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  1. just about all web browsers are doing this if you don't have the ssl certificate(or a wrongly configured one) I work at a place that handles a few thousand websites and have been working on this for years
  2. is there a thread here about Pico ATXconversion?
  3. looking at the book, I'd say it is compatible*, but one needs to know what they are programming inorder to make a suitable fix *extended basic compatible
  4. My creality has not had any level drift issue, I leveled it and forgot about it, have not seen any issue with wheels wearing out. my mini was a 4 bolt kit, so not sure if it really is a "kit" a dual head delta? you can assemble a space shuttle with your eyes CLOSED I have a delta collecting dust as well. the creality mini meet all my needs I have a MP maker select 2 that works nice when the frame doesnt shift (still investigating) that is also a good "set up and forget" printer when the frame does flex (I moved it, it shifted, overhauled it move it again, it shifted again) I say again the creality mini meets my needs so the MP sits collecting dust too I also got mine over a year ago, and I think the christmas popularity of the creality caused them to forgo some QA, JUst got back from EAA AirVenture and they got 3 enders in a row running, I think if you get them set up right they are flawless, but getting them from 90% to 100% is the trick prusa fixes all that with ABL, but i think that is a crutch (that might be needed for enders)
  5. I see you already made the decision, But I have a creality CR-10 mini and have been happy with it I'd recommend an ender 3 to anyone now (wasn't released when I got my mini) the prusa is nice, and I am waiting to test out the prusament, but if you are on a tight budget, the ender 3
  6. I just found some that were in a ziplock bag for over (oh geez!) 9 years, probably much more(20 years?)
  7. aha! this widget was one of my most sought after things back in the late 80's I still want one and would even use it after I get a finalgrom
  8. I did that, they work nice, but not super perfect, when I get motivated I might do a remix of them so they can be free standing without being topheavy and tipping over
  9. update, merged the ones I "found" with the ones I had purchased when I returned to the hobby a few months ago I am also betting that I got one more hidden somewhere, because for the last decade or 3 i'd come across a single cartridge with ZERO rhyme or reason. was an educational cartridge so I didn't pursue it, but those TI carts are so well made that I could not just toss it. I need to build a good joystick/joypad. I've been spoiled so much with wasd that the esdx is utterly foreign to me, but that is another story
  10. got a duplicate of it with a red label, I thought those were rarer well, redder
  11. this is odd got my TI when I was 13(i think) moved onto better things when I was 19(ish) got back a TI a few months ago (at the age of 50) found these in some storage I had of "stuff" these are NOT from when I was 13-19, so I go them in my30's40s? I have no idea why the ones I like I already have so these are duplicates unless someone convinces me that these are really valuable, I am going to look into making some molds as the 3d printed carts don't look appealing to me, destroying the carts in the process
  12. I really doubt this, just that the commie guys must be congregating somewhere else hindsight says I shoulda got a c64
  13. "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">
  14. just wondering if anyone was able to and for what reasons or if anyone wished there was a PEB expander box?
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