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  1. If you're into FPGA programming, you should give the MisterFPGA a try. It's a compact evaluation board for a reasonable price (in relation, what you get for it). There are a large number of cores available - open source. There is even a Atari 2600 Core. I can understand your interest in adding better video, RAM, ROM and other things to the system. But… as Keatah wrote, the charm of the 2600 lies in it's simple, minimized design. If you wanted to program it, you had to race the beam. This is one of the most interesting real time programming environment, I've ever seen. Anyway, I am wondering, if it's possible to design a new board with PAL & NTSC capabilities. This either means, you have to have both versions of the TIA built in it or replace it with an FPGA. Examining the boards of the JR version as an example shows, that these are the same for PAL and for NTSC. Slightly different assembly in the video part and different timing components. I personally use mine with a CRT display, since a lot of games don't have the same touch on a TFT display. My humble opinion on it.
  2. Hello Community Got a Vader CX2600A Rev. 6 and installed the TFW8b Video Mod. While searching for schematics for this version I could not find anything, that matched. The Atari 2600 field service manual contains the silkscreen for the 2600A Revs. 1-13 but it does not match the Rev 6. My board is - except for the VHF Mod - same as the one in the picture. Remarkable is C243 which is oriented 90 degrees turned compared to the one in the service field manual. Has anyone found the corresponding schematics for the Rev.6 PAL board? The ones on the AtariAge website are for another revision. Cheers
  3. Got it. Problem while flashing. "don't erase before writing" was checked (by default?) - so garbage in, garbage out… Now it's works as it should Thanks to all for your help
  4. Checked connection between pins of boot0 and boot1 with multimeter - properly shorted. I'll check all connections between STM32 and PlusCart board. Hope, this helps.
  5. Has anybody else had problems with the Pluscart? Soldered mine and connected the finished module to my laptop and programmed it. Starting it up on a 2600Jr results in a black screen. Short flickering of the WLAN module LED and that's it. I've checked all soldering joints and reprogrammed the ESP board - no change. The modules WLAN AP is active and I can connect on it - getting a DHCP address ( Trying to connect to results in a timeout. Guess, I have to activate web interface first, as far as I've read in the docs. Any ideas, what I could check?
  6. Got mine today 😁 Can't wait to test it tonight - so much excitement 👍 Thank's to Rafał for the excellent service!!!
  7. You can add me to the List as well 🙂 I'll take a Dargonfly, YM2151 Module, Pokey plus the cartridge-console cable (original Connector)
  8. I bought this unit - see picts. No idea yet if to works. PCB looks good. No damage or so visible. Serial A1 88 5424651 🙂
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