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  1. Hey, thanks for posting Pete. Great job with your exhibit. Extremely well done as always. Love the blue LED lights and the shelving. The Falcon 030 and Lynx are really cool and I loved seeing the Portfolio. T2 is the best. Easy money. I learned a lot by making this video too. I knew very little about the ST before.
  2. I am really glad everyone liked the video. Thanks for the kind words. I am an Amiga guy (surprise) but the 800 was my first computer and I absolutely love it as well as the XL line. I am getting back into Atari and have been enjoying the SDRIVE-MAX that Bill Lange built for me. I still have my original 800 and 800XL. Curt's display was amazing and I am so glad he took the time to speak with us. I was really trying to show our Amiga audience that the Atari 400/800 was in many ways the predecessor to the Amiga. Lots of folks do know that, but many don't. It is such a cool machine and I know they enjoyed seeing it as well as Curt's amazing collection. Curt and Anthony did a great job relating it to Amiga as well with Jay Miner, Joe Decuir, the custom chips, etc... That ERIC kiosk was really incredible and drew people over the the exhibit in droves. It was literally like stepping back in time. It was very immersive. Thanks again, and I plan on stopping by here more frequently. AMIGA&ATARI4EVER
  3. Keeping his spirit alive I know you like these @Fletch !
  4. Very excited to be a part of this. The Atari 800 was my first computer and I think the Amiga is kind of OK
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