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  1. Indeed. In many ways, it was way ahead of it's time. I believe the Ramdisks are also quite unique, and even today I'm pretty amazed about these cards. Truly innovative ideas these guys had back then.
  2. Okay, so that's why. There are so much to learn about that Geneve, the HFDC and so on, and it's pretty fun. By the way; I like that port number you have at the Heatwave BBS.... port 9640, ha ha
  3. Yep, it boots like expected from a 720 KB disk, too. Apparently it's only the 1.44 MB format it can't handle during booting, for some reason... but I can live with that; this revelation gives me so many more options than I had before! c",)
  4. Perhaps I should start a new thread, since this is not-so-related anymore. Anyway, many years ago I upgraded the floppy IC on the HFDC and gave it the 32K upgrade, which allowed me to use 3.5" 1.44 MB floppies. The number of sectors on these "giant" floppies are mindblowing! I've never had any success with booting from them, though. It's configured as DSK2. since I prefer to have a "proper" 5 1/4" drive as #1. After meddling with some way to transfer .DSK files to 3.5" disks with Linux (with no luck yet, but I've found and old ISA floppy controller, which might do the job), I started considering that perhaps my boot problems were not so much related to the disk size and type, but rather it's capacity. Thus, I've finally managed to boot off DSK2. from the HFDC, after having formatted the disk as 360 KB only (18 sectors, 40 tracks). Wheeeyyy! Now I'll push it a little and see if I can be as lucky with a 720 KB / 80 tracks version. Since 5 1/4" disks become more and more scarce, and 3.5" are quite a lot more reliable, I think this revelation will help me (and perhaps others) in the future, now that I've finally allowed myself the time for our beloved Geneve once again. c",)
  5. That's a good idea. Perhaps I should do the same. c",) No need to expend the RAM unless it's actually being used.
  6. I frequently use different programs from the GPL mode, which may not be necessary since the introduction of the EXEC utility, but I prefer that way... old habit, I guess. c",) I also have 1.5M available on the Geneve, so I think I can spare the memory. It's possible I'll remove it in the future, though. Oh, and... I think 7.30 behaves as the previous versions; after all they added the TIMODE2 to avoid using the 64K reserved for TI Writer... or something like that.
  7. Okay, I see... that's probably what has happened. It's a good way to learn such things though; if merely told so it may slip your mind again, but when you actually experience it, it's so much easier to remember in the future, I think. Thanks for the explanation! Here's my AUTOEXEC: TIMODE VIDEO FAST REMAP 1J REMAP 2K etc, E: ASSIGN H=DSK6: ASSIGN I=DSK7: It did stop echoing after I created a new AUTOEXEC from scratch from the command prompt, but when I added the ASSIGN statements, it started echoing again.
  8. I did, but it echoes nonetheless...
  9. Oh, by the way... MDOS 7.30 echoes the AUTOEXEC commands, no matter what I do...?
  10. There... after remapping MDOS7.30 with the correct settings, I can access both floppies and both Horizon's. The flow of all this tells me that the 6.50 version for some reason were mapped incorrectly, even before I applied these settings to 7.30. I can't tell how that happened, but apparently I did something wrong at some point, ha ha But I've definitely learned a lot about our Geneve in the last couple of days; frankly before all of this I didn't even know in detail what ROMPAGE actually did... but after learning about this, it all makes a lot more sense to me. c",)
  11. Yes of course... it seems I've been away from the Geneve for far too long. You were right about J,K,L and M; it wasn't mapped to the HFDC floppy controller. After setting this correctly with CYA I can read both floppies from MDOS once again. It's still a riddle, why the h*** the former copies of SYSTEM/SYS did the same, but never mind - problem solved! Thanks for your help, and for your patience with me. I think I'll do some more reading and testing with the 7.30; I also look forward to see what happens with the CYA... if it's updated or something else takes it's place. It never fails to amaze me how you guys manage to keep the Geneve and TI alive, thanks for all your efforts! Oh, by the way... am I correct the ROS chip on the 8-bit Horizons is the single one at the end of the print, near the LED's?
  12. There, that's better! I got an idea - when everything else fail, GPL comes to your aid! Thus, after a ROMPAGE run, it turns out I can access DSK1 from the GPL menu. So it definitely has something to do with the MDOS mapping, regardless of my attempts to reset the problem with another SYSTEM/SYS. Anyway, my config is as follows: - Geneve with MEMEX, totalling 1.5 MEG - One HFDC with 32K upgrade and 1.44M floppy chip (96xxB or whatever it's called) - One Horizon 8-bit 184K ramdisk with Hoddie EPROM (which should be set as DSK6./H:) - One Horizon 8-bit 250K ramdisk with std. ROS (which should be set as DSK7./I:) - One RS232 card, orig. TI - One 360K floppy drive, 5 1/4 inch (should be DSK1./A:) - One 1.44M floppy drive, 3 1/2 inch (should be DSK2./B:) Anyway, at least I can access my floppies for now. I was afraid something serious had happened to the HFDC for some reason... c".)
  13. No, I checked the config with CYA in 6.50 only. Well, it doesn't respond to anything. Shouldn't the remappings be reset to their previous settings when I load a different SYSTEM/SYS? Luckily I do have another HFDC I can test with, if everything else fails... or perhaps even install my inherited Atronics disk controller.
  14. Okay, I see! Well, no... I've solved the initial problems, but it turns out I've just encountered a new one. For some reason, after these changes, I can't access my floppy drives anymore; not even with MDOS 6.50. c".) I've checked the config with CYA and even tried overwriting the Horizon's SYSTEM/SYS with a backup copy, but the HFDC simply won't read the floppies anymore... weird. c".)
  15. MDOS 6.50 works fine with both Horizons, the Hoddie-modded is at >1400 and the other one is at >1600, respectively H:/DSK6. and I:/DSK7. When I type REMAP with no parameters in 6.50, it says USAGE: REMAP 5N / Current: 1A 2B 3C 4D 5E 6F 7G 8N 90 And, voila! When I enter the same parameters in MDOS 7.30, I can dir both drives!! I can see it doesn't remember this after a reboot/power cycle, but now I've added those values to AUTOEXEC, and everything's fine. Thanks a lot for your help!
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