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  1. Hi Everyone! Happy to announce that the cartridges for the "Canadian Special" have arrived and we will begin assembling the games shortly. The first orders should be ready to send by the end of the week. At this time, we're still waiting on some materials for Boulder Dash and Paddle Party to arrive from the US. Stay tuned on those!
  2. This week, we will be opening up LTO Flash! ROM sales of the following Elektronite titles for $20 Each (Plus PayPal Fees) Hover Bovver Steamroller Miner 2049er ROM sales of Ninja Odyssey and TNT Cowboy will continue. The NEXT 100 ROM Sales will get a FREE ROM encode of 'The Lost Caves of Kroz' for use exclusively on your LTO Flash! Please consider purchasing a ROM to help us bring out Anthropomorphic Force.
  3. The Ninja Odyssey and TNT Cowboy LTO Flash! ROMS are available for $20 US each (Plus PayPal Fees) . Email your LTO Flash! ID number to elektronite at hotmail dot com with TNT Cowboy ROM or Ninja Odyssey ROM in the title to get sent payment instructions. Due to Naberhood Games stepping back from distribution, loose cartridge sales will resume later in the summer at $40 US (Plus Shipping and PayPal Fees). We will be opening up a 'pre-order' list for all 3 games when all three games are completed. If enough people commit to purchase the game CIB, we will be requesting payment and then doing a print run for all three games. People who bought the loose cartridge will be able to purchase an 'upgrade kit' that includes the box, manual, overlays and serial number for $30 US to match the $70 cost of the 'CIB' versions of the game. We hope that the three price points of $20, $40 and $70 make the games more accessible to more people. Sales of the ROM and loose cartridges and pre-orders of the CIB version enable us to bring out the 'complete in box' versions that most people want.
  4. Ninja Odyssey LTO Flash! ROM sales have resumed. To order, please email elektronite at hotmail dot com and put Ninja Odyssey ROM in the title and your LTO Flash! ID number in the body of the message. You will be emailed payment instructions. Note: The ID number is not LTO-04-xxxx. The ID number is obtained by plugging the LTO Flash! cartridge into the USB cable on your computer and reading it from the GUI, or reading it from the information screen direct on your Intellivision screen. Ninja Odyssey ROMS are NOT for use on emulators, nor other flash cartridges, such as the Cuttle Cart 3, or the Intellicart. The are exclusively for use on the LTO Flash!. Ninja Odyssey LTO Flash! ROMS are $20 US plus PayPal fees of $1.10 US. Cartridge Sales will resume in Summer 2019, however, If you are an owner of the excellent LTO Flash! multicart, please consider supporting us by buying a Ninja Odyssey LTO Flash! ROM so we can complete the development of Anthropomorphic Force, which is the 3rd in our series of Elektronite/Kai Magazine games! The people from the remote village of Teguma have always lived in peace and harmony. However, a few weeks ago all the animals in the village began to act aggressively and started attacking the villagers without provocation! Shortly after, the villagers started to feel weak and sick, as if their life itself was being sucked out of them! Eventually, they discovered that 3 ancestral ghosts had entered their plane of existence through the 3 temples in the Teguma valley and were draining the life force of all humans in order to come back to life. Unfortunately, by the time the villagers found out about the ghosts, it was too late! Everyone was too weak to do anything about them... Everyone except for one: The young Ninja Kasuhiro Kun still stands! Kasuhiro Kun must travel to the 3 temples in order to defeat the ghosts before his life force is drained completely! And now, the biggest odyssey of his life is about to begin! Take on the role of Kasuhiro Kun and help him on his quest to defeat the evil ghosts and save the village!
  5. We are unsure of the exact shipping cost at the moment, but it is hard to imagine that it would be much less than $10 US, which means that having the ROM on your LTO Flash! will probably cost under $10. Not only do you get a chance to preview the game, but you will help us keep making new Elektronite/Kai Magazine titles. We are trying to complete the development of A.F. at the moment, and are relying on the support of TNT Cowboy to finance it. The cutoff for the 'free shipping' is when we evaluate whether there is enough support to go forward with printing boxes for the games. We will then request prepayment or cancel the CIB version.
