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  1. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong but as I understood it the larger FPGA will be available for development. And the smaller will contain the scaling engine, UI etc. That way you can port your own cores without having to write your own scaling code etc.
  2. Being in the UK the shipping charges have been reasonable for me and Fedex provide a better service than Royal Mail. Completely understand US based folks frustration though.
  3. i Wouldn’t mind paying a little more for the full set that included a case. I would have considered the matching core to each adaptor as part of the cost but the jailbreak firmware muddies the water a bit there.
  4. The SG website says they estimate $9.99 but as you say I wouldn’t be surprised if they are more expensive now given the issues they’ve had.
  5. Well at any rate I’m just glad they are coming 😊
  6. I think that’s a little unfair, they were a prominent selling point of the system. The real issue imo was the lack of coms. The occasional update just to let us know they were still coming was all it would have taken to keep the majority happy. Agree on the shipping charges though 😅
  7. @VintageGamer74 I absolutely love my AVS and it’s an excellent choice of you want a system in the near future. But if you are happy to wait a bit I’d definitely be waiting to see what the Analogue 8 is as it will almost certainly offer more features.
  8. Their website lists the adaptors as coming in 2019 right on the mega SG page and they are still selling it with the promise that it will play all 8 and 16 bit Sega games via their original carts. It’s the reason I bought one at launch.
  9. I consider myself pretty rational and not in any way entitled when it comes to products from both commercial company’s and the community and never expect to get anything other than what explicitly advertised for my cash and base my purchasing decision purely around that. But I’ll be very upset if the Mega SG cart adaptors never get released. I know we have access to the cores via jailbreak but roms aren’t my thing and I was sold the SG s year ago on the basis that it would play all 16bit and below Sega games on their native media. Analogue’s website still promises that! To hold them back to sell me something else, I couldn’t be the only one upset by that?
  10. Their website still claims the SG cart adaptors are coming this year, anyone wanna take a bet on that?
  11. Can’t disagree with this tbh although the SP was comfortable enough for me. Like Jamon1567 I’ll pretty much be docked only as my GBA still works fine on the go.
  12. This is just the announcement/reveal. I still expect a preorder. Beaten to it 👍
  13. I suspect there will be preorders as some point
  14. Wasn’t excited for the pocket as I’m super happy with my modded GBA but they’ve knocked it out of the park imo. The ability to play NGPC and lynx games on the TV (which I can’t currently do) is the cherry on top. Only slight reservations are the ergonomics and the unannounced dock price. Oh and I’m still waiting for my mega SG cart adaptors which was what pushed me to preorder the SG a year ago!
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