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  1. I stopped buying around 2003/2004 when our first child was born. I was quite actively collecting and playing since 97/98 but like all good things come to an end I haven't bought any major purchase since. yea if I ever see a great bargain and it's under $50 sure I will jump at the chance but it's getting rare and rare I see those bargains
  2. I found among my too many to catalog retro items the beta build of Panorama Cotton. Judging from the build date this one seems to be 6-7 months before the release date so it's more progressed compared to the already dumped beta build. https://imgur.com/dtoQ8Tu So I looked the way to dump this one myself and came against the first hurdle. Apparently I need the Retrode in order to dump into the PC. https://www.retrodev.com/transfer.html The thing is Retrode is discontinued and the Retrode 2 is rather expensive IMHO. Thus this idea was put into back burner till someone mentioned about the Mega Drive Transfer Cable. Got interested I searched and found the diagram to build the said cable but it seemed no one was offering the ready made one for sale from what I searched. If anyone know where I can get the one I'd appreciate it greatly. https://imgur.com/YTr4LxP In the mean time it's back to playing this build on my Mega Drive. https://imgur.com/GEYHvGT
  3. as far as I know there never was a working Neptune prototype in wild. from what I remember the one supposedly found was design mockup with no internals just like Sega Saturn prototype design mockups.
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