  6. If you have an LTO Flash!, please consider buying the LTO Flash! ROM. It not only supports us for finishing A.F. but also gives you FREE SHIPPING of your 'CIB' (Complete in Box) copy of TNT Cowboy when pre-paying. (Note: We are not currently accepting Pre-payments for TNT Cowboy) Americans should also consider that the 'CIB' games will be coming in internationally when they do ship and not be shipped domestically.
  7. That is correct. The ROM is tied to ONE LTO Flash! cartridge. The LTO ID number is indeed the one that is covered in red on the attached picture. To answer your question in email, the free shipping for people who purchase the LTO Cowboy ROM and Prepay for their CIB copy plus PayPal fees applies worldwide.
  8. European copies will most likely be manufactured in Thailand and shipped from there. Shipping is expected to be less than it was from Naberhood Games, however, the exact cost is unknown at the moment. Purchasers of the ROM who prepay for the 'CIB' version of TNT Cowboy and A.F. will get free shipping and be able to choose their serial number.
  9. Mike McMaster, aka 'Sinistermoon' is doing a video review of TNT Cowboy. He isn't finished the review, but had these preliminary remarks: "I'm still playing the game more before reviewing it, but let me just say that this game is a masterpiece! All of you NEED this game! The rom image is yours and can only be used on your LTO Flash so it's just as good as having a loose cart in my opinion. But it's also cheaper which good for poor people like myself. Trust me when I say that once you're playing this game on your Intellivision you'll be really happy with your purchase." email: elektronite @ hotmail. com with the title "TNT Cowboy" and your LTO Flash User ID for instructions on how to get your copy.
  10. Please keep in mind that not all of the video of the game play represents the final version of the game. Its main purpose is to show what the game play is like. (Yes, we could do another video but are showing what we have at the moment). Also, keep in mind that the developer is not a native English speaker. Testers not only look for bugs, but correct English usage as well, and correcting English was necessary in the game. Sometimes, capitals are used to emphasize a word, and it is not necessarily 'correct' to capitalize it. In some cases, in A.F. for example, all capitals are used to allow for a superior graphics mode. It is simply a limitation of the Intellivision itself. We have a review copy out for at least one Youtube channel at the moment and should have a review to show soon.
  11. We have a PDF of the game instructions which we will be including in email with the roms. It is not a traditional 'Elektronite style' manual. We will be incorporating the current art and changing the manual to be consistent with other releases. You may download the manual here: TNT COWBOY MANUAL.pdf
  12. Elektronite, in association with Kai Magazine, is pleased to present... TNT Cowboy A NEW game written for your Mattel Electronics Intellivision! TNT Cowboy is an explosive new Action/RPG game that transports you to the Wild West where people don't use guns to solve their problems, but TNT charges! Lots of very strange things are happening in this town. Gigantic animals are attacking the people and some folks have even seen ghosts! Don't wait a second more! Catch the first train to the town that will offer you the greatest adventure of your life! TNT Cowboy is currently ONLY available as a ROM for exclusive use on the LTO Flash! Intellivision Multicart. The price for the LTO Flash! ROM (Not for use with other multicarts nor emulators) is $20 US + $1.10 US PayPal fees. If you do not have an LTO Flash!, you may obtain one from Left Turn Only, LLC. at; http://ltoflash.leftturnonly.info/ Loose cartridge sales will go on sale in late May or June 2019 and be $40 US + Shipping. Manuals, overlays and boxes will be available separately (when available) for $30 US. We will be taking 'CIB' pre-orders at that time for the complete in box version of the game. People who buy the ROM and pre-pay for their complete in box copy (And cover PayPal charges) will get FREE SHIPPING when the 'CIB' version of the game is available. European customers take note: In the future we will be declaring replacement cost of the materials when shipping, NOT the retail cost. We hope to avoid unnecessary extra charges upon delivery. Please take that into consideration when deciding if you wish to support us by purchasing a copy. We