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  1. Well so far I’m pleased to report that Analogue has been superb in sorting the damage caused by the V1.0 GG adaptor to my mega SG. It’s on its way to be repaired as we speak and they covered the cost of returning to the U.S. from the U.K.
  2. My GG V1.1 adaptor arrived today and as I suspected my Mega SG has indeed been damaged by the V1.0. If I try to boot a GG cart I get a bunch of green pixels. I’ve contacted Analogue and will let everyone know how well they deal with the issue, but obviously with what’s happening in the world at the moment I don’t expect it to be resolved very quickly. Stay safe folks.
  3. Just got a dispatch notice for the V1.1 GG adaptor 🙂 Now to see if my SG is broke or not 🤞
  4. They already do. I believe they load in and out of the firmware. There is jailbreak firmware from Kevtris available for the V1 NT mini with all the extra cores. People are speculating as to if it will work on the new V2. I believe it will and analogue are just being quiet about it as they always are, but none of us know for certain.
  5. Yeah I understand the costs (except postage), delays etc just wish they’d be much more transparent. With the cart adaptors it was a year of silence.
  6. So we’ve hit 30 days since the announcement of the faulty GG adaptors with no replacement in sight. I guess delays are to be expected with covid-19 but it’d be nice if Analogue actually updated us after we spent over $100 on something they told us to throw in the bin.
  7. Exactly, but I can see why it’d make you suspicious as well.
  8. I think a review embargo also helps ensure thorough reviews as there isn’t a mad rush to publish first. Also it allows time for firmware fixes before release if any bugs show up in the wild. It’s standard practice these days.
  9. Indeed that is a solution but it doesn’t work on all TV sets, my LG OLED will let me do it but the Samsung in my games room won’t. I don’t think anyone is arguing that without interpolation the mini is trash, but it would be a nice option to have given the $500 price tag. It is a consideration for some people like myself. Edit to add: the Samsung will let me do it but it’s way too skinny.
  10. But you aren’t. See what CZroe said. NES games shouldn’t have square pixels.
  11. This isn’t correct, integer scaling will not get you a perfect 4:3. MLIG as per usual have an excellent video on the Mini and talk about it extensively so you can decide for yourself if it’s a issue for you https://youtu.be/uMwBxL5ZlGw Edit: beaten to it
  12. I know it’s not certain but can you imagine the white hot rage if the jailbreak firmware isn’t compatible with the new mini run? I know Analogue are pretty bad at customer relations at times but they can’t be that stupid. I fully expect it’s the exact same hardware with a different connector, note I haven’t ordered one as I’m not into ROMs.
  13. Interpolation is only needed if you are playing on a flat panel and not using an integer scale. Due to the pixel width not being an exact match for the pixel widths of your TV the pixels are unevenly sized and it causing a distracting flickering effect when the screen scrolls. Using an exact integer scale solves this but then you get square pixels which results in an incorrect aspect ratio as on a real NES played on a 4:3 CRT the pixels are wider than they are tall. Interpolation subtly blurs the pixel edges and this reduces the flicker effect a great deal at the expense of a little softness to the image.
  14. The only confirmed improvement is the cart slot as far as I can see.
  15. Right decided to do the sensible thing and not preorder a mini. Being the weirdo cartridge fetishist I am, I believe I’d only be gaining 1080p but losing interpolation when compared to my AVS. If I ever go back to a CRT I’d just dig out my RGB modded NES. Presumably those 8 bitdo controllers will be for sale separately? I hope there is enough that everybody who missed out can get one this time 👍
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