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  1. Unknown for 29 years - here's how to trigger all extra stages in NAM 1975 without hoping that they appear randomly. Required if you're playing the game seriously for score. This link should go to the playlist of 4 vids that show the trick working on both Jp and World roms under different circumstances with details in the description of how to get the stages to trigger each time.
  2. New PB with Haohmaru. Will aim for sub 4:30 next time
  3. New PB with a sub 5 mins clear of SS4. Such a good game but I've lots to improve on
  4. My run in the above vid is terrible but shows the basic strat of how to get a good time. Suicide to get into POW mode for extra damage and then don't lose a round. Anyone fancy a challenge? I'm going to aim for sub 5 mins next
  5. https://youtu.be/ZN0JirHAcWM Quick 1 credit clear of World Heroes 2 Jet with Muscle Power for your entertainment
  6. https://youtu.be/10rDswcroC0 The only video in existence of Over Top being beaten on Level 8 difficulty
  7. ohfivepro ‏ @ohfiveproFollow Follow @ohfivepro More Got lucky on the boss room patterns and twice on the st.4 bosses and I'm now a member of the Cyber-Lip 400k+ club 2:01 pm - 22 Apr 2019 New PB on Cyber-Lip - does anyone want to challenge?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdAlSEmZips&t= SamSho V Special - 1cc Speedrun - PS4 Hi-Score Mode 1st Place
  9. ohfivepro‏ @ohfivepro Follow Follow @ohfivepro More Pinball Fantasia: Last Odyssey - unreleased Neo Geo MVS pinball game from 1995 by Monolith. 5:08 pm - 20 Apr 2019
  10. ohfivepro‏ @ohfivepro Follow Follow @ohfivepro More 81560 in Japanese can be read as hai-i(ee)-go-mu or Aicom. Aicom staff developed both Blazing Star and Viewpoint whose max bonus items are worth 81560.
  11. ohfivepro‏ @ohfivepro 7h7 hours ago More Shinryu Senki - The Warlocks of the Fates - by Astec21, 1995 - unreleased Neo Geo fighter that was previewed in Neo Geo Freak issue 1. That issue's just been posted online by @JapaneseMagScan here https://archive.org/details/NeoGeoFreak01199505 … so go have a look and give them a follow 0 replies . 2 retweets 6 likes Reply Retweet 2 Like 6
  12. ohfivepro‏ @ohfivepro 12h12 hours ago More Last Resort's default Hi-Score table is populated entirely by early hip-hop references: Ice T Public Enemy Terminator X MC Trouble 2 Live Crew Boogie Down Productions Zulu Nation Mr Lee West Street Mob Breakers should have done the same thing tbh #NeoGeo 3 replies . 1 retweet 10 likes Reply 3 Retweet 1 Like 10
  13. New KoF Chronicle mobile game announced for Japan today https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/official/kof-chronicle/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WapYHtlzdaI
  14. Glad to be of use. I'll always post up any interesting Neo Geo stuff I remember or find so hopefully I'll have more to share in the future
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