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  1. Hi there, Thanks for the mention and for the interest guys! Since the first Q&A, a few things have changed; back in the days, my only condition for a retro port was to find a third party to do that, since I can't code for consoles like the Dreamcast and the NeoGeo. But right now, a publisher is involved and has the rights to console ports, so, I need their permission first to hand over the game's assets and code to a third party for a retro port. As for the PSVita, I believe it's still possible since the publisher do port to that handheld, let's just hope that Sony won't kill the Vita Eshop before we have time to port the game. They already stopped cartridges production btw. More news to be announced very soon.
  2. Hey! thanks a lot for mentioning the Wings Of Bluestar!! And love all the goodies you've been sharing here.
  3. It's always cool to see a new shmup sees the light, especially on the NG.
  4. Hey Anthony! Thanks for sharing the news, always appreciated.
  5. Thanks a lot for sharing the news. Always appreciated.
  6. Hey there again! since I'm new here, I'll be sharing a little personal experience with the NeoGeo. As we all know, NeoGeo consoles and games were pretty expensive back in the days, so, for me and the majority of my friends, our experience was in the arcade. The first time in my life when I went to an arcade was when I was around 14 years old. A friend took me to play his favorite game, a game with a guy called Mustapha fighting dinosaurs (yep, Cadillac and Dinosaurs). When I saw the game, it didn't trigger anything in me. However, an arcade cabinet in the other corner was so weird that I couldn't resist it's "weirdness"; it was a game about war, world war 2 maybe, but everything was funny looking; small characters, soldiers peeing when stabbed (yep blood was turned white , but no one knew it), you can pilot a funny looking tank, explosions and animations are super smooth etc, yeah, that was Metal Slug, the first one. Despite my friends not encouraging me to play that game, for reasons like one hit means death, I couldn't resist and was addicted to the game. After some months, I became the master of Metal Slug in that arcade center. I was not just able to 1cc it, but also easily with only one life. So, players with only one life left do usually ask me to have it and show them the end of the game. But those Metal Slug memories aren't all sweet, because there was another person, a friend who was as good as I'm and we usually play together, since the game gets harder on two players and therefore more challenging, not talking about the audience watching us. I said "there was", in the past, because that friend is no longer among us, he passed away years ago. Well, that was my story with Metal Slug 1, haven't played the game in decades and I'm sure that I'll get my butt kicked if I try it now maybe someday I'll make a let's play and see how far I can go with one credits.
  7. Hey guys!! Today is the anniversary of the Offcial NEO-GEO thread. So I thought I'll make a little something for our friend Anthony. Here's an illustration of SNK best girls (according to me ofc ).
  8. Thanks for the interest!! we'll do our best for a successful Steam and actual consoles release, so we can have enough funds for retro ports. Thanks a lot for the video! really appreciated. Already finished Now struggling with some texts since I'm not great at text editing.
  9. Thanks again! Sure. Part 3 has to wait because right now I'll be working on that thing for the 24th
  10. Thanks a lot for sharing the videos. Gotta work on the 3rd and last part soon. Gotta mention that soundtracks are actually from the game, made by our composer "Big Impact sound".
  11. Hey there! Thanks for the mention!! we are doing our best to deliver Wings Of Bluestar before end 2019.
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