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  1. Is there a HDMI Mod for the 2600 so I can play on my TV?
  2. What bothers me more than the game not filling the screen is the uneven boarders of the games on the tv.Why cant it be straight?
  3. Pitfall the screen is off centered to the right and doesnt fill the screen.I got defender today and its mostly centered but doesnt fill the screen.It dose cover more than pitfall
  4. The picture is not centered on the tv screen either.I guess thats normal as well?
  5. Ok thanks for the help Im new at collecting for the console.
  6. I have a s video modded Atari 2600 and A late 90s 27 inch Sony Trinitron CRT TV .The games look very clear through s video but it doesnt fill the whole tv screen and the Borders of the game are not straight. Is this normal?
  7. Im better now because I was a little kid and my older sister wouldnt let me play much!🤪
  8. So is this thing really coming out? Its expensive
  9. Im new to collecting for the 2600.I had one as a kid.I want complete boxed games that are in good shape not beat to hell!I noticed there are a lot of new sealed Games out there but I want to play my games and have a nice collection to look at
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