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  1. Yea I have the new 8bitdo N30 2.4g and SN30 2.4g controllers and they are both awesome. Dpad s feel great with no false inputs and the lag is undetectable by me, whereas I can feel it with Bluetooth controllers for latency sensitive inputs - eg the pixel perfect and frame perfect input required for wall jumps in SMB1 on NES.
  2. They are different products. There has almost certainly been some sort of cock here because the only other explanation is “scalpers”
  3. White and black Pockets showing up for me as out of stock?h 12 minutes in?
  4. Nothing they have said is trolling. You’re the one in this thread aggressively arguing about things you don’t seem to know a lot about.
  5. The wholesale price of the screen is around $50 because of its stupidly high specs.
  6. Clearly this system has been designed around the screen. Go on, find us another screen with the same pixel density which is an integer multiplier of the original game boy screen. Oh, that’s right they don’t exist.
  7. I disagree. 8bitdo does not currently make a 2.4g USB receiver as far as I know, only NES, SNES, Genesis, SNES/NES Classic. It also makes zero mention of the need to buy additional receivers. my guess about the 2X2.4g controller limitation is not the USB ports but instead the 8bitdo controller/receiver firmware support. as well as this, down the bottom of the main product page they have a long list of “foot notes” but specifically exclude any mention the need for additional receivers
  8. We can't say that about the profit margin until we at least know what it's going to cost. Remember, these guys have sold gold-plated consoles for thousands of dollars! Didn’t they already state it was $200? I could have dreamed that.
  9. With regards to the Analogue Pocket, it looks like it is using this screen designed for VR headsets doesn’t it? http://www.panelook.com/VS035ZSM-NW0-69P0_BOE_3.5_LCM_overview_37926.html or something very similar. in bulk it looks to cost about $65 at least. Add to this the cost of the two FPGA chips and there can’t be much profit margin on the Pocket. The screen is even More expensive from the link below. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/VS035ZSM-NH0-69P0-BOE-3-5_60803108405.html
  10. no, all the PCBs are done on a production line with little if any human interaction. i would also argue that HDL and traditional software development both have foundations in theory with regards to Boolean logic and operations.
  11. Yep, because Intel, Nvidia and AMD have much more straight forward product names 😀
  12. Given that the Mega SG can only output an exact 60hz signal I doubt any DAC would have any chance of working easily until Kevkris allows the firmware to output native frequency.
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