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  1. And here's the winning score from Calice in the fighting game category. I've put notes on the mechanics in the vid description if anyone wants to learn the basics for themselves
  2. Here's a comfy one credit clear of Spin Master I did for the recent La Calice Cup arcade variety tournament. I meant to go back & do a more boring clear where you milk the endless respawning fish for as long as is humanly possible (& also not die like a chump so much) but common sense got the better of me so nobody needs to endure an additional 30mins of shooting 100pt fish over & over (& over & over & over)
  3. Blue's Journey is a good game to play for fun but never play it for score as it's easily broken Blue's Journey / Raguy - stall too long & a rocket powered bird comes & damages you. The time over enemies kill you once the timer expires too but the timer itself does nothing Birds don't appear in boss rooms though so you can easily counter-stop at 100-150pts per cycle in st.1
  4. Anything 'Masters' when it relates to golf is owned / copyrighted by The Masters golf people, which is why Neo Turf Masters got renamed to it's Japanese title of Big Tournament Golf in recent years. That's also why it wasn't included in any of the Mini's as they're just basic emulation & the English language version they'd need for the overseas market would need recoded to implement the new name etc. More hassle than it's worth As for being removed from mobile services, Hamster's Arcade Archives is being rolled out on mobile phones now so there's every chance it'll return under that series
  5. Block Paradise 'proto' AES cart up for auction. The seller has put videos of the game on YT in the past so the game is probably legit although I'm sure the actual cart & pcb are essentially fake ie. not make by ADK in the 90s
  6. The AI in Breaker's Revenge doesn't mess about but it's still a fun game to play
  7. As another Karnovember draws to a close, it seems a fitting time to beat up everyone including Karnov & his Ox, without losing a single round
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