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  1. Don't suppose anyone here knows how to consistently trigger the NAM-1975 10k points items? There's basically 0 info online and I'm sure they're not random as they spawn in the same areas each time. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. My 1st 1cc of The Last Blade 2. Beautiful game
  3. My followers on Twitter voted on a shmup for me to learn within a week. Last Resort won and my goal was to beat the 1st loop. Here's how I got on...
  4. I've never seen anyone play Spinmaster and know how to trigger the hidden 1up and bomb in st.2 so here's their location. There's another 1up hidden in st.5 but I'll let you find that for yourselves
  5. Finding Neo Geo games too tough? Not got the pro skillz required to 1cc any of them? If you have the hand / eye co-ordination to put a coin into the coin slot then you can 1cc League Bowling. Just insert a coin, go off and do something for 5 mins and the game timers will run out, the balls will be thrown automatically and when you come back you'll have beaten the game. With that under your belt you can move on to something slightly trickier (Beating AoF3 using Wyler for example). Next thing you know you'll be beating Fatal Fury 3 blindfolded.
  6. Yeah, 'fraid so. For context, this was the 4th ever credit I've played of the 1P mode. The 1st time I died on the boss, continued twice and beat it then played this credit a couple of weeks later. I did put it on max difficulty when I tried the demo before the games release and it seemed a lot tougher though.
  7. Let's beat the new SamSho using only the C button. No WFTs, SSMs, Bursts, Issens or the ability to pick up your weapon here
  8. If you want to play Cyber-Lip for score or just want to make the last stage as easy as possible, this twitter thread lists all of the possible boss door patterns Left to right, rooms 1-4 on top and 5-8 on the bottom. Pattern 1: Room 1 = st.1 boss R2 = Reload R3 = st.4 boss R4 = Cyber-Lip R5 = st.3 boss R6 = st.5 boss R7 = st.4 boss R8 = st.6 boss Pattern 2: R1 = st.5 boss R2 = st.1 boss R3 = st.4 boss R4 = st.6 boss R5 = Cyber-Lip R6 = Reload R7 = st.3 boss R8 = st.2 boss Pattern 3: R1 = st.3 boss R2 = st.4 boss R3 = Cyber-Lip R4 = st.2 boss R5 = Reload R6 = st.6 boss R7 = st.1 boss R8 = st.5 boss Pattern 4: R1 = st.1 boss R2 = st.5 boss R3 = st. 3 boss R4 = Reload R5 = st.4 boss R6 = st.2 boss R7 = st.6 boss R8 = Cyber-Lip If you always go in door 7 first you will never get a duplicate stage, Cyber-Lip or a reload room so you can always tell which pattern you're on and then either play each boss for score or just grab the reload and head for Cyber-Lip for the easier clear I think this bit's common knowledge by now but if you don't press anything on the elevator sections you will always trigger the extra stages for their extra scoring potential. If you press anything it's 50/50 if you trigger them or just move onto the next main stage.
  9. Let's show Goenitz who's boss by beating KoF'96 on arcade defaults using only the D button
  10. Stakes Winner 1cc Counter Stop / Max Score This vid is the absolute maximum score that can be had on Stakes Winner so it's basically a joint world record. There's details in the description of how to go about this that don't exist anywhere else on the internet (in English at least) A great and often overlooked Neo Geo game
  11. Samurai Shodown (PS4) and Garou MOTW (MVS) tournament happening at Konbo, my local Arcade Cafe next week in Edinburgh. It's also being officially supported by SNK themselves who have provided some prizes direct from Japan!! If anyone here's from Scotland then you should come along and get involved.
  12. Lets one credit clear Garou MOTW on arcade defaults using only the C button with enough ranking points to trigger the Kain fight too
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