know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to deciding where to spend your retrogaming dollars. There are presently a TON of choices in the very small Intellivision niche market. In fact, there may be too many choices at the moment. The truth is that we are starting to struggle a bit. That is why we are taking pre-oders for the complete in box edition. We just cannot manage to raise the tremendous amount of resources required to release games of the quality that you've come to expect from Elektronite without some help. We know that a $70 US investment in one of our 'complete in box' games is a lot to ask. Some people have been passing on our recent releases. Therefore, we are hoping to make our games more accessible and satisfy the people who want to use a multicart, those who want a loose cartridge as cheap as possible, and those who like to have full box versions of our games. We'd love to be able to accommodate the people who use emulation, but that is simply not possible at this time, until we've recovered our investment. Elektronite has hired a professional programmer to create 3 games for us. Ninja Odyssey, TNT Cowboy and Antropomorphic Force, also known as A.F. Check out a sneak peek here: https://youtu.be/MsxC2HRKY0M?t=1 ALL sales of TNT Cowboy ROMS are going towards the development costs of Antropomorphic Force. If we can cover development costs with your help, we can then commission 3 more games. Otherwise, Kai Magazine is probably going to return to MSX development, which would be a big loss for Intellivision fans. If you want to see more quality Elektronite/Kai Magazine games, don't delay, order today! HOW TO ORDER Please email your request to: elektronite (at) hotmail (dot com) Put TNT Cowboy LTO Flash! ROM in the title Please give the first FIVE characters (only) of your DRUID (unique LTO Flash! identifier) number. You can obtain the ID number by plugging your LTO Flash! cartridge into the computer via USB and using the Graphical User Interface to find out the number or using the Intellivision to read the ID number from the Intellivision screen. You do NOT need to copy out the full 32 character long ID number, however the first 5 characters MUST be accurate. Your ID number is NOT LTO-04-XXX. We will send you a PayPal address for you to submit your payment. PLEASE NOTE: After you pay, you should receive the rom within 24 hours but NO MORE than 48 hours. If you do NOT receive your ROM, please check your junk mail box. If the ROM is not there, please send us an email with an alternative email address where we may send the rom. It is our experience that some email domains throttle and delete emails with our roms attached.
  13. Ninja Odyssey is indeed ready to go. We will be re-opening ROM sales soon and will be selling loose cartridges also about May or June 2019. Naberhood Games is selling off remaining stock of Elektronite products at the moment, but will not be handling further sales of Ninja Odyssey, nor any other new releases, such as TNT Cowboy. Currently, Elektronite does not have a website to accept purchases, nor do we have anyone to distribute long term at the moment. So, unfortunately, we cannot answer your 'when and where' question at this time. We are currently making arrangements to get Ninja Odyssey cartridges and other cartridges to distribution points. We feel that we can come up with a solution for products going to Europe that will avoid high postage costs and full value declarations that can lead to excessive cost for a loose cartridge or "CIB" games. We had a number of people abandon their purchase of Ninja Odyssey cartridges at checkout because of the high cost of postage. ATTENTION CANADIAN ELEKTRONITE CUSTOMERS We currently have a number of Elektronite Game materials located in Burlington, Ontario, and can offer a one time SALE of various Elektronite titles AT PAR (in Canadian dollars) shipped from Canada or available for pickup in person. There are some caveats to consider. However, for the patient person, this is an opportunity for some considerable savings on at least SIX Elektronite titles. If you would like more details, please email us at Elektronite at hot mail dotcom and ask for more information. Put "Canadian Special" in the title. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this opportunity to NON-Canadian customers. This opportunity takes advantage of Elektronite game materials that remain in Canada. Thank you for your understanding.
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