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  1. Same old story as so many other posts. I bought a very cheap Atari 2600 Jr. untested and it has a weird issue. Games boot up fine, great picture and sound. That is, until the player 1 fire button is pushed. After the first time the fire button is used two things happen: 1) You cannot use the fire button anymore after the initial use. 2) Most of the sound disappears unless you press and hold the fire button. Then the sound is fine again, until you release the button and it goes back to very little sound. I'm hoping that someone else experienced this issue and can point me directly to the solution. Thanks for any help.
  2. Anything I should be aware of before doing this with a pre-assembled 2600 mod kit from online? https://www.ebay.com/itm/272679598200
  3. I have the same question. I bought one that didn't have any screws holding it together.
  4. I just bought one of these without any cords and a broken joystick port. It's PAL-B but can you tell me what the original power adapter looks like? I want to try and buy the correct one to piece together the original set. Thanks.
  5. OK, answering my own question regarding pin #9. The right player output was working just fine all along, the paddle was just turned all the way in one direction making the right player go off the screen so I couldn't see it. Duh. Also, I soldered using only 3 wires plus the ground wire and chose to use spots on the board that gave more room for soldering. See the red squares on the attached pic for where I did my soldering. And connecting the ground wire to the battery compartment ground wire is by far the easiest solution. Got two of the 6040s working great that way.
  6. In testing before soldering I noticed everything works as it should with a great picture with the exception of the right player output (#9). It will not show up on the screen no matter how well the connection is made. Any suggestions? Also, what does the sync output (#16) do?
  7. Splice this to a 9v DC 1000mA donor adapter. https://console5.com/store/atari-7800-pigtail-dc-cable-and-plug-for-custom-power-supply-5-foot-1-5m.html
  8. Upon more consideration, I will adjust my earlier post with this: To hook up a joystick to a NES-style controller for the NES Classic: 1) No need to split the ground wire (Atari joystick pin #8) into 6 wires like I originally stated. Grounding the joystick once on the controller circuit board should do. 2) The aftermarket controller I used (not the Wii Classic clone) has a specific ground side for each button (see pics). The ground trace runs around the entire perimeter of the board so that all the Dpad buttons on the left have the ground on the left, the A & B buttons on the right have the ground on the right, and the grounds for Select & Start are in the middle of them. 3) Wire the 4 Atari joystick directional wires to the 4 NES controller directional spots on the side opposite where each ground spot is. Pin #1 - Up, Pin #2 - Down, Pin #3 - Left, Pin #4 - Right 4) Split the Atari joystick fire button into two and wire them to the A and B buttons of the NES controller like in step 3. Since on a modded NES Classic A is used primarily to select folders and games and B is primarily used only as the Fire button in the Atari games, this setup should work fine. Pin #6 of the joystick is the Fire button To hook up a joystick to a NES-style controller for the NES Classic through an Atari Flashback (in theory, I have not done it yet): 1) Do all the same steps, 1-4, above only instead of using the wires from your joystick pins use the corresponding wires from the male joystick port to hook up to the NES-style controller, all in the same way as with the joystick. So when you plug in your joystick to the Flashback port you are essentially still connecting your joystick to the NES-style controller, just through the Flashback. 2) Take the ground wire from one of the Flashback console buttons and wire it to the NES-style controller in any grounding spot on the circuit board. The joystick port (both ports if you're using both of them) and one of the Flashback console buttons must be grounded. Grounding just one or the other will not do, they are 2 (or 3 if both joystick ports are wired up) separate entities that each need to be grounded. 3) You can do the exact same for port #2 to allow for 2 joysticks to be used (Player 1 and Player 2). You will have the controller cords for each NES-style controller coming out of the Flashback, but I don't think anyone cares. 4) Wire the hot wire from the Flashback Select button to the NES-style controller Select button. Do likewise for the Start button. You DON'T need to do this step to the Player 2 controller. 5) I THINK this step will work, but someone correct me if I'm wrong. Since my modded NES allows you to leave a game and go back to the menu (like the Home button would do with a Wii Classic controller) when Select and Down are held simultaneously, you can wire the Flashback's Power button to BOTH the Select and Down buttons of the NES-style controller. Holding down the Flashback's Power button for two or so seconds will take you out of the game and back to the menu. Again, only do this to the Player 1 controller. 6) The Flashback’s Difficulty buttons may be able to be used to set the difficulty. I’m not sure yet. This all looks right to me and the first part has been tested on the controller pictured. I haven’t attempted soldering yet because I suck at it, but there seems to be a lot more room on these controllers than the Wii Classic clone I originally tried, so I’m hoping I won’t mess it up. Let me know if you have suggestions/ideas that can help me or the next guy
  9. So I did some experimenting with my cheap aftermarket Wii Classic controller and it worked pretty well when I tested it. Each of the 6 buttons on the NES controller (left, right, up , down, A, and B) have two parts. When the NES controller is assembled pressing each of the buttons creates a connection between the two parts and activates that button. You can wire the 4 directions and the fire button on the Atari joystick to one side of each of the 6 two-part NES controller buttons. Then wire the 6 Atari joystick ground wires to the other side of each NES controller button. When looking at the female end of the Atari connector the pins will be 54321 on the top and 9876 on the bottom. Here's what I did: 1) Split the ground wire (Atari joystick pin #8) into 6 wires, one for each direction and one each for the A & B buttons. 2) Wire those 6 ground wires to one side of the each of the 6 NES controller buttons we care about (left, right, up , down, A, and B). It appears that connecting them to either side of the two-part NES buttons works fine. 3) Wire the 4 Atari joystick directional wires to the 4 NES controller directional spots on the side opposite where you wired each ground wire. Pin #1 - Up Pin #2 - Down Pin #3 - Left Pin #4 - Right 4) Split the Atari joystick fire button into two and wire them to the A and B buttons of the NES controller like in step 3. Pin #6 - Fire button The four directions work perfectly and the fire button presses A and B simultaneously, which on a modded NES/SNES Classic is fine because only A or B are ever usable on any screen at any time when it comes to the Atari menu/games, not both. I only messed things up when I went to make the wiring permanent instead of having the wires taped in place. I am not good at soldering and the circuit board is just too small for me. I jacked it all up. If I want this to really work I'll have to find help in that department.
  10. I haven't actually tried using the Wii nunchuk guts/cord with an Atari joystick yet. I was just going by YouTube videos I've seen that said Wii nunchuks won't work on a NES/SNES Classic, so I assumed the modded joystick with the nunchuk guts wouldn't work either.
  11. OK, the pics are back. Weird. Also, I guess, from what I've read, doing this mod and plugging into a NES/SNES Classic would not work. Bummer. Playing Atari games with Nintendo controllers just ain't right.
  12. Now that Atari 2600 games can be played on a modded NES (and SNES) Classic console, I've been looking for a way to play them on that system with an original 2600 joystick because many of the games do not feel right playing with Nintendo controllers. Has anyone had any luck with getting them to play nice together? The only guy I saw supposedly doing it successfully gave absolutely no directions for others to follow (https://forums.atari.io/topic/3818-nes-classic-mini-controller-mod/).
  13. Unfortunately the pics seem to be gone, probably because of the age of this post. With the NES Classic being modded to play, among other things, Atari 2600 games this should be revived.
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