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  1. It's certainly worth getting for free Anthony and hopefully the bugs get fixed. The museum has lots of good info and art and the base games are still as good as ever. I'd be very wary about spending money of any of the incoming PC / Console ports until this Epic Store one gets fixed though
  2. The Collection currently has massive issues with online play and I've had it crash a couple of times too. All games default to Level 2 difficulty instead of the correct Level 4 for some reason but that's easy to change. The offline games are still as good as ever and it's free from the Epic Game Store for a week or two so grab it there if you want to try out SSV Perfect and own good ports of the other games that will hopefully get their online modes fixed soon
  3. https://twitter.com/ohfivepro/status/1267112025622286337
  4. 30 years ago a legend was born on this day.
  5. I had the fastest Over Top video online. Then I lost it a couple of days ago. Now I've regained it, just. Uses the sound breaking glitch boost so it's mostly silent
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