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  1. I have one of the most recent ones and it has the foam. Are you sure it doesn’t, can be quite hard to spot without taking it apart. Also I’m not sure if anybody really knows if the foam is a good idea or not or if it’s related to the shorting issues. FBX has gone back and forth on it. No shock of mine as yet, I’m using different power supply and HDMI cable but who really knows if that makes a difference.
  2. I saw some early speculation on Reddit that the included power supply or HDMI cable was possibly the culprit. That was from a guy that had his replaced under warranty twice for the issue. I bought higher quality replacements as a precaution.
  3. Mine did eventually arrive and I’m super pleased with it.
  4. Yeah and they said they started shipping last week and “estimate” my order will ship this week. Just wondered if it was all international mini NT orders. My friend ordered a Super NT and that’s already been delivered. I’m in no real hurry, it’s just I sold my AVS, bought a replacement power supply and ordered a RGB scart cable for it. Would be gutting if there was some sort of issue and I didn’t get one. Although I fully appreciate all of that was my decision and not in anyway Analogues fault!
  5. Anyone here from the Uk and order a mini? They haven’t dispatched mine yet which is a touch frustrating.
  6. Here a Dropbox folder where I’ll keep uploading vids as required. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e5xxvr8lmznarl2/AAARJYURFCAIqvpWLZgEPmYna?dl=0 I’ve just added 2 Bart vs the Space Mutants videos. I know it’s a PAL only release on the Master System but I don’t believe it should be dismissed for a couple of reasons. Compared to the NES and Genesis releases it much slower at 50hz. Not just gameplay but the music too. It sounds much closer at 60hz. And more relevant to the accuracy of the MS core on the Mega SG, it runs perfectly on a NTSC master system. The 2nd video I uploaded titled NTSC MS shows the exact same cart running on genuine hardware through an OSSC on the same display. It’s smooth as butter. I also like it as a game to demonstrate the issue as you simply have to walk a couple of screens over and you can see the tearing clear as day in the roof of the bar. I also noted that whilst it does not tear at 50hz on the Mega SG, it does have a repeatable stutter at the same spot that doesn’t happen on real hardware at 50hz. Of course I made sure to change the res to 1080p50. I’m happy to check out more NTSC games as suggested. My time is limited so could I please have some suggestions of games where it’s visible in the early stages? It’ll be a few days before I have more time so please be patient.
  7. Couldn’t get it to upload but here is a Dropbox link. Going to bed now but I’ll upload the Bart ones tomorrow if they’ll be helpful https://www.dropbox.com/s/btlaslxdm8ixvn2/Video 02-03-2021%2C 22 48 40.mov?dl=0
  8. Sorry struggling to get them compressed to a sensible size on my iPhone. That clip should have been 5s and clearly shows tearing. Let me bang my head against this for a bit and I’m sure I’ll get them uploaded.
  9. Ok so I have a quick and dirty 120fps GoPro vid of castle of illusion tearing. I also have a vid of Bart vs tearing on the mega SG and then the same exact cart running on genuine ntsc hardware through an OSSC on the same display not tearing what so ever. I’m terrible at this sort of stuff so who wants them sent where and what sort of file sizes are acceptable? Straight from the go pro they are massive! I can put together more comprehensive videos but it’ll be a few days before I have time but I believe these suffice for comparing the SG to real hardware.
  10. I’ll give this a shot when I get home in a few hours. I don’t have any capture gear but 120fps Iphone video should suffice? Any tips on the troublesome areas to try?
  11. Hi Kevtris, I have this issue on Bart vs the Space Mutants and Deep Duck Trouble. It’s easy to see in the first level of Bart vs if you walk backwards and forwards in front of the bar near the phone booth. Tearing in the top of the screen. Deep duck trouble is a bit more random but it often occurs when scrolling vertically. Mega SG set to NTSC and 1080p60. Happens in all buffer modes. Using genuine carts. Tried 3 different displays too. Hope this helps
  12. Yeah I ordered two (to combine shipping to the U.K, not scalping) order #51293
  13. Despite being on the fence I ordered two of everything except the audio cables (one for a mate to combine shipping, no scalping here) and it was $69 delivered to the U.K. for both. Got it all ordered in 6 mins according to my confirmation email! I bet they reopen preorders before May 2021, they did with the Mini NT noir.
  14. The fees for a second mega SG I bought recently were £44.36 (including FedEx fee) shipping was $50. You pay 20% plus an £8 fee. So your NT mini must have cost £610? Fees on a pocket and dock will be roughly £63 if shipping is $50.
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