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  1. Hey thanks for letting me know. I spoke with the guy who did yours like 3 months back. I got the impression after numerous phone calls that they can't get super specific, after my requests and kept on suggesting they can work with what they have.They were willing to ship out of state to my state. But after a few follow ups seemed like they were super busy, weren't following up and didn't have exactly what I was looking for. I was asking about games because it seems like the physical game collectors willing to trade/sell boxed games especially for NTSC amiga and earlier dos games seems to be diminishing coupled with a lot of third rate resellers, who sell untested games/hardware for wacky prices on ebay. Seems vintage pc gaming using original/hardware software was kind of easier to get into and collect just 5-15 years ago and now is increasingly becoming difficult.
  2. Hey, I've already contacted them. They can't get super specific. However, I'm sure they are useful if you want a windows 98 pc in a system unit and monitor from late 90s. I don't think this the optimal solution to run all dos games or to capture the ideal setup for the second wave dos era (1987-1992/3) I want a full old school setup from A-Z restricted to 1992ish and with items that aren't yellowed running on a 486 and a dos 5.0 and optimized to run on tricky to run games. Would you suggest anywhere else? Also would you consider selling any amiga or dos games or perhaps doubles? (Yep watched those vids) Just curious!
  3. Interested in full packaged and tested versions if anyone has. Commander Keen - Goodbye Galaxy Commander Keen - Aliens Ate My babysitter Captain Comic II Catacomb 3-d or 3 Overkill Cd-Man Rooms of Doom Jill of The Jungle Jill of the Jungle: Jill Goes Underground Jill of the Jungle: Jill Saves the Prince Rastan Heavy Barrel Mario Is Missing! TMNT 2: The Arcade Game Batman Returns Home Alone 2 Crystal Caves - Maril Order Apogee Disks Major Stryker - Mail Order Apogee Disks Dark Ages - Mail Order Apogee Disks
  4. 1st PC: Looking to buy a classic dos gaming pc, all parts dating from from 1992, running on a 486.(nothing yellowed or discolored) : Monitor Mouse 3.5, 5.25 and Cd drive Keyboard Speakers Cover Mousepad (optional) Early Gravis Gamepad (optional) Enough space, durability and life left is important Suggested Info: April 92 was DOS5.0 / Windows 3.1 (not WFW), i486dx2/50 or Am386-40, ISA/VLB SVGA (likely up to 2M in the case of VLB)/ATi Mach8, SBPro or SB2.0, 72pin RAM was available at this stage. To play games from 1987-early 1993 (classic pc era). Adventure games, arcade ports, platformers, notable sims, apogee games before the boom of first person shooters, full motion video (FMV), tricky advanced sound/video cards, and early and pseudo 3-d graphics. Examples of games: Commander Keen series, The Simpsons Arcade Game, Sid Meier's Civilization, Airbourne Ranger, Rastan, Bubble Bobble, Duke Nukem I & II, Catacombs Abyss, Wolfenstein 3-d, Mario's Time Machine, Dune, Wing Commander, Space Quest series, etc.
  5. Hello, Want a non-yellowed Amiga 500 resembles the original 1987 model with the capictors replaced, clean and solid drives, all whats needed for the best ntsc/pal switching, and any other basic essentials. Could be ntsc or pal or both. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  6. Boxed, tested, somewhat clean and in decent shape. Any amount would be fine. Let me know what you have. Thanks NTSC Rocket Ranger Batman: The Movie Double Dragon II Battle Squadron Robocop Robocop 2 TechnoCop Defender of the Crown Secret of Monkey Island Elvira: The Arcade Game Unreal Shadow of the Beast Shadow of the Beast II Operation Wolf Turrican Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Speed Buggy Technocop Ikari Warriors Renegade Rambo III PAL Turrican II Speedball Rainbow Islands Agony Fire'n'Ice James Pond Parasol Stars Wiz'n'Liz Gods Bomb Jack Ninja Warriors Commando Shadow Warriors Zool Lemmings Dungeon Master Gremlins 2 Back to the Future II Xenon 2 The Munsters Pang ThunderCats The Real Ghostbusters
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