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  1. A quick update as I was fiddling with it today: I'm able to get color out by pressing down on the RF box. Perhaps there's a cold solder joint? Does anyone have any recommendations for what points might be worth touching up the solder on? I'm also thinking there's a grounding issue - I noticed when I plug a monitor cable in the whole picture flickers. Still no progress on the tape load though. It consistently kicks me back to typewriter mode when I try to use smartbasic.
  2. I'm fighting a losing battle with my Coleco Adam. It's always had some video issues; I've been able to coax RF from it but the monitor out struggled to lock on screen and provided little color. A few days ago the monitor port snapped off inside my unit and I finally bit the bullet, cracked it open and replaced it with a spare from a parts board. Not only is the monitor out just as buggy after the replacement, but now I've got a weak RF signal with no color and my data drive (which was restored by retro system rescue prior to me installing it) is causing a mess of issues. It loaded smartbasic once but now kicks the machine into typewriter mode midway through the load. It won't load any other tapes but I'm not sure if those tapes are good or not. Worse, when I installed it and my second drive into the unit the machine failed to turn on entirely. It will turn on as long as I don't have the drives installed which sounds like a short circuit to me but a quick continuity check on my monitor port work didn't show anything. I've reached the limit of my digital repair skill, but I'd like to learn how to work on this and get it running reliably. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've got a logic probe and a decent set of soldering and desoldering tools to work with, plus the aforementioned parts board that likely has a decent set of replacement chips if needed.
  3. Badge aside, how can I tell an Apple II from a II Plus motherboard? Last year I picked up what I believed was an original model II. I say that because it came with the earlier raised powerlight keyboard. The lid had long since disappeared before I got it. If it is an original II, it's definitely a later revision from the absence of the memory select blocks. The ROM chips are all copyright 1978. I'd turn it on to check but it needs repair - won't boot beyond the power light coming on. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Dubis7

    WTB: Atari 800 Shell

    Thanks for the tip. I've sent Bruce an email.
  5. Looking for a replacement top and bottom shell for my 1979 style Atari 800. If anyone has one, or a parts unit I could pull the shell off of, let me know. I'm open to negotiating on price. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking for someone to do some repair work on a 1977/78 TRS-80 Model 1 (Level 1) and a Coleco Adam. The TRS-80 needs a key replaced (I have a spare keyboard to pull parts from) and has an issue with the video sync (I think). The Coleco Adam is having some power issues, but I think it's coming from the console itself as it won't power on when one or both of the cassette drives are plugged in, but the power light comes on when they're disconnected. It also has no video, as far as I can tell. I'm more flexible with the TRS-80, since I already have the motherboard removed from the cabinet and could easily ship that, but I'm hoping to find someone who already owns an Adam so I can ship just the console with the data drives installed. I do have a spare printer motherboard I could send as well if needed, though, but it would be more expensive. Anyway, if this sounds like something you could do, let me know and we can discuss pricing. Thanks!
  7. Gotcha, understood. I was going off of what someone else told me, so that makes sense. I can contribute scans if you want them. It'll probably be a few days until I get a chance, but I'll try to get some out next week.
  8. I think this is the right place to post it. If not, let me know and I'll move. Or someone in charge can move. Anyway, I have the manual for the 2600 version of Pengo in hand. Looks like this hasn't been scanned yet, which I assume means it's uncommon. Does anyone have any tips on how to best scan and add this to the database?
  9. So in the month or so since I posted it, I actually managed to find a loose adapter for the Atari version of the modem. Should be a direct swap in, right? Same voltages and all? Nope, looks like either Atari or TI (I'm betting TI) swapped the barrel connector to make their box proprietary. Oh well, still on the hunt for one. I'll find it eventually. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Yes, I'm still interested. I need one of the original black style that was first used on the 4A. I don't know much else about variations beyond that, but I can look at what I have if you need any more information. How much would you want for one?
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to put the finishing touches on my "maxed out" TI-99 setup. All I need is the power supply for my TI acoustic coupler modem, and I'll be done. Does anyone have a spare they'd be willing to part with? The model number is 901017, output is 20V AC, 400mA. I've heard it's the same as the one used on the Atari acoustic modems. I'd also consider purchasing a second modem with power supply, if someone has one they'd consider selling. I also have a second TI-99/4A console, but the keyboard is damaged (broken keyswitch and missing keycap). This is one of those earlier black keyboards. I'm looking to either repair the keyboard, or just swap in a fresh one. If anyone has a parts keyboard, or just a spare, I'd be interested in negotiating. Any help is appreciated. I'm including pictures of the modem power supply, which is apparently somewhat unusual.
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