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  1. Let's beat SamSho 1 using only Heavy Slash attacks (A+B buttons combined) Hopefully the video link works here as YT video links seem to all be broken on Twitter just now
  2. A very stressful 1cc of the best sports game ever made. This is Nancy's report
  3. Neo Turf Masters / Big Tournament Golf is probably the best sports game ever made but sometimes the rebound physics can be a law unto themselves
  4. The game's almost a quarter of a century old and people are still trotting this out like it's fact, implying that they've not even tested it On a character's birthday they get a 20% damage buff, nothing more. You still need to lose 80%+ health to perform an SDM Quote Tweet @TheArcadeYears · 25 Nov 10:58 pm · 26 Nov 2020·Twitter Web App View Tweet activity 13 Retweets 47 Likes
  5. It's exactly 30 years since the MVS release of the most insain, evilly reprogrammed super computer known to man, Cyber-Lip Here's a no death, all boss refights, 400K+ score run to celebrate
  6. Looks like I missed 3 non-random secrets so I've made an extra vid for them
  7. afaik this should be every single secret event in Fatal Fury Special that you can trigger if you know how to perform them. lmk if you know of any others. I didn't include the super quick bike you can sometimes see on Kim's stage as I believe that's just a random event with no set trigger
  8. Basic charge shots are generally a bad idea - lvl 1 charge is bad as it messes up chains (perfect chains earn you more meter) - never use them Lvl 2 charges send extra attacks over to your opponent - good in 2P games but the cpu can dodge them quite well - still OK to use if the cpu's stunned or fighting your boss Lvl 3 charges send a boss over - this can be good but if your opponent has access to a lvl 3 charge too, it will cancel your boss and send their own boss over. You can do the same to them though which is why it's good to keep a Lvl 3 charge in stock as much as possible. In a hectic spot where the cpu takes a hit your boss is great to use as it won't have time to charge its own lvl 3 so will either have to waste bombs or get killed You need to learn some of the patterns so you can get as many perfect chains as possible but learn when to ignore chains and just shoot stuff ASAP to cause explosions which will cancel your opponents attacks. If you just blow stuff up randomly all the time you'll never send the better attacks over to your opponent and they will just reverse your bad attacks back at you (the attacks level up every time they're sent back so you'll be attacked by stronger stuff than you sent over. If you don't know how to dodge, or more importantly what explosion chains you can create to reverse their attacks to create stronger attacks of your own then you'll be in trouble) The game's about 70% puzzle, 30% shmup for the 1st few stages but by Mevious and Memory it's 20% puzzle, 80% shmup Hope some of this helps you out a bit but feel free to ask if you need anything more
  9. Level 8 difficulty, no miss, no bomb, no charge shot The single point gain is from getting 9 perfects in a row. Something I didn't know and / or hadn't noticed before
  10. ultra rare event that lots of people don't seem to know about. A 1 in 256 chance of seeing it if you finish the round with a launching move on Mary's stage
  11. If you input your initials as CAP, Michael Max will fly across the screen
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