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    HVAC tech by day, retro gamer by night! Specializing in arcade gaming. I enjoy building, repairing and modding arcade cabinets. I also collect for the Neo Geo AES and MVS. Lately I’ve also been trying to build my YouTube channel where I film some of the arcade projects I’m up to!
  1. Hey guys. I posted an in-depth review of the Retro Electronik Arcade Supergun on my YouTube page. A lot of info is in there about hooking up your MVS (as well as other jamma games) to your HDTV. Check it out, I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to get into collecting for the Neo Geo MVS without having the room for full size cabinets.
  2. Hey guys quick video trying out Samurai Shodown RPG running on the NeoSD Pro flash cart for the AES. Enjoy.
  3. Just a heads up guys. TerraOnion just dropped a serious bombshell YouTube video announcing that the NeoSD Pro is now compatible with Neo Geo Cd roms! Samurai Shodown RPG and other exclusive cd titles now playable on your aes using the flash cart. Wow! Oh and they also announced a segaCD FPGA flash cart. These guys are awesome.
  4. Happy Birthday Anthony! Your hard work on the thread is always appreciated! Enjoy your day bro!
  5. Heads up guys. Just got an email from bitmap books. Pre orders opening in July for their new book: Metal Slug: The Ultimate History. These are the same guys who released the beautiful visual history of Neo Geo book. If this metal slug book is anywhere as nice as the Neo Geo book we are all in for a treat!
  6. Heads up pre orders are open for the second printing of krautbuster for the aes and mvs! www.ngdevdirect.com
  7. This is a lot to process! I hope whatever happens with Neo Geo 2 and 3 will be well thought out and not garbage like the mini and X. Lately I feel like the owners of SNK are just trying to milk the cow dry. I wonder if the new console would be cd based, cartridge based or purely digital download like the new Xbox coming out? It would be be awesome if it took cartridges and was backwards compatible with original AES games! Either way its hard not to get excited with news like this.
  8. That place looks amazing. Tomorrow morning Im heading to Video Games NY in Manhattan on a hunt for neo games. I know it wont have the selection this place has but supposedly they have a decent Neo Geo selection there. Will keep everyone posted.
  9. Thanks Anthony I tend to agree. I had been going back and forth on it- it’s also hard for me to say no to a fun project!
  10. Not ideal - it sort of works! I should re-record this video with updates information. Long story short it puts the games into mvs mode with no way to add credits. On a side note Im debating installing a unibios on my AES. Ive never attempted this before and Im thinking of doing the piggy back method because Im worried about destroying traces by unsoldering the bios. Ive had all the parts ready for over a month now but Im really on the fence about it. I would love to play some of my original AES carts in English for a change. But with the neosd Pro having its own bios built in is it really worth modding the system? Thoughts anyone?
  11. Hey everyone, Just wanted to stop in and say hello. My name is Mike and i'm from White Plains NY. I'm a retro gamer who loves working on arcade machines and collecting for neo geo. I also have a small youtube channel that i've been posting some arcade related videos on. Its awesome that there is a friendly and civil neo geo forum going on here! I'm looking forward to trying to contribute information whenever I can. I'd like to especially thank Anthony for helping me to sign up and basically welcoming me with open arms! So thank you for that Anthony! Talk to you all soon and see you on the forum!
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