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  1. I have a fairly modified Printrbot Simple Metal. The parts I build are usually larger and have a little more margin to account for minor over extrusion that my printer tends to do. This model does not have much (if any) room for error. I would need to re-design it to get it to print reliably for me. As it is now I could not get the parts to snap together properly.
  2. It seems that this model is too small and too tight of tolerances for my printer to get it right. Is there anyone else that may be able to give atari2600land a hand?
  3. Ohhhhh. I am going to be building a couple joysticks soon. I will definitely keep this in mind.
  4. Ahh my hopes were up but I shall suppress them. I will start looking into other options. Could be a fun electronics project
  5. Are you talking about the Mateos 7800 cart? I filled out their form this past weekend, should I not expect a response?
  6. Looked like there were a couple screenshots here: http://packratvg.com/splorf.html
  7. Me too, I enjoy a good bad B movie at times and this feels like it could be similar to that experience.
  8. I browsed the shop also and as a potential customer I am always wary of purchasing used CD/DVD based media without first checking for scratches. I would like to recommend in the product photos to maybe snap a quick picture of the underside of the discs, maybe hard to get the lighting right but may be worthwhile since you are just setting up. As a personal rule I do not purchase discs without knowing first and I am sure I am not alone in that regards, maybe in the minority but probably not alone... I hope, maybe I need help **Edit** Just saw the "guarantee the item you receive will be in working order" statement on your about page and that does help. But a photo would remove doubts.
  9. Drelen

    Drelen's WTB List

    This is going to be a list of items I am currently looking for as long as my budget allows . If you have any of it you would like to sell or bargain with please let me know. I am collecting to play, so working or suspected working condition is preferable. Cartridge games do not need cases or manuals. Atari Hardware Non Working Atari Console's (for me to tinker with) 7800 Games: Ace of Aces Asteroids Centipede Desert Falcon Donky Kong Jr. Galaga Jinks Ms Pacman Robotron 2084 Sega Genesis Hardware: Sega brand 6 button controller (Looking for 2) Games: Aladdin Altered Beast Ecco the Dolphin Shadowrun Star Trek TNG Playstation 1 Games: Evil Dead Hail to the King Resident Evil Director's Cut Playstation 2 Games: Evil Dead Fistfull of Boomstick Evil Dead Regeneration Star Trek Shattered Universe Gameboy Advance Games: Boktai Pokemon Emerald General Items Hardware: CRT Color Television with at least a composite in (I have one but want another for back-up. This one should be someone near me in the Upstate South Carolina area) I am fairly new to the forum so hopefully this type of WTB post is ok and I will be able to edit this and keep it up to date. -Drelen
  10. Oh I am just starting my 7800 collection and I see a few I am interested in. PM Sent
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