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  1. I got a small break from work and swapped the HDMI cable with the one from my PS4 Pro and it seems to have cleared it up (~5min of testing). I think Analogue's cable must be bunk. Kind of a bummer since it's so pretty but it's only a HDMI cable. I'm sure I have extras around. It would be awesome if they gave the SuperNT the ability to play NES and released a converter cart. I'd also throw in Gameboy/Super Gameboy but we may get that with the SD2SNES soon anyhow. Being able to play NES would make the SuperNT an insta-buy for me and several others. The NT Mini was just a tad too expensive for my taste and thus I am still rocking NES on composite through the Framemeister. In short, it'd be awesome to have a Sega 16-bit and before console and a Nintendo 16-bit and before console. I don't expect it though and neither should anyone else. Analogue never sold that to us at all or even hinted at it.
  2. Anyone have their video resync constantly when the menu is up on screen? I can play a game for hours and the video never resyncs but once I start working through the menu (even if I'm not changing anything) the signal keeps dropping/resyncing. Has anyone seen this? Any suggestions? Going to try a different TV and cable but outside of that I have no idea. No SegaCD connected. Mega Everdrive (x5 before there was an x5) is in the slot but it does it whether I am playing off of that or through the MegaSG itself. Happens on 4.2 and 4.3.
  3. I have, it's the only SD card that would work. I did manage to get a 32GB SD card to work by using the official SD card formatter program from sdcard.org. The MegaSG has read the SD card every time w/o issue since then.
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