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  1. look at UK for steam engines and you'll see similar prices high due to rarity, so factory makes current reproductions....but sells them at rarity prices (shrug)
  2. nice stream, I got to catch a bit of it need to boost your mic a bit, you was a little quiet compared to game audio
  3. 5 isnt gnd, 7 is, so it should be 7 --7 and then a branch off to 5 cts
  4. Opry, keep me informed as a last resort option, I don't NEED it per se, but I'd rather pick it up instead of the garbage truck. I still havent finished playing with the first load of stuff I got from you
  5. so you are saying there is still time to make one? I just gotta find a willing partner
  6. Ideally it should do both, in case you are using some esoteric method that is such spaghetti code that t cannot be unwound easily assume the next person that maintains your code will be looking at it 20 years later, and is not comfortable in the dialect of the code you are running (been there, currently doing that, should order the t-shirt)
  7. this appears to be a good idea let me know how it progresses or, as the facebook printer groups would say "stl?"
  8. but but but dual casette? (still working on mine)
  9. I live next to a firetruck factory https://www.piercemfg.com/
  10. I work from home, so my lifestyle has literally not changed
  11. my PEB had a floppy drive, but it isn't working correctly, I was thinking of getting a disk emulator anyway Lotherek and Gotek are the choices in the FAQ, any updates, comments, recommendations?
  12. I've gotten over a month, depends on the LED just fyi
  13. cable management/control was the plan this morning set up so now it *should* be able to run two TI 99 4A's, two Raspberry Pi's, the peripheral expansion box and two tape drives all at once. need to add to it to get three more TI 99 4A's, maybe another Pi, and a second monitor, and bluetooth keyboards and mice for the Pi's then decide WHAT to do with all that slow, decrepit hardware
  14. I saw it too, had to find the right search term (computer power controller), find the one with the switches i liked, and then search AGAIN for the proper model, then picked on up on ebay installing/cable management today, as I have 5 TI's a couple PI's, a PEB, and two tape drives to set up. might need to get a second one. need to get a shopping list for all 5 TI's as i think I am short power supplies/video cables/monitors maybe another AV switch too
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