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  1. Hopefully, not a fruitless question. I have a sd2iec and a 1541. While cleaning the attic, I recently came across some original C64 games. I'm currently playing Bard's Tale 3 and reliving some memories. My question is it possible to copy the data from the original floppies to a sd card and play using the sd2iec only? I prefer to use my 1541 sparingly, so I'm looking to use the sd card solution. My understanding is that the original BT3 disks aren't copy protected in any way as I made copies as directed by the documentation, put the original disks away, and am happily playing with the copies. I've tried downloading some d64's of the BT3 files off various sites, but my experience with them hasn't been great. I don't need a hacked version of the game, when it looks like the original isn't copy protected anyways. I can't fathom a solution of plugging the sd2iec into the 1541, etc. that would work. Maybe I'm just dense... Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. It appears to have one rubber foot that is heavily worn and ground down. I'm going to try and replace all the feet and check the tolerance with the console plugged in and see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestion...
  3. HI! New to the forums, so apologies in advance for the noob question. I recently picked up an Intellivoice module (boxed and cheap) and am struggling to get anything close to reasonable play out of it. My brown original console works, controllers are fine, etc. I can play game cartridges with no problems, etc. However, inserting the Intellivoice and then inserting a cartridge results in the black screen 9 times out of 10. After fiddling with it, re-inserting it, cleaning the cartridge slot, etc. I can get it to work for a session, then am back to square one the next day. I've noticed that there is not a "tight" fit between the console and the intellivoice module. I've also noticed quite a bit of "play" in the connection between the two. Is this normal? Do I just have a "loose" module? Is there an optimal connection point or angle between the two? Even just pulling out a cartridge and putting in another one is enough to break this connection and send me back to square one. Haven't tried taking the module apart yet for a really deep cleaning, but am willing to go that route for a reliable connection. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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