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  1. UPDATE I talked with the guy that did the concert art! All the info can be found at
  2. Yes I talked about this in my video, could be a some type of viewer but the "GAME 1" written on it makes it seem it was a least a game
  3. Didn't Mattel do Intellavision? Seems Kenner would want to do one also if Mattel did it
  4. An update maybe, found some info about a system or arcade that Kenner looked at but turned down, the same year of the concept art http://vectrexmuseum.com/vectrexhistory.php
  5. thanks, i tried to get it show up on the message but it wouldn't work lol
  6. Hey guys, Mosty I am talking old toys, mostly Kenner stuff but I came across concept art that many believe was a 1981 plan for Kenner to release a home system. I have been digging around with no lucky in any good information, just concept art dated 1981. I cant even tell 100% the name on the art. I am looking for anyone help, anyone with info or maybe contacts I can try. I have even talked to a former VP at Kenner and others but all was hired after 1981. I did a video on all the info I have... but love to find out more. My video https://youtu.be/7hogu3prFd4 Concept Art https://imgur.com/a/Bm8Cnsg
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