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  1. Well I disagree quite a lot. Heres my personal N64 top 10, can't hurt to have 2 sets of opinions: 1: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Sorry, but this is the best game of all time as far as I'm concerned. 2: Banjo-Kazooie Close 2nd for the system IMO, this is much better than Mario 64, better levels, better gameplay, great presentation with great sence of humour. OK, so its more of the same after Mario 64 but it stood the test of time much better. Yes, a lot of people are right to criticise it for being done before, but I think its the best example of the genre. 3: GoldenEye Technically its been bettered, gameplay-wise its been bettered, but it certainly hasn't for atmosphere and overall feel. Theres something special about it, deffinatly. 4: Paper Mario I haven't actually played many RPGs, so this is my favourite almost by default. I don't know whether there are better ones out there or not, but this is very enjoyable. 5: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Unusual game thats quite confusing and frustrating at first. Despite using the Ocarina of Time engine it really feels nothing like it, and so long as you don't give up its a great experience. 6: Jet Force Gemini Unique 3rd-person shooter, often overlooked. 7: Turok 2 Great series on N64, ignore what people say. This is probably the best one, but the others are not far out of the top 10. 8: Perfect Dark Beats Goldeneye in every way but lacking that extra something meaning its not quite as enjoyable 9: Conker's Bad Fur Day This adult-humour themed videogame has its critics but if you're in the right frame of mind it can be funny and it has some good gameplay. 10: Yoshi's Story People would've loved this if it was on SNES but no-one was tocuhing 2D platformers on N64 so this got itself a bad name. Its actually really unique and enjoyable. The N64 is one of my favorite consoles, such a high quantity of great games, its almost unknown anywhere else.
  2. Its not *incredably* over-priced, if you're in America don't forget that games are often quite a bit more expensive over here anyway. But still, if it wasn't painted and bough individually that stuff would be worth half that at the most, and you can paint your own if you really want - I don't see anyone wanting to buy a painted one. I heard of a Jaguar, Jaguar CD and 20-odd games sold on ebay a few weeks ago for about £200, that would've been much better.
  3. They're all different, I didn't know there was any debate about it.... The Game Boy and Game Boy Pocket are the same, and the GBA and GBASP are the same but apart from that, all different. There are different games for a start.
  4. Shame its been in development in forever and that Conker isn't that great of a title. Especially nowadays, I've read from magazines that the gameplay really hasn't aged well and the multiplayer is so-so. But they've been working on it longer so perhaps they've improved it. 849799[/snapback] Hmmm, magazines have been very unfair towards Rare recently; wouldn't read too much into it. I've played the Conker demo and I thought it was pretty good. Its been in development for quite a short time by Rare's standards anyway, they've been known to take up to 5 years but the games always come out so polished you've got to say its worth it. Anyway, on topic. I think games like conventional platformers aren't really suited to the DS. I'd like to see some new stuff done that hasn't been done on consoles, or in gaming, before. First of all I'd like to see some PC-style games make it. I'm not a big PC gamer (I've got a mac), so it would be nice to see series like Command & Conquer and (one of my favorites) Civilization among others get decent handheld versions - the DS is just idealy suited to them. Other than that, I can't wait to see the new Zelda and Mario games which are coming, I'm hoping to see lots of new types of gameplay applied to those great old franchises. Oh yes and Sabre Wulf - I don't know if any of you have played the recent GBA version but that would be perfectly suited to DS. The adventure sections would be in full 3D (instead of isometric) and have much more depth, but the platform sections could be in 2D like the GBA, except you'll be able to select the items on the touch screen (with the action on top), and of course great 2D graphics with the DS's extra power. When the Wulf is chasing you back to the start one screen could follow you and one could follow the wulf - adding a while new element where you can dodge the wulf by constantly knowing where he is when he's off screen. The GBA version was going to do this in a split-screen but that was removed because of frame-rate problems. The chase sections had to be dumbed down because of it - but on DS it could be done perfectly.
  5. I usually play with a QuickShot II Turbo Although I can't say I've tried that many others, but its the one I'm used to and it feels good.
  6. My story. I got it in 1994 or 1995, then the CD drive a year or 2 later, I was only about 10 years old at the time, previously I had an Atari 2600, NES and SNES (although I'm too young to remember when it was popular, I still do love the 2600 by the way). At the time I thought it was a good decision; instead of waiting for the Playstation, Saturn or N64, I thought by getting the Jaguar, I'd have a "next-generation" console before all my friends and I really thought it was going to be the next big thing. Dissapointed, I stuck with it, playing just the SNES and Jaguar until 1998 before finally giving up and getting a Playstation (which was probably a bad decision, I wish I had got an N64). I lost almost all interest in games shortly after that, until 2002 when I got my GameCube, and it was Luigi's Mansion that reminded me just how great Nintendo are, and sparked off my interest in games again. Later I got an N64 to catch up on all I missed and before long I became a serious collector of all kinds of systems, also re-visiting the Jaguar in the last couple of years, I like it more than ever now.
  7. Actually, a lot of games I hate after the first minute I always end up loving. But one game, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds on GameCube I played for a minute and just couldn't believe how bad it was, and still can't. I mean, there are Jaguar games almost better looking, and it gets worse from there. Thats one game that I hated for the first little while, but when I got into it I loved it, the controls are so perfect with practice, theres so much freedom - perhaps you made a mistake.
  8. I'm not interested in many of those games at all - wheres the new stuff? They're all either franchises that have been done to death or genres that have been done to death. I'll stick with my DS for now, its not got many games either yet but theres so much new stuff and potential for more. For the PSP it'll have to come down significantly in price and get some much better games for me to get it.
  9. Thats a bit of a general question, you mean games I like on Jaguar, or in general, or what? By any FPS, I mean any multiplayer FPS by the way, I like them in single player. I don't know what it is about multiplayer FPS, I just find it boring, I like other multiplayer games.
  10. Well that dosn't exactly go against what I've been saying. What he essentially said there was that Doom wasn't well-suited to the Jaguar hardware and they worked hard and pulled it off well. I'm not for a minute saying that the Jaguar version was better than the PC version, it isn't - after all, the games designed for a PC and this is a conosle - a game will never work as well on a system its not designed for, but compared with other Doom ports its a pretty good job. Short of completely re-making the game from scratch, I don't see how it could've been done better.
  11. Can't say I have - I was never a fan of Doom in multiplayer tbh, or any FPS for that matter.
  12. Even the SNES version does, thats why I find it hard to believe that its to do with any technical limitations. It also dosn't feel like a rushed job - a lot of the levels were modified, obviously so they'd work better, and there are some new ones.
  13. Well the Jaguar version was done by id software themselves, right? I'm not really a technical person but I'm sure if they had wanted music they could've got it working, other games did it, and its not as if Doom was anything special from a technical point of view, compared to some other Jaguar games. But like I said, I'm happy without it, it works better as it is in many ways.
  14. -GameGear, yes, deffinatly get it, great system, great games. -Lynx, I found it quite dissapointing myself, not enough great games; I'm still glad I've got one, but deffinatly its no match for its rivals.
  15. But the console you're playing a game on is surely an important part of the overall experience. If you're playing a game on a great console, then why shouldn't that add to your enjoyment? So yes, I agree with whoever said that. I don't think its clouded, I just think the Jaguar is a great system to play on - and that adds to the enjoyment for some people, why deny it.
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