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  1. both times I went to college, back in 90-29 for ASEE and just recently in 2012-14 for ASCS admittedly outside of school? rarely, as I ended up using a computers calculator (switched to scientific mode)
  2. just quicker it is a PC isa card for 8088 and 8086's (maybe 286 and 386) notice the missing gameport? jumpers were for enabling the spare rs-232 and IRQ selection for the serial ports usually when you'd find these you'd swap them out for ones that had all the ports (PRN, S1,S2,joy) with silk screened jumpers so you could drop it in and not have to worry about documentation maybe a camera angle from the other side so we can see all the jumper silk screening might help. I am betting the 2 pair are IRQ selection and the single jumper select is second serial enable
  3. those serial/parallel cards were a nightmare. 10,000+ variants, and if the jumper settings were not silkscreened on the board, you have to hope that instructions were included
  4. I did that once(well, more than...) first thing I noticed was "what's that smell?" one time i noticed the noise THEN I noticed the obvious
  5. just about all web browsers are doing this if you don't have the ssl certificate(or a wrongly configured one) I work at a place that handles a few thousand websites and have been working on this for years
  6. is there a thread here about Pico ATXconversion?
  7. looking at the book, I'd say it is compatible*, but one needs to know what they are programming inorder to make a suitable fix *extended basic compatible
  8. My creality has not had any level drift issue, I leveled it and forgot about it, have not seen any issue with wheels wearing out. my mini was a 4 bolt kit, so not sure if it really is a "kit" a dual head delta? you can assemble a space shuttle with your eyes CLOSED I have a delta collecting dust as well. the creality mini meet all my needs I have a MP maker select 2 that works nice when the frame doesnt shift (still investigating) that is also a good "set up and forget" printer when the frame does flex (I moved it, it shifted, overhauled it move it again, it shifted again) I say again the creality mini meets my needs so the MP sits collecting dust too I also got mine over a year ago, and I think the christmas popularity of the creality caused them to forgo some QA, JUst got back from EAA AirVenture and they got 3 enders in a row running, I think if you get them set up right they are flawless, but getting them from 90% to 100% is the trick prusa fixes all that with ABL, but i think that is a crutch (that might be needed for enders)
  9. I see you already made the decision, But I have a creality CR-10 mini and have been happy with it I'd recommend an ender 3 to anyone now (wasn't released when I got my mini) the prusa is nice, and I am waiting to test out the prusament, but if you are on a tight budget, the ender 3
  10. I just found some that were in a ziplock bag for over (oh geez!) 9 years, probably much more(20 years?)
  11. aha! this widget was one of my most sought after things back in the late 80's I still want one and would even use it after I get a finalgrom
  12. I did that, they work nice, but not super perfect, when I get motivated I might do a remix of them so they can be free standing without being topheavy and tipping over
  13. update, merged the ones I "found" with the ones I had purchased when I returned to the hobby a few months ago I am also betting that I got one more hidden somewhere, because for the last decade or 3 i'd come across a single cartridge with ZERO rhyme or reason. was an educational cartridge so I didn't pursue it, but those TI carts are so well made that I could not just toss it. I need to build a good joystick/joypad. I've been spoiled so much with wasd that the esdx is utterly foreign to me, but that is another story
  14. got a duplicate of it with a red label, I thought those were rarer well, redder
  15. this is odd got my TI when I was 13(i think) moved onto better things when I was 19(ish) got back a TI a few months ago (at the age of 50) found these in some storage I had of "stuff" these are NOT from when I was 13-19, so I go them in my30's40s? I have no idea why the ones I like I already have so these are duplicates unless someone convinces me that these are really valuable, I am going to look into making some molds as the 3d printed carts don't look appealing to me, destroying the carts in the process
  16. I really doubt this, just that the commie guys must be congregating somewhere else hindsight says I shoulda got a c64
  17. "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">
  18. just wondering if anyone was able to and for what reasons or if anyone wished there was a PEB expander box?
  19. as nice as 3d printing is, some one really needs to make a resin mold for the carts
  20. I can spare the space, and I might be able to spare the cash (I do not see prices bandied about) for a full PEB, but I do not see them often available, is there schematics available? is it just a busboard backplane with power added or is there some logic? I'd like to blue[print s the old PEB cards to see how hard it would be for local PCB shops to replicate so yeah, I might be investing in 2 PEBS, plus the 32k's AND some naopebs (and find out *why* they are flaky, so we can fix em)
  21. what link, the one i looked at said the grom cart out of stock (i honestly could have been looking at the wrong one)
  22. NanoPeb is still out of stock correct? finalgrom is also?
  23. I notice that xabin has had some issue trying to get their machine up and running, and that it looks like no one is offering repair services for these, am I correct? I am thinking of getting back into the electronics repair biz, maybe just for hobby money. so, what breaks the most and where is the best source for finding DOA TI stuff for me to start a gesalt pile with?
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