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  1. Yeah I ordered two (to combine shipping to the U.K, not scalping) order #51293
  2. Despite being on the fence I ordered two of everything except the audio cables (one for a mate to combine shipping, no scalping here) and it was $69 delivered to the U.K. for both. Got it all ordered in 6 mins according to my confirmation email! I bet they reopen preorders before May 2021, they did with the Mini NT noir.
  3. The fees for a second mega SG I bought recently were £44.36 (including FedEx fee) shipping was $50. You pay 20% plus an £8 fee. So your NT mini must have cost £610? Fees on a pocket and dock will be roughly £63 if shipping is $50.
  4. I’m in two minds about getting a pocket. It looks properly awesome but I feel a little let down by the support for the Mega SG. Sonic CD and Final Fight CD don’t work on original hardware and tearing in many MS games means I’ve switched back to my JP Megadrive.
  5. How do you work that out? $300 + shipping ($50 based on their current rates) is roughly £271. Tax isn’t £180... Im in the U.K. and in my experience the import tax roughly equals the difference between currencies so I’d expect the total cost to be roughly £350. Which is still a lot!
  6. It’s been a little while since I checked in on here. Is it still the case that neither Sonic CD or Final Fight CD are working on the MSG?
  7. My Mega SG is back! USPS took a leisurely 8 weeks and the tracking stopped a month ago but considering the climate I can’t really be mad about that. Analogue for their part repaired and sent it back to me in less than 24hrs and the whole escapade didn’t cost me a penny.
  8. Thanks for checking that. If you get chance to try over HDMI let us know.
  9. You learn something new everyday! 👍
  10. I was also planning on the whole convoluted digital to analog to digital setup for 32x so you certainly are not alone. My SG is has been gone since March as it got broken by the 1.0 GG adaptor so I’ve fallen back on my V0 JP mega drive. I’m getting an excellent picture through my OSSC for 32x games using the exact same settings I use for MD games so I’m not sure why you aren’t. I have an upgraded pass though cable which may help? Oh and I’ve seen you say “super 32x” a few times? Never heard it called that before?
  11. Thanks for that, good to know it’s not just me.
  12. Speaking of issues has anybody else experienced screen tearing in MS games with 4.7? Tends to be when the scrolling vertically. Not sure if it was there in older firmwares but definitely seen it deep duck trouble and Bart vs the space mutants.
  13. Ah I was on 4.5 until recently. Final fight as well, maybe two of the best mega cd games! I do get frustrated at the lingering firmware issues. Not that it matters much to me as my Mega SG seems to be lost in the post after its repair anyway...... Glad I still have my VA0 jap MD.
  14. What’s up with Sonic CD? I know it used to crash on the bonus stages but that has been fixed. I’ve played quite a bit of it and not noticed any issues.
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