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  1. I've included a few of the more impressive eye candy screens and the art that will be used on the box. The game will probably debut at the Portland show in August.
  2. It is actually an Elektronite game that was developed in association with Kai Magazine. We had a design of a dungeon crawl and teamed up with Oscar Kenneth to do a Swords and Serpents type game. It isn't something that we are simply publishing. Most of the original design had some problems and was not complete in many ways. A lot of the original design was not used and it was greatly improved upon and enhanced by Oscar, and his talents really shine through in this game. One of our testers, despite these not being his type of game is a bit addicted to the game play. The game is complete and in final testing. It is simply a matter of doing the manual, overlays and box. That is what happens in Swords and Serpents and one of the motivations for doing a game such as this. Valter Prette was pushing for this game and is the one that got the design that this game is loosely based on done.
  3. We still have a couple of unclaimed copies. One copy, 99 of 125 was re-assigned and then the new person has failed to pay as well. We will be getting about 100 more copies by March. Until then, I have about 3 copies that are still available. Please send an email to [email protected] if you are interested in a copy now.
  4. Mark, please email [email protected] with Defender of the Crown ORDER in the subject line. Thanks!
  5. Three copies were reserved but not paid for so they are available to anyone who wants a copy. Please email 'Defender of the Crown ORDER' to [email protected] and we will respond with payment instructions.
  6. A few people have not paid. There are still a few copies if you are interested. Please email: Defender of the Crown ORDER to; [email protected] Price is $70 US plus shipping and PayPal fees.
  7. We intend to open sales of the 'complete in box' version at Portland in August. Mail order right after the Portland show. We will be selling materials for loose cartridges as soon as they are available.
  8. Thanks for the interest. We won't be keeping track of people expressing interest however. Hopefully we will have a website to order available products from soon.
  9. We have approximately 10 copies of Defender of the Crown for Intellivision available. Perhaps more, depending on payments pending. If you are interested in a copy or multiple copies of the game, please email [email protected] with 'Defender of the Crown Order' in the subject and a request for the number you'd like to purchase. Just a reminder, if you haven't emailed 'Defender of the Crown ORDER' to the elektronite email, you do NOT have an order. Copies are $70 US each plus shipping and PayPal fees.
  10. I will just write 'gift' on German shipments in the future. I'm not set up to print out invoices and such.
  11. We will be making the materials to make loose carts 'complete in box' in May 2020. The complete in box version will be available STARTING at the Portland show, and then via mail.
  12. I believe that you purchased a ROM of TNT Cowboy and I promised 'free shipping' for the people who bought the ROM on that title (only). There will be "CIB" versions of the game. We will be printing all 3 boxes and overlays and manuals in April 2020. We will be making the materials available to the people with loose carts and then debuting the 'CIB' copies at the Portland show. We've suspended sales of the loose carts of all three games due to lack of cartridges. They are going into other games at the moment.
  13. Yes, we will be doing proper Elektronite formated manuals for the 'CIB' release in Spring 2020. We've suspended sales of all 3 games due to lack of cartridges. We will be doing a print run in April and making the materials to make the game 'complete in box' then and opening sales of CIB copies at the Portland show.
  14. Just a reminder, that if you had a 'facebook' or 'atari age' reservation, in the past and you have NOT emailed [email protected] with DEFENDER OF THE CROWN ORDER in the subject line, you do NOT have an order. There are 15 copies remaining. On December 1, 2019 (12:01am Bangkok time) I will release all remaining copies to be purchased in any numbers (ie two or three copies in one purchase). We will be making 100 more copies and expect them to be available in March 2020. We should have our website back up and be able to do automated orders by then as well. Please understand that we are doing the best we can at the moment due to changes in our distribution.
  15. This sounds like a faulty Intellivision. No bugs like that were found during extensive testing over a long period of time. Try a different machine.
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