. I'd happily send an old cart to house Dragons Lair for TI and pay you for the board, if you have one to spare! I really wanted to get that for the TI, but missed out on the timing.
  12. I remember seeing them in Chicago back in the day...and if I'm not mistaken, I remember seeing some years prior to that in the Detroit Science center/institute as a kid, though more for hands-on that for kiosk usage
  13. That was just the info I was looking for on the .bin files -- thank you! As to why you would send me there if it wouldn't work...technical-SM? Kidding - you've been super helpful since my return to TI! This was more my brain wanting to know if all .bin files were equal (minus size and the GROM specific ones, of course).
  14. The readme noted that the .bin is for Classic99 - will that work on my FinalGROM99? I know FG99 won't run on older FlashRom99, but I'm still not clear on which .bin files run on what...
  15. Will check that out tonight. the readme on that zip shows the .bin as being for Classic99 emulator, but will that automatically work on the FG99 also? On that note...I noticed the other thread said FG99 ones will not run on FlashRom99. Is the reverse also true? .bin files for older FR99 wouldn't work on my FG99?
  16. I do have a FG99 - where can I d/l the bin file? Right now, I only have the .bin's from the WHT ftp file. I'm sure there's lots of other good FG99 compatible .bin files out there including Pitfall...
  17. What ever became of this initiative?
  18. Nice job! Love seeing all the cool stuff in the language I first coded in (besides TI BASIC (non-XB) and Apple IIe BASIC) a lifetime ago! Until I get time to bang out a 10 line XB program, here's my 10 lines of silliness for the day from a quick REST endpoint being used for a latency test. I know...somewhat off topic...but been seeing all the cool 10 line XB things come in when I realized my quick and dirty from work today was roughly the right length. Just the wrong platform and language. @RestController public class SaasicaneRestController { private final String fallbackQuote = "Flatulence is an oft-ignored path to inspiration"; private final Map<String, String> characterQuotes = Map.of("Yoda","Do or do not. There is no try.", "Tony Montana", "Say hello to my little friend!"); @RequestMapping("/moviequote") public MovieQuote findAQuote(@RequestParam(value="characterName", defaultValue="Hurricane") String characterName) { return new MovieQuote(characterName, characterQuotes.getOrDefault(characterName, fallbackQuote)); } } docker run -p 8080:8080 mcmichaelwphat/moviequoteapp curl http://localhost:8080/moviequote?characterName=Tony%20Montana
  19. Welcome! I'm in a similar boat...been 21 years+ since I had to let my original setup go to make room for a nursery. Feels good to be back and excited to see others returning to the TI fold too!
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