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  1. Doesn't do anything though, the console powers up but the cartridge still show nothing
  2. So the power supply HAS to be going to the cartridge? I might have a problem, I got this French 7800 and it has a totally different input, tried with another 9 volt 2A power supply which did fit on the cartridge but the cartridge itself wont turn on no matter which swich I turn on/flip
  3. I was wondering, is it possible to make other games use the Pokey chip for music and sound instead of the standard chip (forgot which it is) or does that require a romhack?
  4. shiz

    Repair my original Xbox

    I don't think that's the issue, as you can see everything else seems fine
  5. shiz

    Repair my original Xbox

    Is there anyone in Europe with a Xbox repair service or a cap replacement service?
  6. shiz

    Repair my original Xbox

    So are those caps necesary to make it startup? Their awefully close to the ATX MoBo pin. Do you think they are badly damaged? I never had any cap problems with any system so I wouldn't know.
  7. shiz

    Repair my original Xbox

    Okay so I removed some components to look what model this is on the mobo when I saw these 5 caps, might I been mistaken about the PSU, and that this is the actual culprit asto why my Xbox won't work anymore?
  8. Hi looking for someone who can repair my Xbox, won't start anymore, checked inside and it looked like theres something wrong with the PSU
  9. Hi, looking for someone who can do a decent enough job of modding a PAL Snes and PAL Master System to 60hz
  10. Please put me on the list, just the Dragonfly.
  11. I Know it's a well over 8 years now but, does the RGB work well for both pacs and is there anyone who might want to mod it for me?
  12. Depends on what you mean by flash, when I press reset, the screen disappears for a sec or 2 and I the same thing as in the pic.
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