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  1. Anybody getting extreme screen tearing on Yoshi’s Island on the Super NT? Keeps happening to me in the lower part of the screen, changing the resolution and switching it back again seems to fix it for a while. I’m using an original pal cart at 50hz.
  2. That’s excellent that you’ve somehow hit the Genesis lottery, enjoy your jailbar free systems. But it it is a very common issue, especially on the earlier JP revisions and I’ve never owned a one that didn’t have them to some extent. And I’ve used probably 10 different RGB cables over the years at various price points from a variety of sellers and the difference they make is negligible to my eyes. They can make a big difference over longer runs with switches etc in and maintaining stable sync but always with the jail bars
  3. I have VA0 JP Megadrive and it’s jail bar city and that’s with the composite trace cut. I’ve changed a couple of resistors to correct the overdriven audio and it’s sounds freaking fantastic (better than the SG) so I’ll have to get an RGB bypass board at some point.
  4. Considering what Bob said about the size and weight of the DAC I think we can safely assume they will be! To be fair it DAC is showing $35 shipping to me in the UK which isn’t horrible but I fully understand why you stateside guys and girls are frustrated!
  5. Wow didn’t realise shipping was in Feb! Hope we get the cart adapters for the SG this year....
  6. Oh I know it works in theory but I was expecting Analogue to promote the 32X support in the preorder. 2 confirmed working games is vague enough for me to hold fire until someone else (mlig) (DFretro) fully tests it. Bob at RetroRGB says the RGB output is perfect (I was expecting as much) but I wonder if it still will be after the 32X spits it out?
  7. No cables included? No mention of 32X support? Think I’ll wait for them to be out in the wild and see if there is any quirks to the 32x comparability before I pick one up. Also as PedroTFP said hopefully the cart adaptors aren’t far off so I can combine postage. Looks promising though!
  8. I was referring to hypothetical 32x support where you would be stuck with analogue out. 🙂
  9. Assuming the DAC allows for 32x comparability (a big if) I’d hope for the reverse option of perfect 50hz or 60hz through the DAC. PAL MD’s have such an off spec refresh (a switch modded NTSC console is actually closer to 50hz!) that I’ve never found a TV that doesn’t tear or frame skip though the OSSC. Actually has it been confirmed that 50hz will be supported through the DAC at all?
  10. Interesting! Might explain why my PAL 32x has no trouble running at the slightly different refresh rate my modded JP console puts out.
  11. If I remember right they billed me afterwards. I know some people were upset (with good reason) for the use of FedEx but it’s actually a better experience than Royal Mail in the uk who don’t even deliver your imported item. I’ve always had to go collect it from local sorting office after waiting days for the fees notification through the post and then they charge you an even bigger “handling charge” than FedEx for the privilege! Soon it’ll probably be like this for European deliveries too 🙁
  12. Has anybody tried plugging a 32X into a mega SG? Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t it work but only output the 32X layer via the analogue output on the 32x? And the megadrive layer via HDMI? I believe an internal ribbon cable can become detached requiring a slightly more involved repair. Still very much salvageable though.
  13. I’m in the UK and with the Mega SG I had to pay import fees. The shipping company analogue used declared the correct value (as they should). But with the Super NT before it they declared it’s value as £0 and I didn’t get stung for anything.
  14. Well with the Mega SG the cartridge adaptors are mentioned multiple times throughout the pre order/purchase page so that gives me hope.
  15. Id feel pretty let down if we didnt get them. The promise of the game gear and MS card adapters are in no small part why I bought a Mega SG, after all I have a perfectly good MD. OT but does anyone know why apostrophes are not showing in my posts? Im using either an iPhone or iPad to post.
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