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  1. The Defender of the Crown instruction manual has been completed and comes in at 20 pages. A couple of placeholder pictures that include debug options will be swapped out once we start testing the release candidate. We are on track for having the manual proof read and ready for printing by the end of July, in time for Gamescom 2019 in August in Cologne Germany. We have not decided whether or not Defender of the Crown will have serial numbers or not. That will be decided in September. As stated elsewhere, the complete product will be shown in Germany next month, and the sales debut will be at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in October 2019. We hope to have www.elektronite.net functioning then and people will be able to place orders for the game by the first week of November, in time for Christmas. This game has been a long time coming and it is satisfying to be putting the final touches on it, after so many frustrating years.
  2. At this time, all orders via mail will ship from Thailand.
  3. When it is sold via mail, it will come from Thailand (shipping is cheaper) and have a declared value of $10 US
  4. Sorry, not Portugal, but Germany is a good place to see the final product. We will be showing off the game burned on to an LTO cartridge with sticker, overlays and full colour manual at Gamescom 2019 in August. We'll be picking up more materials in California in order to manufacture copies for general sale after the Portland show in October.
  5. The Defender of the Crown overlay has been designed and is being printed. This is a picture of the file, printed on paper and cut to overlay size as a test. The manual should be finished and proof reading begun by the end of the weekend.
  6. Not trying to be flippant, but it is Defender of the Crown. It works the same as the other versions but on the Intellivision.
  7. We are very confident of a release debut of Defender of the Crown for the Portland show. How many people going to the show intend to buy a copy of the game that will be first made available at the show? We don't want to have too few or too many. Please indicate your interest in purchasing a copy there.
  8. Defender of the Crown News The manual for Defender of the Crown has largely been written. It needs some additions, corrections and formatting, but most of it is set. The overlay has been designed as is with the graphic artist. The game is complete and operates with some hidden menus to allow players to bypass the game and do specific things, such as joust for example. That will be removed and some final graphic screens added (extra Lady pictures for example) and then final testing of the game in its 'shippable' form will take place. We should be able to demonstrate the final product at Gamescom in August and the game will debut at the Portland Game show. Please express your intention of buying a copy at the Portland show, so we don't end up with too few or too many copies.
  9. The only 'prototype' ROM of Hover Bovver out there is a so called 'half cut' ROM that was basically a 'milestone' ROM of the failed first attempt to bring the game to the Intellivision. There is no sound, no working dog, no title screen. It isn't a game at all. So the difference is that one is a complete game and the other is not. There are no Intellivision prototype ROMS of Steamroller.
  10. At the moment, we have suspended development of new games. We have a dungeon crawler that was designed, and we are trying to determine if we will fund the programming or not. Frankly, we don't have the money to pay the programmer. Things are pretty much done at this point. It is only a matter of whether things in the pipeline make it out or not.
  11. Thank you for the support! We have sold 30 A.F. ROMS as of this posting. (yes, only 30) A limited number of cartridges will be arriving later this summer and we will be offering them to ROM purchasers first. If we do a 'Complete in Box' version, you will be able to get an 'upgrade kit' for your cartridge. LTO Flash! ROM sales are currently the only way we are able to finance the release of Defender of the Crown (completed and in testing) and other games that remain in the pipeline. There are 600+ LTO Flash! units in distribution. I know that people prefer physical product to ROMS, but consider voting with your wallet on whether these games see release the 'proper' way. As a reminder, we have LTO Flash! ROMS for sale of: Hover Bovver Steamroller Miner 2049er Ninja Odyssey TNT Cowboy A.F. EACH ROM is $20 US plus PayPal fees. With every purchase of a ROM, you get a FREE BONUS ROM of 'The Lost Caves of Kroz' for use on your LTO Flash! If you are interested in making a purchase, send your LTO Flash! unique ID (obtained from the Graphical User Interface) to: elektronite at hotmail dot com with the list of the game(s) that you wish to purchase. You will be sent payment information. To all the people that have supported us by purchasing an LTO Flash! ROM, we thank you and hope that you enjoy your games!
  12. Steamroller is another Elektronite game that supports the Intellivoice. We have another title releasing later this year that supports the Intellivoice as well.
  13. We will be giving away promotional copies of Minehunter for use on LTO Flash! in the near future. DK Arcade is available unprotected for use on emulators and LTO Flash! for a donation of $10 to the programmer here: http://www.carlmuellerjr.com/search/label/D. K. Arcade It is superior to previously posted versions. The ROM should not be passed around as a 'PD' ROM.
  14. Hover Bovver Cartridges and Manuals will be sold separately later in the year as we begin to obtain supplies from California. Stay tuned for more information. You'll be able to fill those 'souvenir' empty boxes and overlay sets.
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